Most Annoying Spam Messages

What is the most annoying type of spam on YouTube, facebook or anything?

The Top Ten

1 Please go here to receive free iPad!

I don't like ipads anyway

GUESS WHAT, U JUST WON A FREE TICKET TO JAIL. Say that if you get that message.

2 If you don't copy this comment, you're gonna die in 2 hours.

It used to be on YouTube, and now it's on Instagram. You see, I hate it when losers who have nothing else to do start a chain mail. Then some gullible children read it and it spreads. It's more annoying than scary actually. - ethanmeinster

Pandora has this EVERYWHERE. - NuMetalManiak

3 Get money by doing survey at
4 Please go to my channel for awesome video
5 I know it's been hard. But this is the only way I can get noticed on YouTube.

This is SSO annoying! You go and advertise your channel, on, say Pewdiepie's channel comments, saying 'it's the only way I'll get noticed'
Pewds didn't advertise annoyingly to get so famous. So why are you?

6 "Share with you" on YouTube
7 You Won *insert large amount of money here* Dollars!
8 Anything with Dating involved

What? I've never used my email account for dating websites or anything (because I'm still a preteen! ) but still I get these emails nonstop! Are they trying to brainwash us people of the 21st century? - ethanmeinster

9 F4F?
10 "Free Comedy Tickets" Texts

I receive these texts on a regular basis as of 11/13/18. They use symbols in place of certain letters (obviously an effort to evade spam filters), and provide a shady link by which you can supposedly RSVP to some comedy show. Apparently, the catch for these "free" tickets is that you will be required to purchase two items (drinks or food) at the show. They have also been said to kick out attendees if the venue is over capacity.

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