Annoying Cliches in Stories that are Too Overused

EG: Shy nerdy omega girl in those poorly written werewolf stories on Quotev, etc

In my opinion It's OK to use cliches but only in moderation, AND if you add unique elements to it to fit your story.

The Top Ten

1 Shy girl x mean jock

The shy girl gets bullied by the jock then they fall in love. UGH I hate this cliche with a burning passion. it's too predictable and annoying! I swear that sometimes I hate this cliche more than A Pal For Gary, roaches and One Direction combined. - Lunala

2 Omega x alpha

Go to Quotev and go to a "Mating Ceremony" story. Usually involves werewolves and a "5'2 nerdy omega girl" getting picked by "Alpha Claw, most feared alpha ever! 1! " I hate the ugly dorito chinned Gary Stu alphas. And the Mary Sue protagonists. Quotev werewolf stories stink of crap to the core.
"Mate." He growled. SERIOUSLY? That's creepy and sometimes the alpha is 23 and the omega is 16. How pedophillic! - Lunala

3 Enemies falling in love

I hate this. - Lunala

4 Excessively tragic backstory

"Hated Child turns into Hybrid Princess" -The only idea gachatubers have in mind

Especially gacha stories
Hated child...that's all I can say...

A few tragic events are interesting but don't make tragic stories too cliche. - Lunala

5 "orbs" instead of eyes

Stupid. Also I imagine creepy crystal balls instead of eyes. Just use eyes instead, eyes sounds better and less hex-ish. - Lunala

6 Tough girl who has to remind everyone she's a girl every 5 seconds

It's completely OK to have tough girls or tomboys, just give them a creative personality as well and don't cram it down our throats that they can take care of themselves every 5 seconds. - Lunala

7 Dumb blonde

I have met blondes who are really smart. I wonder who overuses this cliche *cough* DISNEY CHANNEL *cough* - Lunala

8 All popular girls like the colour pink

Some do, but not all of them. - Lunala

9 Characters discovering that they are royalty

Eh not the worst (Tsunami from Wings Of Fire pulled this off really well). If done wrong it sucks though. - Lunala

10 Orphanage to hero

Annie the musical

Character who is from an orphanage but later becomes a hero. Not as bad as other cliche tropes, but can be pandering at times. - Lunala

The Contenders

11 Character(s) all live happily ever after

This one has to be by far the most overused! The couple wants to get a divorce but then change their minds and live happily ever after. The good guy is hated but then saves the day and everyone likes him and he lives happily ever after. The big brother has always hated his sister but then they forgive each other and live happily ever after.
It’s the same in almost every single story! Like ik we as human beings want someone’s problems to get solved, but rly? Life isn’t all happy endings you know. Wake up and be realistic

12 The hated child becomes a princess

SO OVERUSED! This and orphan becomes hero! First of all, how often does that even happen? Be realistic people!


Especially gacha tubers do this. It's so overused and not even that great.

Whatever this is

13 X readers where all the Canon characters fall in love with the reader
14 Heroine likes heavy metal

I didn’t know this was a cliche...

15 Spoiled brat

Many Gacha tubers do this and I find it quite annoying and it just gets boring :/

16 British Villains

Oh no Voldemort

17 Unknown lovers
18 Colour changing eyes
19 All enemies reform/redeem themselves
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