Top Ten Best Bold Predictions for the 2018-19 NBA Season

With the season a few days away let's look at some bold predictions. It can range from awards to playoffs to draft odds. It can feature any player or any team. Feel free to add anything that goes out on a limb regarding this season.
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The Top Ten
1 Lebron James Wins MVP

LeBron is a amazing player and we can all agree he is the best player in the game and debatable the best ever. We can also all agree he should win it every year, but a thing has arisen called voter fatigue. People are tired of voting for James. I feel like this year will be one of his best years. With LeBron in Los Angeles and learning a new system with a bunch of young guys he has the ability to win it. If he even gets his team to about the 5th seed then it should be automatic.

2 Rockets Win the Championship

I think people are underating the Rockets. This team is the best offense in the league and one of the best defense. Led by James Harden they could easily win it. Their only adjustment they need to make is get more defenders to replace Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah A Moute, but they should able to do that easy. Really how good are the Warriors. Just because they added more offense in Demarcus doesn't mean their better. They are already one of the best offensive teams in the league. Demarcus actually makes them worse on defense and are we even sure he will be himself when he comes back from injury.

3 The Portland Trailblazers Blow It Up

The Trailblazers are in a awkward position. Some people don't think they have what it takes to make the playoffs in a tough Western Conference (I agree). And if they can't make the playoffs what is the point in having Dame and CJ. Trade them start over.

4 Collin Sexton Will Win ROY

I think Sexton will win Rookie of the Year. Sexton is one of the fastest players I have ever seen and he seems able to control it. The one thing people had against Sexton was his ability to control his speed and his shooting and we have already seen him shoot the 3rd best percentage in the league from 3, with a minimum of 4 shots taken a game in the preseason.

5 The New York Knicks Will Be the Worst Team in the League

With Porzingis out for the season, I just don't know how they can recover. Unless Fizdale is like the best coach in the NBA and somehow gets this team in the playoffs. I can see a worst in the league happening. #ItsaHardKnoxLife

6 The Nets Will Make the Playoffs

This would be a miracle. If my boy DeAngelo Russell progresses in MVP status we could see the once thought to be impossible, possible. But to be honest the likelihood of that is very low.

They did but suffered a first round exit.

7 The Washington Wizards Blow It Up

Like the Trailblazers the Wizards are on the same path. It will all depend on the Dwight Howard experiment. It's all the sassy attitudes and cockiness in that locker room will damage this team or help this team.

8 A New Expansion Team Will Be Planned

We have been waiting on a new expansion team for forever. They may just plan it for the year the new CBA comes out. It all lines up.

I don't know if this will happen so soon, but I hope it does.

Hopefully if it happens it's put in Kansas City.

9 The Bucks Will Surprise People

The Bucks have a better coach and Giannis looks a thousand times better. It is time to take the next step for the Bucks.

Well they are definitely a team to keep your eyes on. #FeartheDeer

10 Dallas Mavericks Eliminates Los Angeles Lakers in the Playoffs

Neither made it to the playoffs.

The Contenders
11 Raptors make it to NBA Finals
12 The 76ers are Better Than People Think

The 76ers are a consensus 3 seed. But I just have the feeling they can get to the 2 or the 1 seed.

They have the potential

13 The Warriors Will Win the Championship