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61 Spam
62 Memes

I cannot tolerate the memes of this site. Listen, I can tolerate plenty of memes such as Night of nights, Keemstar and all of those LazyTown bollocks but this I just cannot - YourWaifuSucks

63 Feminazis V 1 Comment
64 Crack pairings

Oh boy, I really hope no one ships any of the Sonic girls with Sneak, Snoop and Snitch from Fleischer's Gulliver's Travels. It's bad enough that they already ship Sonic characters with Disney characters and such.

65 Making a commission but never getting it
66 People who literally use the site exclusively for fueling their fetishes

No joke, one of this website's users literally named himself "Ihaveafootfetish69" as a username.

Uugh! Darkskylash only draws fat Marth Peach Elvira!

67 Clopping

Poor Ponies

Cloppers... they won't... ruin me - Neonco31

68 People who add their art in the wrong galleries

Most people think fan art should be in the traditional art or cartoon & comics gallery. DeviantArt is full of dimwits.

That's why there's the "EDIT" button!

69 Sega Sonic fanbrats

That's right these guys are stupid then the satam fan brats. Because they hate the Archie sonic comic they should ignore the comic's they want ian flynn Dead it not can't they also think he's a Nazi well no they are the Nazi

Sonic Fandom as a whole gives Sonic a bad rep. I'm one of the few sane Sonic fans in the world who sees the series as what it is (a Sega video game franchise) and not what the fandom thinks it should be (i.e. more of a cartoon icon than a video game icon, a badly-drawn fanart, a poorly written fanfic, a p0rn fanfic, a piece of furry trash, something that should crossover with everything with existence, or anything that Sonic should never be)

70 Gravity Falls fanart
71 Some of the artists are disgusting

TheHyenasSBE is the most disgusting artist of all of DeviantArt and FurAffinity. Enough said.

72 Perverted Shadow the Hedgehog fanart

It gives Shadow a bad rap. Although it's not as bad as perverted Cream the Rabbit fanart since Shadow is of legal age, so shipping Shadow/Rouge is not a crime unlike Cream/Tails and especially Cream/Fox McCloud. But still, perverted art of any E-rated game or G-rated film is not right.

Such as Shadow and Shrek.

That's so true. Shadow x Shrek is all over DeviantART, and worse, it's on GOOGLE. - Powerfulgirl10

73 Rabid bronies

Truer words have never been said. - SailorSedna

74 Thehyenassbe

Yes. TheHyenasSBE is the worst artist on not only the, but also the whole internet. He is a terrible person; He killed his own brother by accident when he was younger, got punished for it big time, and this is why he has such a health problem now, that he doesn't sleep for the rest of his life. (read his the journal if you don't know what I'm talking about) If I had that condition I would just sleep for the rest of my life. Drawing Shenzi p0rn and other disgusting garbage are not a good excuse of having the illness, ether.

75 My Little Pony

I hate My Little Pony. I have no problem with fan art, though. IT CROSSES THE LINE IF IT IS INAPPROPRIATE!

I Constantly Try To Find Good Fan Art So I Have To Agree On This One

Wow, I have a lot of favorite pony artworks there. Ponified ones, don't care, porn? NO, no, no! - Neonco31

I've found a good amount of excellent MLP fanart, but when it's bad...oh Good Lord... - SailorSedna

V 1 Comment
76 Barney fanart V 1 Comment
77 90s kids

RedheadXilamGuy and Smashgamer16 in the nutshell. - ChatNoirFan18

78 Genderfluid SJWs
79 Too many feet pictures
80 Dora fanart
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