Top Ten Reasons James Harden Trade was Bad

On January 13th a four team trade was processed between the Nets, Rockets, Pacers, and Cavs. A lot of people have praised all four teams in this trade, but I honestly have to disagree. This trade is not good and I'll explain why for each team.
The Top Ten
1 The Rockets Gave Up James Harden

I think we need to understand the magnitude of this trade. The Rockets just gave up their franchise player, an MVP, a franchise-changing talent. And they flip him just like that. You still had a chance for a championship. This is, in my opinion, lazy GMing by the Rockets. If Harden has issues with the franchise, talk to him! The best way to approach this would have been to bring in more role players and get John Wall going.

Instead, the Rockets refused. They got Oladipo, who is very injury-prone, to go with Wall, who is also very injury-prone, to go with Cousins, who is also very injury-prone. Sure, they got a lot of draft picks, but they have to nail those draft picks. They're not just going to be handed good players.

2 There is Only One Ball in Brooklyn

There is only one ball. You have three ball-dominant players. Kyrie Irving and James Harden are most definitely ball-dominant. Kevin Durant is very good off-ball, but to fully maximize Durant, he needs to be off-ball. There will definitely have to be sacrifices. I know Kyrie and Durant will sacrifice touches, but I don't know about Harden.

3 The Cavs Have an Overload at Center

Think about how many big men the Cavs already have: Andre Drummond, JaVale McGee, Larry Nance Jr., and Kevin Love. Now add in Jarrett Allen. I believe Jarrett Allen is better than all those guys, but now you have an overload.

4 The Pacers Downgraded

The Pacers basically traded Oladipo for someone who could eventually reach Oladipo's skill level someday. They didn't do anything too bad, and I like the LeVert and Brogdon combo, but it doesn't make a big impact.

5 Brooklyn Gave Up a Lot of Their Depth

Brooklyn gave up two huge role players in this trade. They lost both Caris LeVert and Jarrett Allen. Both were very good defensively, and LeVert had 6th Man of the Year potential. Their bench is pretty depleted now.

6 It Send the Rockets Into a Rebuild

It brings a team that almost went to the finals three years ago and lost to the championship team last year in the playoffs. That is great, not bad. That is when you press even harder.

7 It Erases Parity

With a new big three in the East, they will have little to no competition. Maybe the Sixers, Bucks, and possibly the Celtics. Otherwise, they will go to the Finals. It's not as bad as the Warriors, but it's pretty bad.

8 The Pacers Got Nothing

With Caris LeVert getting his diagnosis, he will probably be out for a long while. They got Taurean, who is a rotation player at this point, and two second-round picks. Is that worth Oladipo?

9 The Nets Have No Defense

You have three bad defenders in the starting lineup, arguably the worst defenders in the league with Kyrie, James Harden, and Joe Harris.

10 It Sets a Precedent

Is this truly what we want to see in the NBA? Just a bunch of super teams? I want to see league-wide competition. I want to see teams going at it and stars trying to lead their teams to championships. This is sad.

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