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1 Wilson

I own a Wilson A2000 and it is hands down the best glove I ever have and I plan on keeping this glove all the way through high school. I play second base and it is very durable and it's Pro Stock leather lets the glove mold to your hand. Best glove out there.

I have an a2k and it's the best glove in the world. I used to have a heart of the hide by rawlings, but the a2k is much better. The leather is top quality and I love the colors and the feel. The only thing I don't like about it is that the laces are a little frail otherwise it's the greatest glove. Wilson continues to be the best!

I have had 2 Mizuno glove and a Rawlings Sandler outfielder glove. After I had my second Mizuno glove break mid season on me I stopwd getting their gloves. As I am in middle school I don't want to have to spend 200 plus on a baseball glove, and I don't plan to play that much in high school. I bought a Wilson a800 optima for $89. The Optima broke in within a week of which each day apon returning from school I played catch with it and pounded it with a ball. UT broke in so quick that I was worried the leather would not hold up for that long. The pocket was really shalom at first and hard to catch with but in a few days after it broke in the pocked became deeper, still shallow enough to transfer well with but deep enough to catch the ball in. The glove held up for the rest of the season and for many nights playing catch with friends. The glove has shown no signs and wear after 3/4 of a season, which was no surprise due to the high quality leather it was made of.

They are the best of the best.

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2 Rawlings

At this level of quality, Rawlings and Wilson are neck and neck. I personally prefer the heart of the hide but Wilson has many great colors and specs, too. The way to break in a glove is to play catch. Put a fair amount (more than usual) of lanolin based glove conditioner on when you first get your new glove and throw into it with a weighted ball. At night, put a little bit more in and put a softball in it and wrap it around with a belt repeat this but without the glove conditioner after a couple of days. For some reason, Wilson really pushes for the hot water method, which is a better way to speed up the process, but still the water messes up your leather. Only do the hot water method if you're willing to get a new glove every year. Never put your glove in the microwave nor steam it. If you really insist, then out on a protectant so your glove won't totally die, but the heat in these two methods KILLS your glove. I also don't recommend using non lanolin based oil or conditioner. Like ...more

I own a pro preferred and an a2000. In my opinion these are two of the best gloves you can buy. Many of my friends told my that the a2000 was some what soft and wouldn't last as long as my pro preferred. So I did some reading and found out that the mass produced a2000 are all broke in prior to sale. So I ended up getting a custom one and added the pro stiff leather. Now when some people say they broke their glove in, in under two weeks that tells me that it will be a pancake in a year. Also if you have a child that you are looking to buy a ball glove for I would rec-amend one of the gold gloves made buy rawlings or a heart of the hide.

High Quality Leather, the price lasts for years. Certainly a tremendous glove for any baseball player. "The Finest in the Field. "

I've been using rawlings heart of the hide in the outfield for 4 seasons now and all I can say is once that ball is in your glove its not popping out. Highly recommend

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3 Nokona

Nokona is a fantastic glove company. All of their products are made in the USA, and they are very innovative with different types of leather. Great gloves that break in easily, last forever, and perform better than anything else I've owned. Nokona is the best player in the baseball glove brand game.

I've had many gloves like wilson, nike, and rawlings. but nokona has been the best yet. very durable, great preformance and a classy look. hard to break in but thats the point because it forms to your hand for better preformance

Nokona last for ever and they will always work, they feel just perfect in your hands

I couldn't tell ya. They're just better. Perhaps cause they're hand crafted in the great state of Texas

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4 Mizuno

I have used a Mizuno MT880 outfielders glove (primarily for baseball and some softball)for over 25 years. Truly a "Great" glove with a large pocket, depth and feel. Fingers have remained sturdy with two minor tears on tips which have occurred over years of heavy use. Does not have much palm padding which is not necessary for outfielders and somewhat reduces weight.

Recently purchased a Mizuno Pro GMP70 12 3/4" with "Ichiro web design which has a nice feature where the top of the pocket collapses inward when a ball is caught along the inside of the thumb and web. It is also lightweight with somewhat of a pro flare design and a large pocket. The glove is somewhat tight fitting at first but has adjusted to accommodate my hand after 3 weeks of heavy break (playing ball no oils)

Rawling's Heart of the Hide and Louisville Slugger TPX Pro Flare and Omaha Pro gloves should also be ranked very high for quality and value.

Never used a mizuno. Next glove will be a Global Elite GGE10. Used a tpx since 8 (now 12) but I will definitely use a mizuno next glove. Not into Rawlings or Wilson, definitely not Nokona. Akadema is alright as well.
#1 Mizuno. #6 Nike
#2 TPX. #7 Easton
#3 Akadema. #8 Nokona
#4 Wilson. #9 Vinci
#5 Rawlings. #10 SSK

I own a Mizuno Global Elite and it is the best and most comfortable glove on this planet! Ever since I started using my mizuno global elite all the other gloves I've worn have felt so uncomfortable. With my global elite I've felt so confident about myself in the field and I've rarely made any mistakes. I'm never ever gonna buy another glove from another brand ever again.

very good

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5 44 Pro

The customization is great, the leather is A2000 quality for half the price.

Its so cool 44 pros are amazing with their low prices on gloves you customize to a full extent! The leather is great and smells so fresh!

I found out about 44 pro gloves on twitter, so my buddy and I got one, we are both college players and we love the quality of these gloves. I was skeptical because of the cheap price, but these are not cheap made gloves at all.

44 pro gave me so many customizing options and it is the best glove I've ever owned.

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6 Loisville Slugger

I have the Omaha Pro series 11.75 and it is one of the most comfortable gloves I have ever used. and for an even better price! Gets the job done and very easy to break in. Did it in 2 days

I have the Omaha Pro series 11.50 and I love it. I have had it for five years and it is amazing. It is broken in perfectly and it is a very strong glove. It has never been relaced or have any other problems with it. Anyone looking for a strong comfortable glove need a Louisville Slugger glove.

Best Glove! 10x better then Mizuno and Nokona! Rawlings is probably the best glove you can buy but 2nd is Flare by Louisville Slugger. These 2 brands take baseball to a whole new level!

I have an Louisville Slugger Omaha Pro series 12.75, it's fit in my hand's and some of my friend's hand. I'm sure this is the best glove I've ever used

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7 Akadema

Rawlings and Wilson are traditionally and by far the best, but if any other brand were to challenge them for quality and craftsmanship right now, it would have to be Akadema! Akadema is quickly making a name for itself and is a very high performing brand of baseball glove. By purchasing an Akadema glove you are preparing yourself not to be disapointed.

Of course Wilson is amazing. Sure Rawlings is great. But you are going to pay for every bit of those adjectives. Akademayou don't get what you pay for, you get more. My son has one, my daughter has one, and they are outstanding in almost every regard. How in the world Nike made it higher than Akadema is CRAZY talk. Mizuno has a number of glove patterns out there that don't promote good beak points. I would go so far as to rate Akadema over Mizuno as well.

This list is a product of poor research. All Star, Diamond, Worth and Nike? Akadema is noted by professional, collegiate and HS players as best glove in the industry. If you want a $39 glove then the gloves mentioned above will do well for you. Akadema also only company manufacturing gloves (Patriot Series) in the USA. - ballgloves

Good solid all around glove

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8 Nike

All these posts were clearly posted prior to the release of the new Swingman series from Nike. Its Ken Griffey Jr's new line. Its an exceptional glove. Incredibly comfortable and made from very high quality leather. It looks badass, too.

I love my 12 inch Nike Diamond Elite Edge glove. Came basically already broke in and three years later it is just as great as the day I got it. Plus it looks great.

I have a Nike sha/do outfielders glove looks amazing feels great nice pocket the ball just sticks in there great glove

I have owned a nike outfield glove for a while now and its still looking clean and its still very comfy!

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9 Easton

Easton 1200 baseball glove is light weight and very comfortable to wear. My son has the Easton Titan 1100 youth glove which is also very light weight and comfortable. Leather is soft so breaking the glove in its pretty much ready to use if you ask me. Kmart for 20.00 the price is right for me very happy with Easton. We use the glove for throwing to each other couple times a week. Had a hard time chosing which Easton to buy all very nice gloves. Some gloves sting when you catch a ball not Easton the leather is thicker on the fingers which is outstanding. Have fun!

I have an easton catchers mitt and it's the best glove I've ever had very comfortable built in outside finger hole to reduce the sting ver nice it should be #1 on the list

comfortable to use plus I dig the design on my easton impact 1200

Easton is best for money...

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10 All-Star

This glove brandis top 6 at least. Their catchers mitts are outstanding and last for forever. I, having had one for years, still love to throw with it. It sounds great when you catch the ball, and when you form it, it stays formed. Takes a while to break in, but when you do, it's totally worth it.

Allstar gloves are 10 out of 10. I bought a catchers glove and 1st base also 3 outfeild
Love these epic gloves buy if you see them

This company mainly focuses on catchers equipment so if you field you'll likely want a Rawlings, Wilson, etc. but if you play catcher the only glove you'd want is a heart of the hide or an all star cm3000. The cm3000 is the best catchers mitt in the world but it is a $100 more than a heart of the hide catchers.

Extremely high quality leather for half the price of a Wilson A2k or Rawlings Pro-preffered. You cannot go wrong with one of these gloves

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11 Vinci

Great customer service, some the most comfortable leather on the market, expert craftsmanship, and attention to ever changing consumer wants is what sets this company apart. They provide beautiful gloves at an affordable price and spare nothing to make it one the most comfortable gloves you will ever wear. If you are on the fence, don't be. The 22 series is great for the cost conscious buyer, but for the extra dough, the kip leather gloves are phenomenal. You will not want to go anywhere else.

Vinci gloves are second to none. I own 5 of them and after my friends saw mine most of them have ordered a couple for themselves. They don't skimp on materials and they stand behind their products. There are MLB players using and wearing Vinci gloves and they don't get compensated to do so. They wear them because they are simply the best glove out there! So while Rawlings, Wilson and L.S. pay players or give them free gear just to wear their gloves, the players who don't sell their soul to the highest bidder go with Vinci and the best product available.

Great gloves, top quality Kip leather and excellent customer service. Vinci's give you the confidence that you will "make the play". This was my first experience with an "expensive" glove, and I've got 2 Vinci's now after years of using Rawlings and DeMarini gloves. I won't buy anything else.

Great gloves!

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12 SSK

Ssk is the best I have a 20 year old ssk mit and I could still use it for the rest of my life if I wanted to.

I love my SSK. I used a Wilson A2K through high school before switching to SSK and I'll be sticking with SSK. It feels softer, more flexible, more comfortable and has lasted just as long and still going strong.

The Best brand for me in Baseball and Softball.

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13 Spalding

I can't speak highly enough about Spalding pro select gloves. Full grain kip leather that's stiff and hard when new but breaks in soft and supple. I've always been a Rawlings guy but these pro select gloves are easily a match for my hoh. I've purchased two in the last month, an 11.25 and an 11.75. If you're looking for a less expensive top of the line, pro quality glove, I highly recommend giving Spalding a try.

Spalding offers a range of baseball gloves that cater to any player, professional or recreational. They also offer products for youth team sports in their Rookie Gear line. They were the first original glove of the major leagues as well.

I think spalding should be up there on the list.

14 Boombah

I like boombah because they have nice gloves

I've had a boombah for 3yrs now and just got a new Rawlings gamer the gamer I immediately hated and sent it back and am using my boombah. Boombah is a great glove for its price and I highly recommend it

15 Worth
16 Marucci

I have always used pro preferred gloves, or A200's but I bought a Mizuno first base mitt after my pro preferred mitt had balls go through it after the webbing would get loose (which was tightened many times until one of the laces broke). And the Marucci is by far a higher quality glove even though I purchased it because of the web design.

I bought one of these gloves at perfect game in Atlanta and it is by far one of the highest quality, underrated gloves. I have owned everything from A2K's to Heart of the Hides but this glove is the easily the best and most durable I have ever owned

Awesome gloves deserves to be higher in the list

Great glove that gets overlooked way too easily

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17 Kelley

Kelley Gloves are AWESOME!
Great fit for any age player from age 7 to 70. Over 200 different gloves to choose from just check them out at arlington. or go into any of the Kelley retail stores. - justauser

Great leather, great construction, great feel. Awesome glove!

Great Gloves! Very durable good construction!

Picking one up today I shall let y'all know

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18 Diamond

Great glove... It has really taken a beating. I don't think you can buy them any longer. What a terrible shame.

19 Franklin

Best infielder/Pitchers gloves Period.

Franklin gloves are garbage. Batting gloves are good though

I want glove in india

20 Insignia

Great quality glove with great patterns and different colors. Also the glove is made in completely in the U.S! They list exactly where each component of the glove comes from. You can also order a custom glove and receive it 10 days.

Awesome glove that is very durable. Use for infield, outfield, and pitcher. I love this mitt. Very cool designs. Best glove to buy. The buffalo hide is very nice.

Awesome glove that is very durable and last a long time. Very cool designs! The buffalo hide is amazing. I recommended this glove for everybody. Great mitt.

I own a lot of gloves, these gloves are as nice as any a2k or pro preferred, the outfield 12.75 allout series is insane, it is a absolute tank. The 12 inch dyersville modle with its heavy oil leather and canvas back is also very sweet and can be had for 150 bucks. My sons 11.5 caliente infield model is super thick and soft. I also feel the inside of the insignias is the best material out there, it is a moister wicking almost rubber type material for the palm that seems to stay intact and is very comfortable and keeps glove put. This glove company should be top 5 right there with the big 3 and nokona. I believe insignia used to make nokona gloves and then branched out on here own.

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