Top 10 Strongest Female One Piece Characters

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1 Charlotte Linlin

Clearly, the Straw Hat Pirates need another time-skip to come close to her level. Other than the fact of being one of the Yonko, she devoured her own son! That was insane. We are yet to realize her true power, but it seems to have to do with her eating ability. I bet she could even eat Kaido if he let her do so.

She's one of the four most powerful pirate captains in the world.

She is literally one of the strongest Yonko. I estimate her to be second to Kaido among the current Yonko, third if you're counting Whitebeard.

2 Boa Hancock Hancock has a well proportioned figure compared to the abnormal and huge appearance of her sisters. She is a very tall, slender woman with long black hair that extends past her waist with locks of hair that frame her face down to her chin, pale skin, large breasts, a high forehead, and dark brown (dark... read more

Boa is strong, don't get me wrong. Having Haki helps a lot, but her Devil Fruit is pretty useless if you think about it. Let's say she fights the Straw Hats for Luffy. Who would be able to ignore her beauty? I'll name all of them.

Nami only cares about money and tangerines. She wouldn't fall for it because her only love is money.

Robin, is this a trick question? Can you see Robin falling for this?

Lastly, Zoro. He's too badass to fall for her. He is the one man, besides Luffy, who wouldn't fall for her. Not because he would be stupid like Luffy but because he would say, I have more important things to do than fall for women. They'll just get in my way.

3 Charlotte Smoothie

Nami being above Smoothie in a list about strength is the biggest joke ever. Nami is in a coward trio in the Straw Hats, while Smoothie is a Sweet Commander of a Yonko. There is a very, very big difference.

She's a Sweet Commander with almost a 1 billion bounty. What is she doing at 5? Ok, I understand Catarina and Boa. But Nami? That weakling shouldn't even be in the top 10. This list has become a joke.

Smoothie is so much stronger than Nami it's not even funny. She was about to milk the juice out of her before Reiju saved her.

4 Catarina Devon

She was the most dangerous female prisoner in Impel Down and also the only known female crewmate of Blackbeard. It doesn't take a genius to figure out she's extremely strong. Way stronger than Nami.

Catarina is obviously very strong. She was a high-security prisoner and is now one of the main fighters of Blackbeard. Don't underestimate her.

What? She's stronger than Nami. Come on, it's not a popularity list. Nami is too overrated.

5 Vinsmoke Reiju

If Reiju wanted, she could kill Nami in one second with her poisons. Nami shouldn't be higher than her. This is ridiculous.

Even if we hardly saw her power, we can say she's stronger than Nami. Only Nami's little fans would disagree on that.

Reiju is really strong. Her poison could knock out many characters here in an instant.

6 Nico Robin "Devil Child" Nico Robin is a fictional character of the One Piece manga franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.

We haven't seen much from post-timeskip Robin. I believe she holds a humongous amount of power inside her after training with Dragon for two years. Plus, she might be the smartest character and tactician (and the most wanted) in One Piece. I truly believe she is going to awaken Haki (hoping for Armament since she can already grow her parts on Logia-type users). If she can harm them too, she will be deadly. I feel Oda keeps her secret now because near the end, she is going to blow up!

Robin should be higher than Nami. Both have faced Tobi Roppo members, and Nami needed Big Mom's power just to defeat her opponent after she was already defeated once, while Robin took care of her opponent with her own strength. Robin can also use Fishman Karate in conjunction with her Devil Fruit to do even more damage. And there's her mysterious Demonio Fleur ability.

7 Nami Nami is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda. She is based on Ann and Silk, two characters from Oda's previous manga Romance Dawn.

Stronger than what people think, but I don't know if she's stronger than Robin. On one hand, she has Zeus and can generate tremendous power that I don't think Robin can reach. Even without Zeus, Nami's attacks are devastating. On the other hand, Robin's Devil Fruit is not to be underestimated.

Stop talking nonsense about her weakness. Nami beat Kalifa, beat Miss Doublefinger, and beat Wanda. She helped beat Cracker. She did not lose a single fight. She is careful, but not weak. She had more fights than Robin. Her opponents were stronger than those of Robin, Usopp, Brook, and Franky.

8 Jewelry Bonney

She's the only female Supernova. She's gotta be strong!

9 Carrot

Her transformation is really cool. I think if we rank the strength of the Straw Hat girls, it would be: Robin >. Carrot >. Nami.

When she transforms, she's badass. Without it, she's not the strongest but can still hold her own.

10 Hina

Here. Some flowers. I don't want them.

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11 Tsuru
12 Baby 5 Baby 5 is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda. She is the alias of a member of the Happo Navy who is married to Sai, the Happo Navy's 13th leader. She is a former servant and assassin of the Donquixote Pirates serving as an officer in the Pica Army. Her real name... read more
13 Yamato
14 Charlotte Amande
15 Perona

She can make you all miserable and worthless and explode you! Also, she is one of the best-designed characters in One Piece. Thriller Bark wouldn't be the same without her.

Negative Hollows are overpowered.

16 Kikunojo
17 Charlotte Galette
18 Belo Betty
19 Stussy
20 Shirahoshi
21 Kaya
22 Kuina Kuina is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda. She was the late childhood friend of Zoro. She was the daughter of Koshiro and was the reason why Zoro developed the Santoryu technique.

She's the inspiration for one of the strongest pirate swordsmen.

23 Tashigi Captain Tashigi is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda. Tashigi is a Marine officer serving under Vice Admiral Smoker in the base of G-5. She was originally introduced as Master Chief Petty Officer in Loguetown but was promoted to Ensign after the events in Alabasta... read more

We must admire this girl. She is one of the few women who has become stronger by herself without having eaten a Devil Fruit and is able to use Haki. This must be taken into consideration.

24 Nefertari Vivi
25 Gloriosa
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