Top Ten Most Annoying Sounding Languages

I'm counting down the most irritating, annoying sounding languages.

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21 Russian

It's hard to learn and sounds very confusing, but it doesn't sound too annoying so it is only 9th in my countdown. - ant081799

Who the heck put Russian on this list

22 Swedish

It just sound weird to me... Sorry Sweden :/

23 Hindi

It has lots of weird words like shishu(child), paap (sin), tocha (skin), dhanyavad (thanks). etc.

24 Norwegian

Men who speaks norwegian sound like they are castrated.

Why can't I just comment without voting...

25 Yiddish
26 Albanian
27 Dutch

Those G's are super annoying

28 Tamil
29 Finnish
30 Sinhalese

Messed up language and sounds very odd. Imaging someone trying to speak up while his tongue is glued to his mouth.

31 Serbian
32 Hebrew
33 Xhosa
34 Greek

Greek is not necessarily a hard language to put up with to listen to but it is very hard to learn as it is a very advanced language. Greeks much like Italians are very passionate speakers so talking may seem like yelling to an average person which can be annoying.

35 Irish
36 Croatian

So annoying language.

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