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This dude is terrible! He is deserves number one! This guy won't listen and only listens to power! I'm glad he died, thought shouldn't be remembered as a hero, more like the guy that almost ruined the war between gaea and the demigods.

By far the most annoying. I can't believe why any one would vote for anybody else when there is toe rags like Octavian on the loose

Go burn your bears Octavian.

He killed Percy's pillow panda pet... Nothing can be more annoying than that crime

Piper McLean

Piper is NOT annoying- ok, if you think I'm crazy, go and find an example where she is saving people with her charmspeak. It will probably take you about 30 seconds. She is a kid of Aphrodite, but look at Silena Beauragard and Lacy and Mitchell, they are not shallow and flimsy. Silena died to save her friends! Piper is the best character in the series!

Jason and Piper were filler characters, so they were not as prominent as Percy or Annabeth. So what? they were still important.

The reason Piper was clingy to Jason was because she was scared she would lose him after he regained his memory.

The reason she thought Percy was unimpressive next to Jason was because she loved Jason. What was she supposed to do? "oh, this random stranger is waayy better than my own boyfriend." Is that what all you expected? What kind of girlfriend do you think she is?

Her "pretty voice" is not just a stupid advantage, its her superpower. Jason has flight, Percy has water, Annabeth has brains, that do you want her to do? Sit and look pretty?

So she's whiny. She's not perfect, so she's not as mentally strong as, say, Nico. So? Everything hit her at once. Her boyfriend forgets her, her dad is kidnapped, she's a demigod, theres a bully called Drew, she falls into the Grand Canyon, the jerk Dylan is a monster, Drew tries to ...more

A terribly written character. One of the Riordan's most ridiculously handled characters in the series. Which, in fact, Riordan didn't handle her at all. She is just terrible and twisted, she has no real and an actual development along with Jason. The things that she could able to defeat Khione with single handle proves that she is a blatant Mary Sue rather than proves that she is strong and a great character. The thing that she could able to defeat one of the most strongest sorceresses in the myths, Medea, within a second with barely talking is also another proff that she is a Sufferable Sue. Riordan is just doesn't understand the fact that making a character as overpowered doesn't mean that it makes them a great, well-rounded characters. Piper suffers because of this too, just like his many other characters in the books.

If I were you I'd drag piper to the "Best characters" list and replace her with Drew Tanaka. TOUGH APHRODITE KIDS FOR LIFE.


She is the worst villian yet the most powerful not to say the most annoying but she is the earth so I am planing to go and live in the ocean or the sky so yeah she is the most annoying

Creepy earth lady


No! I'm not hot! I'm very very cold!


No one who has read the series will ever like Hera, period.

Okay Hera is annoying

We have no argument..

Hate her


I have not seen her


team leo

Annabeth Chase Annabeth Chase is a daughter of Athena and one of the main characters of both the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus series. She's also Percy Jackson's girlfriend and has no particular powers aside from her brains and tactics.

Ok people, Annabeth is the WORST! She is just HORRIBLE! I know you people might think that I'm crazy, but here's why. First off, she treats everyone like they're below her but honestly, they're all above her. Second, she basically only cares about her friends. When she was giving Piper the tour of camp half blood, Piper knew her heart wasn't into it. Also, when Jason wanted to bring Annabeth to help Hera, she refused! I mean, it's not Hera's fault, Annabeth insulted Hera! So Annabeth should be first on this list because she is the WORST.

I was always annoyed with Annabeth since I never could really connected with her since she would treat everyone as if they were idiots and insults Percy with "Seaweed Brain" even when he is literally saving her life.

I never really started to love Annabeth in the series. In the originally she was yes, pretty annoying, but I still appreciated her and kinda liked her, but then she just kept whining about how 'Luke was still alive' or whatever. She was right, but still. Then The Lost Hero came around, and I was okay with her. Then the other three books came around and I was completely annoyed. - Penelope_DOP

She redeems herself in the Heroes of Olympus series, but I was SO annoyed with her in the Percy Jackson series.

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Jason Grace

Jason is not a perfect Percy, because he isn't Percy! He is his own character that would be better if people stopped comparing him to other people (cough cough percy cough). He is not perfect, did you miss all the times he has screwed up? If he gets hit in the head and knocked out, how is he perfect? People get angry at him for not saving Percabeth, but Frank could have flown, Hazel could have moved the earth, Leo could have built something, and Nico could have shadow traveled, so don't blame Jason. Jason was created to be his own character, not a percy. Some people can relate to him so he is not unrelatable. And he doesn't think he is "so cool". And Percy didn't defeat the titan Kronos, Luke and Annabeth did, while Jason was defeating the Titan Krios (or koios I can't remember) with his bare hands.

He's a perfect Percy. And that annoys me. He's the classic Mary Sue!
Apparently, he's better looking than Percy.
And also, even if he has been training since the age of 2, he is NOT stronger than Percy. He and Piper are kind of... Both are pretty... UGH!

In the first couple of books Jason was in (The Lost Hero and The Mark of Athena), I despised his character. Despite being kidnapped when he was 2 and taken to the wolf house and then finding out he has a long lost sister 13 years later, he was a very bland character. He wasn't funny like Leo. He wasn't as sarcastic and charming as Percy. He wasn't as kind and adorably clumsy as Frank, so I didn't really know what to make of him. I had never actually seen him be praetor, so I wasn't sure if he was a good leader or not. He hadn't yet done anything amazingly heroic or awesome. He was just...there. But then in the House of Hades, as I learned a little bit more about the encouraging and strong side of Jason, I warmed up a little to his character. I didn't despise him, but he wasn't my favorite. I got to read his point of view and how he felt about always being the leader and the responsible one. Those were all contributing factors to what made me appreciate him more. But the thing that ...more

I think Jason and piper should share number one. I just hate them so much

The Gorgons
Leo Valdez Leo Valdez is a character from the book series Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. He is one of the seven heroes in the Prophecy of Seven. He is a Greek demigod and is the son of Hephaestus, and has the ability to create and manipulate fire (pyrokinesis).

How dare you ever put him on this list! Did If you think he is annoying!

Leo is pretty annoying, and actually takes pride in it. He tries to comme off as easy going and care free, but in fact, he does care. That's why I like him as a character : he's very insecure and get's pretty jealous, he teases the others and can be a first-class *meep*, but deep down he's actually a very kind and caring person who can be counted on to do the right thing. He can pass as flighty and shallow, be often makes some of the most merciful and considerate decisions, like with the dwarfs in Bologna when Jason was like 'Lol let's just kill them' and Leo was like 'I don't know man, they don't really deserve to die... '. He's also rather tragic in the way he is almost cursed to never find a place and although his character comes together after HoO I'm afraid Calypso will break his heart...

*GASP* HOW DARE YOU SAY HE'S ANNOYING YOU *insert insult that I'm not allowed to say here*!

Leo honestly can be sometimes mean to Frank and gives off an annoying vibe. But these are his flaws, not every character is perfect

Nico Di Angelo Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan. He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trials of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting more.

Why is he on this list? sure, he hated Percy and blamed him, but he had a huge crush on him and Percy promised not to let Bianca die. So even if it wasn't his fault, Percy did break his promise.

His sister, the only person he really knew, the person he loved and stood up for most, died, sacrificed when it could have been someone else. Would you be sad? would you find someone to blame? I know I would.

Damm why he's smoking hot though - Murphypaw

I think he is too overrated seriously... he can come off as annoying sometimes, especially to Percy when it isn’t even his fault

Percy Jackson Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

1. It's annoying how everybody compares him to Jason. "Percy has done SO much more then Jason" I just hate everyone comparing Jason and Percy. Jason could have done the same things as Percy, we just don't know as much about his past.

2. Percy is a jerk to lots of people. 1 word: Bob. Another: Calypso

3. EVERYONE THINKS HE'S THE BEST. News flash: He's not. There are better characters but everyone loves him because he's the main character. If I said Percy sucked, I would get attacked or something. If I said Piper sucked (she doesn't) most people would be totally fine.

This guy should be higher. I was recently re-reading Battle of The Labyrinth, and I got to the part where Calypso's explaining to Percy about her dad and stuff, and he's all like, "I knew this girl named Zoe (Oh by the way she's your half-sister her dad's Atlas too) And she's the best ever blah blah blah" Then he tells here he's going to ask the gods to let her go, and sure, he mentions it, but then he's like, "Oh, my dad agrees with me? Sure, that's good enough! I'm just gonna leave now! " If LEO VALDEZ can free Calypso, why can't Percy?

I don't hate Percy but I think his characters got so much overly annoying in time. He is flawless (yes he is, his flaws never actually shown in the books), perfect, handsome, charming, smart, strategical, adorable, all shining hero. I think the Golden Boy title should have been given to Percy instead. He has total 6 people to love/d him. Even if some of them were nonsensical and didn't make any sense like Reyna. He got overly overpowered in time without any actual merits and consequences. His character doesn't seem too change even in the critical times and in the events, so he has no actual character development. A character development doesn't mean you have to make your character OP as hell, but it means that you need to add some things into the character that you've created in time, in certain events, in their actions and showing, with making them also well-rounded. Percy... just so hollow. Like a plastic, barbie doll without having to anything inside of it which would've make his ...more


Will Solace

Why is everyone being horrible to Will? Guys, he's a doctor! He saves lives! He's nice to Nico, and yes he can be annoying. But you people are just being rude.

Why did you fall in love with a guy? That's disgusting dude. Go die! And go to the fields of punishment

Why is everyone hating on Will?

I really don't like him and he is irritating maybe because I am an hades kid

Gabe Ugliano

"Yo kid you just got home from Boarding school ore whatever. I bet you miss mom. Well, you can give me all your money and clean my room for free, OK?" "Yo Sally, make me bean dip or I'll hit you." "Yo, don't go on vacation, we're poor. Just give me all the money so I can get fat and drunk." "Yo, my stepson's missing. Call the police for a search? Sure, as long as I can call a 12 year old who's probably lost and scared a wanted criminal!"

How in Tartarus is he below ANYONE?

How is he so low? How can he be under Annabeth and Percy. He is even more annoying than Piper. He should be second - PercyJacksonfan

He is a sucker!
Gabe for the sake of gods continue as a statue


Hate that Jerk!

Donkey Brain

How da' heck is he under Persassy


Sorry guys, I just find her kind of annoying. I still think she deserves love and a happy ending though

GO TO TARTARUS IF YOU HATE REYNA! I love Reyna so much! She's my favorite roman demigod ever! She sacrificed so much to only be pushed back down. She should be top in BEST DEMIGODS! She had to face so much pain! Reyna is so brave, loyal, caring, determined and so much more! Why would you put her in MOST ANNOYING? SHE SHOULD BE IN MOST SACRIFICING AND BEST DEMIGODS! FiretrUCK you if you think awesome-sauce Reyna is ANNOYING! She deserves the best kind of love! SO REMEMBER TO GO TO TARTARUS IF YOU HATE REYNA!
- Peace Out,


Come on, he was annoying sure, but otherwise, we would have no Mango Cheese! No Peter Johnson! You can't just hate on every annoying character. We need him. Camp would be boring otherwise.

SOOO annoying! Peter Johnson? Annabel? What the Tartarus!?! Praise the gods that Zeus punished him AND no alcohol! Here's a quote I found on a website:
"My point is you heroes never change. You accuse us gods of being vain.
You should look at yourselves. You take what you want, use whoever you
have to, and then you betray everyone around you. So you'll excuse me
if I have no love for heroes. They are a selfish, ungrateful lot. Ask Ariadne.
Or Medea. For that matter, ask Zoë Nightshade."
- Mr. D, talking about Heroes to Percy
See? he's such dude! haha! Sorry if I get turned into a dolphin! Aww dolphin fin! ACK! I'm getting turned into one! AH! Bye awesomer wine dudes than Mr. D!


I like Apollo have you read the series about him? He is really funny

So dramatic!


Why is she on here?

I'm sorry to all fangirls, I love Leo and he was my strongest fictional crush, but he is not considered hot or cute.

Calypso loved Odysseus, a mighty hero who won a war, and Percy, a muscular, dreamy guy who saved the world. She did not feel drawn to Leo, a scrawny, dirty, annoying guy. He wasn't her type. Then she slowly learned to love him, and Leo felt the same way. So she loved Percy at first glance, but not Leo, but these two are completely different types of people.

Seriously I know she has a curse but she will one day break Leo’s heart. Percy shows up at her island and she acts like an Aphrodite child when Leo shows up she’s like hell no and yet she kissed him.

Frank Zhang

He is absolutely the worst hero of Olympus. He was also kind of annoying in the Son of Neptune because his background is so boring. He can only shape shift. That's it. Reyna is also dyingly annoying. Why are people hating on Piper? She can charmspeak and she saved the whole Argo II and everyone on it with only a knife and words.

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