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1 Zuko Zuko Prince Zuko is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Zuko is a master firebender and his younger sister is Azula . He is the son of Prince Ozai and Princess Ursa .

Zuko is most likely one of the most well put together characters I've ever seen in any show in general. He has a very good backstory and is a very heroic person but seems very brutal and tough to try to hide it. He was never evil, even in book 1. He was just confused in life and vulnerable with no guidance and hiding it by acting stubborn and brash when on the inside he was crying for help. All he had left was his uncle Iroh and he was letting his outer personality get the best of him by making him constantly deny the love and compassion Iroh was attempting to give to him. Zuko was allowing his father's teaching of "respect" force a destiny upon him causing him to believe that he had to restore his honour when he had the answer right in front of him the whole time. He constantly let the judgment of his father get the best of him. He had to live with a broken, unhappy family with a father that treated him like a stranger and a sister that treated him like a ragdoll and a punching bag. ...more - epicGX1

In my opinion, Zuko isn't just the best character in Avatar, but one of the best on T.V. and certainly the best from a show meant for kids. He started as a seemingly heartless villain who wanted nothing more than to capture Aang, but after the first few episodes learn that he has been banished by his father for standing up for fire nation troops and he is doing the only thing he feels will earn back his father's respect. Zuko continues to pursue team Avatar for a while and is almost captured by his sister my the command of Ozai causing him and Iroh to go into hiding, where some of the most important details about Zuko's character revealed. Up to this point he begins to shift his orientation of a villain into more of an anti hero as he realizes the good of team Avatar's cause. Once the audience starts to warm up to Zuko, he is offered a chance to come back to the fire nation and ends up betraying his closest mentor his uncle Iroh. The next part of the series is what makes Zuko the ...more

Zuko would probably have to be the most dynamic character on the show. He faces poignant struggles that are both internal and external, and the strengths and wisdom he discovers through his struggles are significant to many people's lives- the importance of family, the meaning of honour and of leadership, and the ever-important struggle between doing what is right and what is wrong. The last probably being the greatest struggle Zuko faces, as he finds out that what he thinks is the right thing and what others (his father, his uncle, his friends (old and new)) consider to be the right thing is not always the same. Also, he's and entertaining character that is fun to watch throughout his development. On a personal note, I love his flashbacks and his relationship with Uncle Iroh is probably my favourite in the series.

One of them he is a leader

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2 Toph Toph Toph Beifong is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, voiced by Jessie Flower in the original series and Kate Higgins and Philece Sampler in the sequel series.

My absolute favorite character in T.V.. Period. Her design, her voice actor, her creativity, her personality, the fact that she practically invented an entire type if bending. She's just perfect. And unlike Katara ( who I still really like as a character) they made katara a bit too perfect to the point where it can get just a LITTLE bit annoying. Toph acts like a normal character who I wish got at least a LITTLE more focus. I mean goodness, they couldn't have replaced ONE of the many many katara episodes for toph? Really? But she is in my opinion, the best character in T.V.. history.

Toph is amazing in everyway yes she might get angry at times at katara but who cares if you look at them they really are good friends and friends fight that's just how it is. Also toph is so funny that even after seeing some of her jokes about 20times I still laugh out loud. So I better not catch anyone hating on toph!

Okay, who doesn't like Toph? Anybody? Nope everyone likes Toph. Toph is my favorite character because while she may seem a bit self absorbed she has a reason too. Her parents were incredibly overprotective and she never even was allowed to make a friend. Imagine this, your whole life you are blind and you were trapped in the house. Then you find a way to show off your abilities and gain confidence so you don't always get stuck with nothing to do. But no matter what your parents will not accept you for who you are. This is Tophs life and everyone ignores her backstory in favor of Zukos. It's so annoying! Toph went through a lot and everyone ignores that! By the way I don't hate Zuko I just think it's ridiculous the amount of attention he gets. Okay now onto Tophs personality, she is hilarious! All those jokes she does are funny and I laugh at them all the time. Another good thing is while she doesn't show it she does care about the gang. Also the mini crush she has on Sokka is great! ...more

Toph is like THE BEST! Like she is blind but was still able to pull herself together learn a way to see with her feet! And she’s totally chill when they make blind jokes. BEST CHARACTER EVER!

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3 Iroh Iroh

Uncle Iroh is someone who I actually would like to have as an Uncle. He's smart and wise, not too overbearing, forever loving and compassionate - even when the other doesn't express the same feelings, and he always knows what to do, whether to speak in puzzles that become revelations or just to make some tea (Even if it gives him a rash). He is such a role model to Zuko (also one of the best characters, both in my mind tied at first) and to be honest me. He leads by example even if he isn't leading, and can't take the throne. He can always keep his cool, even to his brother who stole the kingdom from him, the rightful heir. He finds the best in everyone, even a crook who tries to mug him (good luck on that bud) and turns mistake into a learning experience. Just for some people to know, Uncle Iroh never truely dies, as he goes into the spirit world and lives among the spirits which basically slows down his aging (to a halt? No one is sure, but he appears the same in an episode of ...more

Iroh is my favorite because he is absolutely the most wonderful, wise person I have ever seen. Even after having lost his son, being betrayed by Zuko and with so many awful things happening to him, he always keeps a smile on his face and a positive outlook. He is kind, happy to be able to help those around him, and knows how to enjoy life.

He isn't just wise because he can give great advice and such. What makes him most wise is his restraint and contentment with the simplest of the world's gifts. A normal person would have been resentful and angry just like Zuko if he had lived life on a high leg and suddenly had to become a mere commoner. But Iroh just keeps on a happy face and makes the best out of all the humiliation and bad times he's been through. He still finds it in him to be able to help others when nobody even thinks of helping HIM.

I simply adore him because of his inner strength and way of thinking about life. I've never thought about it much as a child, but ...more

I have always thought that Iroh was the best character, both for his sheer firebending skill, but also for his capacity to understand almost any situation and provide advice in a way that any of the other characters, aside from the constantly angsty Zuko, are glad to receive.

Iroh was likely one of the greatest firebenders during ALTA, possibly only matched by Azula and Ozai, and even then his knowledge and understanding of firebending were far superior.

In the end, he lived a man, and died a titan. His funeral (by the time of The Legend of Korra) would have been the greatest the Four Nations would have seen in centuries. Zuko would have spent anything the Fire Nation had to honor his uncle, and I have no doubt that all of the White Lotus and Team Avatar would have been there to lay him to rest.

You can judge a man by how he lives, and by how he dies. Iroh would have been the exemplar of both.

After his first line the the first episode of the series, a little alarm went off in my head saying "every moment on screen with this guy is going to be amazing".

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4 Aang Aang Avatar Aang is a fictional character and the protagonist of Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender, voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen. Aang is the last surviving Airbender, a monk of the Air Nomads' Southern Air Temple.

Aang is such a brave young boy, but everyone seems to think of him as an immature, stupid, and carefree little boy. Aang has gone through so much in his life, and yet he's strong enough to be optimistic. He can come across as immature, but he's a very daring, courageous, and compassionate boy inside. People only like him because he's the protagonist of the whole show, but you have to look deeper inside of him to fully appreciate his strong heart.

Aang is a beast. Pure and simple. he can beat anyone on this list (in all ways). I'll admit that Zuko's back story was more developed and full of interesting plots, but I think that Aang's pressurized past is just full of untapped potential. That being said, Aang is my SECOND most favorite character, in general, of all time (the first being Sonic the Hedgehog). - 18vgorur

Twinkle-Toes was not your stereotypical male hero. He embodied being gentle, humble, and kind. Traits that are not usually prioritized in the media to depict masculinity or male heroism. I just love how the world never brought him down to their level. He flew above it, free from revenge or anger. He was a peaceful spirit in a war torn time and he was exactly what the world needed. Aang showed the world that kindness is not weakness. I love him!


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5 Sokka Sokka Sokka is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel series The Legend of Korra.

Sokka is an underrated character. He was not jut comic relief but instead a very complex character with multiple personality traits and dynamic character development. Sokka always felt very real to me because he was not just there to be the eccentric inventor or the trigger for laughs. He was deeper and more complex than people gave him credit for. He desperately wants to be a great warrior like his father and his insecurities lead to his arrogance and sexism in the first season ( arrogance that get him into many comedic situations). He realizes throughout the show that he is an asset to the team due to his creativity and ingenuity. He is also very supportive of others and will always make people laugh. In the end he embraces his abilities and in his own way becomes his father's son. He is also very protective of other especially his sister. Another interesting part of his personality is his natural skepticism. He is the only one who does not trust Jet when they first meet him. I ...more

Sokka does not get the recognition he deserves - he keeps the group together, is the much needed comic relief, and him and his sister show an amazing sibling bond.

I think Sokka has a great personality. He's really brave and kind. He's smart and creative too! I like how he is funny and he doesn't get jealous of people who can bend. I think Sokka deserves a higher ranking.

He's funny and awesome

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6 Katara Katara

The creators of the show said that they consider Katara to be the deuterogamist of the series - the second most important character. In fact Aang's story is told through Katara; she's the narrator. So really, she should be higher than Toph - even though I actually adore Toph and think she should have been introduced earlier (she should be more than a plot device for zutarians! ) and higher than Iroh, who despite being amazing is kind of a secondary character. I have an unwavering loyalty to Katara because I idolised her as a child and loved her even when she was not the amazing bender she is in season two and three. Because even though Aang and Toph are liked because of their bending skills and power rather than personality, people like Katara (and admittedly Zuko and Sokka) because of their temperaments. She is extremely caring and protective as early in life she took on the role of her deceased mother. However this means she can be dangerous and reckless when the people she loves ...more

I don't understand how people can call Katara cardboard or boring because her personal growth throughout the series was apparent - from the naïve girl jealous of Aang's waterbending to someone powerful enough to defeat Azula and let her fury over her mother's death go. I know people tend to prefer Toph because she's a rebellious powerful tomboyish character, but even though I like Toph I love how they made Katara motherly, and unafraid to show her emotions, yet also incredibly powerful and feminist. These days strong female characters just have to balk at housework and other traditionally feminine tasks and be a masculine warrior, but you can be strong and a little feminine and Katara showed this to young girls. And, If it weren't for katara, would Aang have been found in the iceberg?

I love Katara! She's so good at bending, she can beat Zuko and Azula.

The most powerful (sans Avatar state) and caring character.

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7 Azula Azula Princess Azula is a fictional character and antagonist of Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

She was by far the most powerful fire bender there was. Agile, lightning, and also the only one who could bend blue fires (blue fire is supposed to be hotter than regular fire. ) Also she was a prodigy, but she was also very lonely/depressed. Her downfall was due to her being sad/depressed which made her crazy.

Azula was one of the best characters of the show! She was always one step ahead of our heroes! She was smart, powerful, cunning and pure evil. It was a joy watching her on screen every moment she was on!

Azula is not a character to be liked. However her descent into madness and general villainy was great for the show.

Azula is amazing she is my favorite cartoon villain - BreakFastBeast2005

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8 Appa

Who knew that a flying bison could be so badass

Keep your dragons, I want a flying bison.

Appa's Lost Days was a heartbreaking display of animal cruelty.

Lol how random. The flying bison who mostly just slept & took gaang places #9 but you got to love the loveable oaf

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9 Ty Lee Ty Lee

She's so cool! I always loved her sweet personality and she is very pretty. She can use chi blocking which is awesome! Vote for Ty Lee!

She I so pretty and hot. She can also use chi blocking and is very agile (even more agile than Azula )

I personally think that the chi blocking thing was a bit unfair. I hated it when she did that to poor benders.

Loved this character, one of my waifus. Apart fro goof personality, like her moves. - AdamBurt

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10 Momo

I love him, he's so funny. I'd prefer Momo over any new Disney Channel show (excluding Gravity Falls), new Nick show, and new Cartoon Network show any day.

Mai is more popular than Momo?

Hello, Lord Momo of Momo Dynasty, your Momoness.


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11 Mai

Mai is a total badass who gets so much hate because of stupid fangirls. Pointless arguments made: 1. She's useless, only created as a love interest. Well you know what? Without Mai, half of team Avatar would've taken a nice dip in the boiling lake. Get your facts straight. 2. She and Zuko don't go well together. Once again, she saved his sorry butt even after he dumped her, and she stood up to Azula, straight up saying that she loves him more than she fears her. 3. Her personality is drab and undeveloped. Someone clearly hasn't seen "The Beach". And she's got some funny lines, too. example: "Just take the bear." 4. She's not a good fighter. Mai has beaten firebenders, Kyoshi warriors, KATARA(in case you forgot), etc. Mai is awesome, my 2nd favorite female character on the show(yes, I like her more than Katara(though Katara is awesome); However, Toph will always be #1)

Because she appears so boring she's interesting

It's not right that people don't like her because she's with Zuko! DEAL WITH IT YOU STUPID FANGIRLS! I love Zuko and Mai!

I never understood the Mai hate. I've always liked her. Ty Lee is the one I don't like. - Anonymousxcxc

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12 Suki

Suki is so underrated. She's one of the most powerful fighters in the show, even without bending and she played a big part in the final battle.

Stop judging Suki on her relationship with Sokka! She is her own person and everyone should concentrate on how badass she is rather than her romantic issues.

I know Suki gets a lot of crap because everyone ships Sokka with Yue, or Toph, or Azula - even Ty Lee - but she's such a strong warrior and she was brilliant at the boiling rock.

Suki. Is. Wonderful. I. Love. Suki. She’s a nonbender that, in her first appearance, takes out the avatar, The best water bender in the world, and one of the smartest people, however sexist he may have been at the time, in the world of avatar, all while wearing a dress. That looks to be very heavy for that matter. AND she’s a better warrior than Sokka.

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13 Jet

I just think jets group being called the freedom fighters was just brilliant and I know it's a but off topic but doesn't every terrorist group think they are just that? Freedom fighters? And to see themes like this, nods to real life issues like this, and characters like Jet in a kids show just blows my mind...

Jet is a little different comparing to the other characters Team Avatar met. When they first met Jet he seemed like a great leader who want to help out those who suffered with the Fire Nation after his own experience with them. For the most part it's true but Sokka was the only character that knew Jet's plot for revenge making Katara mistrust him when he flood a whole village in an attempt to kill Fire Benders and innocent lives. Jet soon realizes his mistakes and wants to make amends and heads to Ba Sing Se. I think the most memorable moment of Jet is when he met up with Aang and the others again and was wiling to help them find Appa by leading them into the Dai Li base of Lake Laogai. Sadly this was the first and last good thing he did for anybody, he died after getting hit by Long Feng's Earthbending which left him fatally wounded. I guess anybody can agree that Jet deserve that second chance that's why I think Jet is one of the best characters that happened in the series. RIP Jet.

I…hate him so much. (In Dipper voice for Weirdmageddon 2 character Dippy Fresh. Dipper is the male protagonist in T.V. show Gravity Falls for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about).

I'm sorry but... I HATE JET.

14 Avatar Roku

I have this theory that Katara is the reincarnation of Avatar Roku's wife - Ta Min.

He's still awesome, even if he still believed in Sozin when he was at his jerkiest.

Almost every time roku appeared it was during an elic scene


15 Cabbage Merchant

'a surprisingly knowledgeable merchant of cabbage' cracked me up

"AHHH" MY CABBAGES! Best phrase ever. Every city, same old bad luck.

That guy should've been in the finale


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16 Haru

He was an okay character.

17 Bumi

Bumi is the bomb!

THROW THEM... a feast.

SEW cool he uz a mud genusus

Lettuce leaf? <crunch crunch crunch>

18 Piandao

He is so hot ugh daddy yes ugu so Kawaii

19 Yue

Come on kids, Yue did kind of sacrifice herself to become the moon spirit...

She's not my favourite but she doesn't deserve to be at the bottom.

I love Yue. She sacrificed herself for the moon spirit. Why is she at the bottom?

A strong character doesn't have to fight or try and get attention, Yue was a perfect ballence between, bravery and tenderness. She showed love to Sokka but at the same time did what was right for her people and the world. She should AT LEAST be in the top 10!

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20 Avatar Kyoshi

Avatar Kyoshi "Yeah, I killed Chen. What are you going to do about it, punks? "

To be honest she kind of creeps me out with her big feet.

21 Smellerbee
22 Koh the Face Stealer
23 Ursa

What happened to Ursa?

Ursa was one of my favourite characters on the show. Her unconditional love for Zuko was just beautiful. She even died to save him! I think she’s an underrated character. Plus she’s one of the prettiest characters on the show.

24 June

Am I the only one who remembers this character and hates her with a burning passion?

I love June. Wifey

25 Jin

Did anyone else but me totally ship her and Zuko?

I didn't know her name was Jin?! I LOVE HER! That would have been cute.

26 Bumju

Yes, bumju. My bro. Mwa hahaahaha he will help bumi be a mad genius like his namesake.


27 Badgermole
28 Teo
29 Long Feng
30 Korra (The Legend of Korra) Korra (The Legend of Korra) Avatar Korra is the title lead character in Nickelodeon's animated television series The Legend of Korra, in which she is depicted as the current incarnation of the Avatar, responsible for maintaining peace and balance in the world.
31 Varrick
32 King Bumi
33 Ozai Ozai Fire Lord Ozai is the main antagonist of Avatar: The Last Airbender. He is the supreme antagonist of the series due to being in control of the Fire Nation and being the father of Zuko and Azula. He is also Aang's arch-nemesis.

What? Ozai doesn't rock he sucks. How is he higher than Bumi. Put him at second to last, right in front of Jet (who should really be last).

Ozai's too low on the list. He's the main villain so he should be in the top 15. - girlcool

Ozai is cool he is the most powerful guy though defeated by a young boy.he is too powerful. Ozai rocks

Evil jerk. - PeeledBanana

34 Zhao

Fire drove him to madness and evil, but he seemed like a competent commander. Introduced the essence of the fire nation early on into the story


HATE THIS JERK! - 445956

35 Combustion Man

Combustion man makes the show into what it is. He is by far the most intriguing character in the series. And let's face it, without him the show would not have had all the success its haf

Combustion Man alias Sparky Sparky Boom Man

Correction, put him in 3rd to last.

*Sparky Sparky Boom Man - Maplestrip

36 Hakoda
37 Kanna
38 Kya
39 The Boulder

He should be fifth to last or something. Jet should be in last, Ozai in second to last, Zhao in third to last, and that Aunt Woo enthusiast dude from The Fortuneteller episode in fourth to last. - Anonymousxcxc

Please put him in third to last, smack dab in front of Ozai who deserves to be low in terribleness.

"The Boulder does not deserve to be this low on your petty list."
-- The Boulder, probably

Best in the seires SWOLDIER BOULDER WILL Destroy YOU!

40 Longshot
41 Song
42 Meng
43 Jeong Jeong
44 Jee
45 Bato
46 Li
47 Chen
48 Koko
49 Pakku

Why is he at the bottom, let him and Jet trade places, if not Ozai or Azula.

50 Sozin
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