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21 Wendy O. Koopa's Fandom (Super Mario)

They're more annoying than the haters. At least the haters are awesome

Wendy is too ugly to be a koopaling

WendyIsQueen...Enough Said - ToadF1

22 Toad's Hatedoms (Super Mario Bros.)

"Thank you Mario, But our Princess is in Another Castle" UGH! HE'S SO ANNOYING! "

It was Years ago and it is about a Game that didn't Feature him - ToadF1

23 Karel's Hatedom (Fire Emblem)

Very true, sadly. They also mistaken Karel as a villain when he's not, and is no more than an anti-hero at least. Yeah, the haters are such butts, I really wish they would just let go, already.

People do hate him and compare other crossover characters like Sephiroth. - ParkerFang

I like him and his family too (Fir, Bartre, Karla). I like his development from fe7/6 he grows from warrior mentality but realizes that family is important so he changes a lot. He's pretty well developed considering he's a minor character. - SweetBasil

24 Blaze's Fanbase (Sonic)

Hey, Blaze the Cat is much better than most female Sonic characters like pre-boom Amy Rose, Sara, Sonia the Hedgehog, Princess Elise III, Cream the Rabbit, Lara-Su, Vanilla the Rabbit, Chris Thorndyke, Modern Sally Acorn and many other overrated Mary-Sues. Yeah, I said it, as volatile as other Blaze fans can stay.

25 Princess Elise's Hatedom (Sonic 2006)

Excuse me?! Please replace that with "Princess Elise III's Fandom (Sonic 2006)". Princess Elise III is hated for good reasons such as she refuses to be capable, she has a male teenage animal as her boyfriend and she demands people to constantly rescue her. Princess Elise III is why I hate Sonic Next-Gen in a nutshell (yes, Gligar13Vids said that and did an agreeable review of Sonic '06 for his low standards despite the sexist Nintendrones/Sonic '06 fanboys that are even more pissed at Gligar13Vids than ever because he does not love Sonic Next-Gen) besides the LJN-esque loading times. The only complaint missing from Angry Video Game Nerd's much-needed review of Sonic Next-Gen (yes, he reviews modern games now) is Princess Elise III. Knuckles haters, Rosalina haters, old-school Mario haters and Classic Era Sonic haters are so much worse and genuinely insufferable. If Sonic Next-Gen REALLY turned out to be fake (espeiclally Princess Eise III), we would be eternally grateful.

26 Kadaj's Fandom (Final Fantasy)

Put this number one - yunafreya648

Well his fangirls are toxic...very toxic. - ParkerFang

27 Candy Kong's Hatedom (Donkey Kong)

That Slut deserves Hate - ToadF1

28 Karel's Fandom (Fire Emblem)
29 Tails Fandom (Sonic)
30 Krystal's Fanbase (Star Fox Command)
31 Rouge's Fandom (Sonic)

They're a bunch of sick pigs. Enough said.

I still cannot believe that Shadow and Rouge are on opposing sides in Sonic Forces. I hope Rouge doesn't marry Knuckles in a future game.

32 Big's Hatedom (Sonic)

Big sucks - ToadF1

33 Tingle's Hatedom (Legend of Zelda)
34 Slippy Toad's Hatedom (Star Fox)
35 Krystal's Hatedom (Star Fox Assault)
36 Miles Tails Prower's Hatedom (Sonic)
37 Peach's Fanbase (Super Mario)


38 Harken's Fandom (Fire Emblem)

They are so rude and hate on Karel for no good reason. Harken wasn't perfect either; He was suicidal and left his fiancee behind without reason. That is not how you would treat yourself or someone to be honest. Better than Karel? My butt. At least Karel experienced good development.

Heck, Karel is not a bad guy, and did not kill because he wanted to; He was only battle crazed and possessed by his own blade.

If you could recruit both Harken and Karel at the same time and not just one of them, then this character war would never have happened.

People can like Harken over Karel. You can't really change people's opinions - yunafreya648

39 Cloud Strife's Hatedom (Final Fantasy)
40 Birdo’s Fanbase (Super Mario Bros 2)

How is it Bad? - ToadF1

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