Top 10 Worst Feelings in Basketball

Basketball is a fun game but sometimes things happen that are embarrassing. If you have played basketball before chances are you have unfortunately experienced at least one of these things before.
The Top Ten
1 Getting crossed over

There's nothing worse than playing defense when all of a sudden your opponent crosses you over and "breaks ankles" as you fall helpless onto your butt, meanwhile your opponent zooms on by scoring an easy layup. This is the epitome of embarrassment, and at that point, you might as well just stop playing basketball.

It's funny to see someone fall after getting crossed, but it makes you feel dumb in the moment.

I've been crossed up once in my life. Me and him still laugh about it to this day.

2 Missing a fast break dunk

You just got a steal and nobody's behind you. You race up the court and try to dunk it and flex your muscles. Instead, you turn it into an embarrassment. This is what happens when you decide to get too cocky instead of just getting the basket.

3 Missing a wide open layup

Layups are easy. Now sure, you might not get an open look, so if you miss, it's at least understandable. But if there's nobody else around and you miss, you might as well just sit on the bench for the rest of the game.

I'm not major into basketball, but when I play, if I miss one, I just kind of stand there and be disappointed in myself.

4 Airballing a free throw

Earning a trip to the free throw line isn't easy, and airballing is not only a wasted opportunity, but you also have to deal with the chants of AIR BALL, AIR BALL! for an eternity.

5 Missing the front end of a 1 and 1

Free throws are important, and when you have a 1 and 1, this is especially true. You had a tough shot, but the referee's whistle gives you a consolation prize in a trip to the line. Missing that first 1 and 1 is like a missed opportunity.

6 Getting dunked on

Yeah, it's not fun at all when you just look up and see your opponent hanging on the rim as they slam dunk on you.

7 Getting called for a charge

It feels good to drive the lane and score on your opponent, knocking them over until you hear the ref's whistle with a hand pointed in the opposite direction. It sucks getting a charge, but if you are knocked down and take a charge, that's a different story.

8 Going up to the rim and getting blocked

You have the ball and you want to go up to the rim and score, only for an opponent to meet you and deny your shot. Sending you back down with no points. The only thing you can hope for is a referee's whistle for a foul instead.

Yeah, especially when I was shorter. Now I'm a lot taller and I don't get blocked as much.

9 Throwing a pass that goes out of bounds

I'm a small forward, and it's annoying when I steal or rebound the ball, (Miss a Layup), and I pass to the Point Guard and miss the pass. One time, I bounce-passed to a Point Guard, and the other team stole the ball and ran to the hoop. I was already back though, so he had to try and lay up. Luckily, he missed.

Usually, it's a miscommunication between teammates, but it's always embarrassing when someone throws a ball out of bounds when there's nobody there. That's just a bad turnover.

Being the Point Guard 90% of the time, I'm the one that gets in trouble.

10 Going over and back

You dribble over half court and suddenly find yourself trapped in the corner with no place to go. Trying to make some space, you step over the line and turn it over.

The Contenders
11 Missing the winning shot
12 Losing the game

When you think about it, this probably does have the worst effect on you.

13 Being in the bench forever
14 Getting in foul trouble
15 Being fouled out of the whole game
16 Teammates calling for the ball once you get it
17 Accidentally knocking off your opponent's glasses
18 Losing by a point
19 Losing in trash talk
20 Bricking so hard that it goes to the street and you have to go get it
21 Getting hit by the ball
22 Ball going in and out of the rim
23 Scoring on the wrong basket
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