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1 Levi Levi Levi Ackerman is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama.

Levi is first of all a great soldier. I love his fighting style, and I love how cool he is. He can quickly analyze the situation and decide what needs to be done, as shown in the courtroom scene. Sure, his method was a bit violent, but it was necessary to keep Eren alive and to get the judge to allow him the chance to prove himself before further decisions were made.

Not only is he a good leader, but Levi also cares for his troops. In episode 9 when a dying soldier asked with his dying breath if he'd been useful, I thought that this moment will decide whether or not I'll love Levi or hate him, so when Levi sincerely assured him that he was and promised to take down all titans, and he even took the soldiers bloodied hand even though he hates uncleanliness, that's when he won me over.

Speaking of that, I absolutely love his obsession with cleanliness. It adds another side of his personality and make his character more real. And it is kinda hilarious.

By far my favorite, he's total badass! He's incredibly fast, short (but that makes him a little more cooler), and he kicks titan ass!

Levi is badass no doubt about it! He's beautiful and powerful so there is your perfect guy right there.

Why is this on Miscellaneous? This is anime for crying out loud - AStumpedHuman

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2 Mikasa Ackerman Mikasa Ackerman Mikasa Ackerman is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama.

She gets to much credit in my opinion...

Maybe she's annoying, because she's always being protective, following Eren anywhere, and if Eren is 'taken' from her, she'll do whatever it takes to get the Eren back. Including killing, even barely having a heart for those who try to calm her or block her (Though the person is forced). But, yes, in the beginning and times of Eren 'taken' it does make you annoyed, but, don't forget, since episodes of anime and manga episodes run, she started to grow as a person who certainly can make you a little relieved. She began to care for Armin, her other friends and colleagues other than Eren. Rescues Sasha when she fails to kill Titan and will be eaten, shouting Jean's name when he'll be shot and try to save him (though in the end the woman who tried to shoot him was killed by Armin), worries and soothe Armin when he think he has killed anyone to save Jean, and many more.She seems to also begin to believe that Eren and Armin can be independent and self-tackling, without her help. And when ...more - nyaanya0910

Mikasa is a very interesting character. She may seem like an over-protective, boring girl at first, but when you really get to analyze her, she's one of the best characters ever.

Mikasa values the lives of her comrades. Not just Eren! Remember at Trost when she ran out of gas and Armin offered his to her, however, she told him she wasn't going to leave him.

Mikasa's also a total badass, which often gets her accused of being Mary-Sue. I believe this is due to plain sexism. I love her so much because she's badass and female, proving you can be both.

Mikasa gets a lot of hate because people feel she's over-protective- but she's just showing humane flaws! Come on, give Mikasa some love :-)

Okay so a lot of people love Mikasa. But her fanbase constantly overlooks the major problems she has.
First of all, Mikasa is overpowered. Yes people, face this fact. Levi being OP is understandable because that guy has an experience of years. Mikasa enters the Academy and boom! That girl is a genius in everything. And let's face it, no one is the BEST at everything. Someone may seem perfect because they're good at a lot of things but I repeat, NO ONE is the best at EVERYTHING. But somehow, Mikasa is shown to be. She's pretty, has great hair, is tall, has a perfect figure, is a proficient and skilled fighter, is intelligent and god knows what else she possesses. If she's not a cliche anime character, I don't know who is

Second of all- fine. Eren saved her. But it's annoying how overprotective and clingy she is. She can do anything for Eren. Yandere much? I mean, seriously, if you encounter a girl like her in real life who can even kill you for Eren, wouldn't you just ...more - ObscuredBeauty

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3 Eren Yeager Eren Yeager Eren Yeager, spelled Eren Jaeger in the Funimation dub, is a fictional character appearing as the protagonist from the manga series Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama.

I don't get it when people complain how Eren is "annoying" or "whiny"; it just doesn't make sense. Sure, he was a little crazy-happy in the beginning, but the guy has been trapped behind some stupid walls for his whole life. Not to mention that humans are the prey. But in my opinion Eren is stronger both emotionally and physically than anyone else in AoT; just think about how much he endured: Losing his mother at such a young age, and then his father, which left him as an orphan; losing his LEG and still getting up to help Armin without hesitation or crying; then sacrificing himself... that's just NOT my description of a whiny character. Sure, he loses his temper; yeah, he's hot-headed, but he's got a purpose; he wants to survive, put mankind in its rightful place. And his unwavering courage and spirit and similar to Percy Jackson appearance/personality just makes him unforgettable. Whatever the case, Eren Yeager has my permanent respect.

Eren is honestly the best character on attack on titan. He lost his mother at such a young age and since then he promised to kill the Titans and before that he even wanted to join the scouts to protect the people he loves and to save everyone. Those weren't just words - he trained and inspired many of the people with him; remember that speech he gave which left Jean completely thinking and speechless? He is extremely brave and he trusts his friends like when he believed in Armin! Later on, he actually does join the scouts which proves how serious he really was, and we see children all impressed at the scouts and Eren smiling at them, exactly like how it was years ago! So Eren is one of the most inspiring characters I have ever seen on anime; his story is just beautiful and I don't understand why he's so underrated, at the end he joined Levi's squad and beat the femal Titan. Eren for life >3

Eren Yeager, besides being the main Character, he is very passionate on what his dream is, and is willing to suffer to save his comrades, but At times I do agree on people saying that he's an annoying character that creates sappy speeches and shouting a lot, (RIP headphone users) but he is a valuable soldier because of his titan abilities and good intentions when transforming into his Titan form, unlike the other Shifter (Those who shall not be named) he's done the unthinkable sacrifices that true whiny people would never think of and so he's a good character with a few flaws, but everybody has flaws.

he is good

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4 Armin Arlert Armin Arlert Armin Arlert is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama.

Armin may not be the strongest character, but he still deserves some credit. And he does grow braver and stronger as time goes on.

I believe that the thing that makes a character truly great is the character development and Armin's got lot of that. First of all, Armin's mental abilities are no joke and it's because of him that many characters are still alive, due to his quick thinking AND quick acting. He is willing to sacrifice himself if it means success for a plan and acts as bait without hesitation. Just try to remember all the times he saved the world with his plans and you will realise that the story owes him a lot of twists. As for his development, he begins as a scared boy with no confidence in himself at all and goes on to become a fearless soldier withstrategic skills that he gradually begins to gain confidence in. To be more clear, he manages to always turn his fear into courage, which is why his brains work so well to make efficient plans. He's also the voice of reason when his friends are sunk in madness. Therefore, I believe he should be on the top of this poll, because everything he lacks in terms ...more

Armin is the smartest to the show. He is the best and common sense. He's like Levi with being able to quickly analyze situations but he isn't as violent.

My name and his name are same:| I'm from Iran

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5 Jean Kirstein

I always have such a hard time choosing my favorite SNK character. Jean holds a special place in my heart though. I love how relatable he is. He was bullied as a kid for being fat and it turned him into a complete ass who thinks he's better than everyone else. He was selfish, all he cared about was his own safety. But as the series goes on, Jean gets attached to the people around him. He makes friends and when the battle of Trost starts he realizes just how much he wants to protect the people around him. Marco dies at Trost and Jean decides to join the survey corps to protect the friends he's made and to make sure that this never happens to anyone else. Amazing how much he changes for the better, how he really is a good person that regrets who he used to be.

I've always hated choosing favorite characters, whether it's anime or not. But Jean is by far one of the most powerfully developed characters, if not the most, in all of SnK. As a child he was bullied for being overweight and immediately became anorexic, something that completely changed my thoughts about him since I can relate entirely to the fact of your world turning against you. I suppose what made him a bit of a dick was that he was scared that others would do the same. It's a genuine pain to think that all his anger, his greed and selfishness, the fact that his safety is the only thing he will console in, is all because he's terrified of his comrades judging him enough. I used to hate him, since Eren used to be my all-time hero for all he has done for his friends and family, but since the manga has started to shroud more and more as time goes on I've completely fallen in love with his character development. (Spoilers coming up!) In the Trost battle to seal up the wall, apologies ...more

I don't know what it is about this horse face that made him grow on me. I guess what really made me sad is how Marco was so dear to him as a friend and him dying on Jean as being the only person who truly understood him hurt me a lot. Seeing Jean change so much throughout the series made me realize how much of a great character he is. I think very soon Jean will become my favourite character in the entire series at the moment it being Levi.

Jean is inarguably the most relatable character in this anime. Besides, his character development is simply amazing - ObscuredBeauty

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6 Annie Leonhart Annie Leonhart Annie Leonhart is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama.

Annie Leonhardt is a strong person and a very complex character. he history is shrouded in mystery which makes her all that more compelling. Plus, she owns everyone.

Annie is just Annie. Which makes her awesome.

Shes a great person. I feel bad for her since she is one of the antagonists

She is so beautiful,so perfect,i love his beauty...

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7 Hange Zoë Hange Zoë Hange Zoë is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama.

I don't know how Zoë found herself cozy in my heart, but she seems to lift the weight off my shoulders. There are these days where everything just seems to fall into darkness, but it's always Hanji pulling me out. She seems to be the bright side of everything... Wait, no, she IS the bright side of everything. Expeditions outside the safety of the walls are always fun with her around. She might be crazy, but she's also crazy funny. I don't care whether she is or is not the cutest, strongest, or the most popular character of the manga for most people because in my heart she is the best character. Even with the terror of the Titans among their story, Hanji shows the fun times you can have with a titan. She is the reverse of regular humans. Where most run away with fear, she runs towards with joy and excitement. Most of the soldiers may be putting on their serious face when going out into expeditions, but she puts on a crazy, enthusiastic face. This personality can be seen in one of the ...more

Zoë is defiantly not your average character! Sure she seems like your average anime scientist freak at first. But the more you get into the anima (mostly the manga and this next part might be a small spoiler) the more she changes and becomes somewhat of a serious character instead of that comic relief one. That's why I absolutely adore her!

Zoe is definitely my favourite character, maybe because she reminds me of my self, but also because she's the exception of the rule, she's actually the only one who likes titan, in a way at least, she id interested in learning about rather than just killing them.

I'm not sure why but I love her since the first time I saw her. She's very different. She's strong, positive, a little bit crazy, funny, extremely smart and lovely! She's just really special. She isn't perfect, she has flaws like everyone and that makes me love her even more. And, of course, she is a total badass when she is angry. In fact, Isayama said that Hanji Zoë is the scariest when she gets angry. Not Eren, Not Levi, HANJI!

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8 Sasha Blouse

Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan has a spectacular character casting, but if I had to pick one extremely amazing character from the cast it would have to be Sasha, or Potato Girl, for that matter. Even though there are extremely awesome characters like Levi, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, etc. Sasha is the first person that pops up into my head whenever I here 'Attack on Titan' for some reason. Maybe it's because of my fondness for strange characters... Or potatoes.

Sasha is by no doubt the character that I like the most - she has a queer yet light personality, and she stands out to me most from the other characters.

She's awesome! The only one of them not completely serious and paranoid and doesn't care about anything, eats whenever she wants to, and still a total badass

Sasha Blouse is Badass and a sexy cool Kawaii military genius and plus she has skilled hunting techniques to bash down Titans

I love her a lot and she uses her sharp tactics and bravery to defend herself from her enemies! She's my number 1 AOT Character

She just slayed a Titan by stabbing his eye with an arrow without using a bow with her own bare hands and SLAM! It died! Boom

Touchdown his buttocks! If it was a meme I would be like "Oooh Get Rekt Bro She's one badass heroine with a serious attitude and she just slammed a Titan with her own hands

She has awesome killer aim and she's more prettier than Ymir

She loves eating potatoes and bread as like an MRE kind of ration!

Ymir Sucks and she's dark twisted and cynical and she's a big bully and a tomboy she's a dumb whore! I hate her so much!

But Sasha on the other hand is upbeat happy friendly happy and cheerful and resilient and she can slap down

I love you Sasha Blouse I love ...more

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9 Bertolt Hoover

He just interests me. It's nice not to have an antagonist who isn't always in control, sadistic and decisive. Yeah, he's a mass murderer, but so are the Joker, Loki, Hannibal etc etc, so that doesn't take away from it. He doesn't want to murder people, he says so himself, but if he didn't do it someone else was going to regardless, so he might as well have taken the burden. Plus his guilt about instinctively running away from the dancing titan as it was eating their friend, he left behind Reiner in the process to save his own skin. Characters who are always self-assured and ready to give up their life with every opportunity can bore me. Most 10 year olds don't want to die people, and most people aren't so happy to die saving others, nothing wrong with it, it's in their biological instinct to survive. Also we just don't know all that much about Bertholdt, which made me more curious. Plus, Sweaty Giraffe memes and adorable/hilarious reibert art contribute to my love for this character.

I love Bertolt because we have similar personalities. We're both shy and quiet.

He's calm but skilful

I kind of just love everything about him as a character. How he lacks initiative despite being incredibly capable. He also feels like he's an incredibly thoughtful person without needing to be particularly smart, and it gives him this honest (and somewhat pessimistic) view of himself and the world around him. He has a great level of control in himself and is terrified of that breaking.
He does have a tendency to sometimes get a little wrapped up in his own problems and not consider the viewpoints of others on occasions, but in his defense, there are a ton of horrible things in his life.
Lastly, I love him because of the parallels between him and the Shiganshina Trio. He's often compared to just Armin since people like to fit each member of each trio neatly into the spot of the others, but I honestly love the similarities between him and Mikasa much more. Not much can be said about similarities between him and Eren, but they do both try to make the world out to be more black and ...more

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10 Erwin Smith Erwin Smith Erwin Smith is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama.

He's the only one who really fights Titans. Levi might be humanity's strongest and Eren might be their only hope, but Erwin is the smart guy with political power and tactical mind.

He has no magic nor super-human power unlike Eren or Levi, but he is a brave, genuine, and charismatic leader that inspire all his subjects to be loyal to him to death. He is humble enough to listen and take advice even from a new member. Yet he can be shrewd to make difficult decision without worrying about his reputation.

I admire his strength and passion in driving humanity to freedom

and that handsome face is a bonus

Erwin is so underrated, he deserves to be number 1, he may not appear very active on the fields but he is a smooth talking cool looking type of guy. He is the reason why Levi is Levi, Erwin made Levi humanity's strongest soilder and gave Levi a reason to live after Levi lost his family. He isn't a whinny type of guy unlike eren nor strict like Levi and he is able to unleash someone's bravery in joining the Survey Corps.

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11 Reiner Braun

(Spoilers) Not many people may share my views of Reiner, but he's my number one character, because of his loud and Obnoxious personality as a soldier, but he's also very conflicted, being more dark and indecisive as a 'Warrior'. Although he's seen as a "bad guy" I'll always see. Him as my favourite character. He's also really good because he shows strong character development. Say what you will, no one will change my mind on him. I know he's a villain, which means he'll probably die, but I pray that he won't.

He is one of the strongest titan shifters,. He excels in both human and titan form, while he is such a loyal character even though he is a villain. In the manga, it says 'Reiner is the most loyal warrior of marley'. Also, I don't get why he is weaker than Sasha and even Armin. They both aren't titan shifters and has bad physical abilities. I hope Reiner will be in the top 5 list.

How the hell is this guy weaker than the likes of sasha and Annie?

Reiner is the ultimate Bruh

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12 Petra Ral Petra Ral Petra Ral was a hand-picked soldier of the Survey Corps by Levi Ackerman placed in the Special Operations Squad.

I really like Petra. She tried her best to get Eren used to the lifestyle in the Scouts and strongly believed that if they trusted one another, they could get through anything. Some people think she's pathetic for being killed by Annie, but they never bother to try to place themselves in her position - she was in a life-and-death situation with a threat that she didn't know hoe to handle. Petra did not have a life like Levi, who had to be tough since day one. She had a family and lived a pretty normal life before joining the military. Honestly, it makes sense that she panicked in that kind of situation.

Petra is seen as a gentle, kind girl, but she has lots of inner and outer strength. She is a very skilled soldier and one of the best fighters I've seen on the whole show! She's awesome.

Petra is in a tie between my two favourite characters in the series. She was so innocent, nice and she took on the mother role in her squad. She barely appeared until later episodes and died so early. I wish she was still alive. Can I also point out that Petra means rock in Greek and Petra died on a tree. Paper is made out of trees. Petra dies on a tree (paper beats rock) T-T

Dude, you have no idea what you are saying. she wanted eren to not only trust her, but the whole squad, and she knew that it would be better that way because there needs to be trust between the squad members and belief. the only reason they died was that they were too hooked up on protecting eren and not making him fight, that they went into battle alone without his help. and yes, she did do something to keep the plot moving. her death was a great blow to levi and eren, and did you see the way he was crying? the only reason eren engaged the female titan was to get revenge for their deaths because it was meaningless, and so if they hadnt died, then nothing like tthat would have happened.

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13 Marco Bott

A great example of blue to someone else's red. That red being Jean. While Marco wasn't best at being a leader he would've made a great adviser had the creators just expanded on him much much more

Marco showed Jean what an amazing leader he was and helped him become stronger he was always there encouraging everyone and he is so incredibly selfless

Marco is my favorite character, he's just so nice. I feel that he made such an impact by just being kind to others.


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14 Ymir

Ymir is one of those characters that only people who struggle with being themselves can really understand. It takes guts to be true to yourself, the good parts and the bad. I think Historia and Ymir's combined story arcs have a great message on the themes of altruism vs egoism. Is it really right to sacrifice a part of yourself for other people to be happy? Sometimes it's okay to be a little selfish, it's okay to have some pride. If you're hurting yourself to keep from hurting others, it isn't worth it. I think Ymir is a great role model for those with low self esteem. As Ymir would say, "You're you, and there's nothing wrong with that." "Live your life with your head held high."

I love Ymir. She reminds me of myself. If I was ever a anime character, I have many things I could compare myself to here. I know anime is anime and that in real life everyone is too busy protecting themselves, I would go help my friends too. I love how Ymir protects everyone with her Titan.

I find her personality interesting as she is first portrayed as being only selfish and manipulative, but then she meets Historia- someone who she values much more than herself and we see a more in depth look of her true character

Needs to be higher on the list and have more screen time

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15 Connie Springer

Connie needs more love, he is so much better than most people think. I hate how people don't like him just because of his looks, It's A BUZZ CUT PEOPLE, IS THAT REALLY SO BAD?! what if he can be immature? aren't we all sometimes? I read a fact once, it said connie is one of the kindest most honest people in the 104th. and he's funny, downright adorable, and he's always trying to cheer people on! he's an all around great person, and great friend to the other characters. and yes I agree, I bet he is one of the only sane people on that show. think about it, he hasnt froze up, freaked out, or changed his identity like someone I know but WILL NOT name. I bet if he looked like eren or levi people would like him more...STAY STRONG CONNIE AND MARRY SASHA *salutes* - AnimeLister123

This cutie should at least be in the top five man...i hate how most people don't care about him because of his looks, ugh...i read a fact that Connie is the kindest, most honest person in the 104th. he's very strong once you think about it! he didn't freeze up, mourn (for the longest time at least) he didn't change his identity like someone I know and will not name, he never raged or went into battle without thinking at least a bit, along with being hilarious and an amazing person, he will always be my favorite! AND ITS JUST A BUZZ CUT PEOPLE, JEEZ, WHATS WRONG WITH THAT?! I also find it adorable that he's the fastest in the 104th STAY STRONG CONNIE BBY ALSO MARRY SASHA *salutes*

He's funny, nervous, impressionable, and often conflicted. He wants to do well but sometimes doubts his abilities. The Titans scare the piss out of him. He's getting along real well with Sasha, the other funny, impressionable person in the group. Basically, in a lot of ways, he's the most human character on the show, and for me, the most relatable. And did I mention he's funny?

He's the funniest so he gets my vote.

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16 Krista Lenz

Krista is a very kind and gentle girl. I admire her.

If you read the manga you'd see how she's super cool and has one of the greatest character development I have seen

She is the best character on the show... and the hottest!

Eren x Historia ;D

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17 Mike Zacharias

It literally says he humanity's second strongest solider so ya...

Sucks that Mike didn't get much attention when he sacrificed himself so his team could get away :(

Why does everyone forget Mike! He was such a great character

He is so Badass

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18 Dot Pixis Dot Pixis Dot Pixis is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama. He is the commander of the Garrison, and is in charge of the defense of the southern region. He is the highest ranking administrator of the southern more.

He had my fave quote from the entire series "I want to be eaten by a hot lady Titan" seriously he rocks

He stopped the Garrison regiment from killing Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. He knows a good person when he sees one.

Pixis is one of my favorites... and it's because he's so collected and optimistic about most situations

I love how they pronounce his name

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19 Historia Reiss

Her character development. She turned from a cute softy to a cute badass. Love her.

Best character

Already on list

She is much complicated and deeper character than Mikasa. Her relationship with Eren is really honest. I love her

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20 Farlan Church

Farlan deserves more credit that what he gets. Everyone forgets about him but come on! He was loyal, kind, mild-tempered, smart, and would do ANYTHING for Levi and Isabel! He's by far my favorite character even though he's not in the actual series! Not to mention he had such a heartbreaking death! His gear was broken when his horse fell on him and he was unable to do anything as he watched his whole squad die, including Isabel one of his best and only friends, who dies trying to save him! Then in an attempt to avenge her, he was caught and killed. I think he's a better character than people say

Farlan was a great guy who was also a "Lego Piece" in Levi's past, making him perfectly round like we know him today.

The guy needs more credit as well as Isabel from the fans of Levi.

he's cute - axime

21 Captain Levi

Levi is already in this list. Why add him again? - SelfDestruct

He is so good he appears twice

One sentence, he is awesome. Need I say more?

22 Isabel Magnolia

Isabel was a major, what I would call it, "Lego Piece" in Levi's past. I don't think that if Isabel was there, Levi would be "perfectly round" like he is right now.

I think she deserves more credit from the fans of Levi.

She is so cute and funny girl

She is really kawaii

When I see isabel,i think she really like eren.her eyes,her smile,her spirit,those all kinds are really like eren.And somehow I think that she was levi's first love.LOL,please don't bully me.I just tell the truth in my mind,and I think about petra ral.She likes levi a lot,kind of fans maybe? When I think who's the one he (levi) choose betweeen isabel and petra,i think he'll prefer isabel after all~

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23 Nanaba

Seemed like a good leader. Wished she stayed a bit longer so we could have heard her back story.



24 Grisha Yeager

He knows how to walk away from everyone's lies

25 Colossal Titan


Come on PEEEPS

26 Carla Yeager

Thank you for taking Mikasa under your wing. You will be remembered Carla Yeager x - TwilightKitsune

Best mum

27 Mina Carolina

So pretty, shouldn't have died so early on


28 Oluo

My personal favorite. One of the few characters that provides comedic relief in the anime and I love him for it.


29 Kenny Ackerman
30 Beast Titan

He is the only titan who can speak and he beat the Armored titan Easily

He is by far the cleverest person in attack n titans because he is the one that planned the final battle in the manga. He is the strongest titan shifter alive because he easily beat the armoured titan. It is also proved he is as clever as Hange. Plus he can control titan that have been injected whith his serem.

31 Titan Eren

Titan Eren is awesome

Titan Eren is hot.

32 Kuchel Ackerman

Kuchel gave birth to Levi and took care of him. I know Levi has a special place in his heart for Kuchel. Levi loves Kuchel more then anything

I love Kuchel she kept Levi despite him being an accident and was always a caring mother for him

Kuchel needs more love! I mean she did take care of Levi, after all

I love Kuchel!

33 Pieck

The ugliest girl in AoT but her personality is really awesome. I like how self confident she is.

I honestly love peick. She's very independent and can think in the darkest moments. She is also loyal to whoever she decides to be and she may be on the enemy side but she's still pretty bad ass and not to mention her Titan form is hilarious! It's pretty useful to like she can wear armour and carry supplies like imagine if island paradis had peick on there side! Of course she's not though but I mean it's more exciting if the bad side has more of an advantage right? Doesn't it keep you hooked to the show and want to know more? Well I think peick represents that perfectly a hater or not I'm on her side. I'm also voting for eldia to don't feel out.

34 Nile Dok
35 Rico Brzenska

She was always level-headed. When she thought a plan would fail, she expressed her opinion clearly. When orders from above came and told her to do something she thought was risky, she still followed them Rico was an intelligent and loyal person from Attack on Titan

She's such a badass and so underrated

SHe is so cool!

36 Smiling Titan

(Manga Spoiler Warning) I was gonna vote for Bertl but then I saw this. Why did the manga have to do this to me? Dina's story is so tragic. She wasn't really fleshed out as a character but she never really did anything wrong! And she clearly loved Grisha very much, and I have to say that even with her little screen (or would it be page) time I like her better than Carla. Can't wait for Season 3. And Season 4. Probably Season 4 more than 3.


Whats this even doing on the list he belongs on "most hated aot character! "
mr aot's tigerclaw!

37 Eld Jinn

He was an awesome character and I can definitely see why levi picked him for the first special operations squad

I honestly wish Gunther and Eld got more screentime. We never learned much about them. However, for now, we have this: I'm not gay, but Eld is damn sexy.

38 Keith Shadis

I kind of admire him, but not as much as Erwin Smith. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

39 Ian Dietrich

Such an underrated character, reminds me a lot of Jean and Erwin actually... Also his death was probably outshone my Marco's as they were in the same episode and I think people would have noticed Marco's more :-(

40 Franz Kefka

He is awesome

41 Rod Reiss

For all you people who only watch anime, let me tell you vote the Great King Titan

42 Hannes

I'm boring him, not because he's my favorite character, but he deserves to be in the top 10 and seeing him all the way down here makes me really sad.

43 Eren Kruger
44 Thomas Wagner
45 Moses

Lol are you taking the piss? - BrickBoots142

46 The Armored Titan

I love him, human or Titan. I hope we get to see more of him. There's still so much work that can be done with this character.

He's a titan that's strong but he's stupid

47 Hitch Dreyse Hitch Dreyse



Annoying bitch and no

I faking hate this bitch

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48 Marlo Freudenberg

Way better than Hitch the bitch

49 Zeke Yeager

His the beast titan, also a very strong warrior most likely better than Levi

Is considered by Reiner Braun to be the strongest out of all the warriors. - Jaronax

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