Top Ten Battle Rappers of All Time

Battle Rap has been an integral part of Hip Hop since the culture’s early years. It has gone through various eras. From call-and-response chants to school cyphers, the Battle Rap scene was always present.In recent years, the popularity of Battle Rap has grown making it more intricate and polished than ever. Add to that the marketability and profitable nature of today’s Battle Rap scene, and you have a subculture within Hip Hop that is growing and gaining significant momentum throughout the world, with leagues popping up in England, Australia and the Philippines, just to name a few.

The Top Ten

1 Eminem Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is an American rapper, actor and music producer born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Eminem has sold over 300 million records making him the bestselling hip-hop artist of all time. In addition to his solo career, he is a member of D12 and (with Royce more.


I'm a 61 black male, I listen to all kinds of music, rap included. There 3 components in rapping. Articulation, Speed and the most important CREATIVITY. Em is excellent in all 3 but his creativity is like no other. The creation of his Alter Ego Slim Shady is genius. Then to solidify his Genius, he raps about the issues he went through while growing up. Now, that in itself is TOTAL GENIUS. Some may not like his style of rap, its fine. I just want to point out the Superior Talent Em possesses.

I don't care who you are. Eminem will ruin your career. Period. "Nail In The Coffin" was the best diss track of all time. If you mess with this man, your career is over. There will never be another battle rapper like Eminem, and there will never be another Eminem.

Is this even a question? Em can murder anyone and that's not just my opinion but that's what a lot of battle rappers and mainstream rappers themselves think. This guy's a wordsmith. U just gotta hear some of his freestyles to know that.

Are you kidding me a diamond artist who got his start battling and had many beefs in the game isn't number 1?

2 Charlie Clips

Charlie Clips, who is arguably undefeated and definitely one of the best battle rappers presently active in the sport. Both Norbes and Hynaken cosigned Charlie heavy, and Norbes even went so far as to admit that he believes Charlie would beat Eminem if they ever battled one another.

Used to have the best show stopping battle lyrics of all time. Even though he's down a bit he can still bring the heat. The man is a lyrical genius even with the simple schemes.

Even without consistency rapper from each tier struggle with him and he has beaten some of the best

No one does it like he does... All of his battles are thought out, clear and intelligent.

3 Dizaster

He continues to get better every battle, if u look back on every year till now, there is really quite nothing like him in the whole battle-rap timeline. GOAT.

I put Dizaster first and especially above Eminem, cause Diz is on the battlefield more than Em has ever been. Dizaster knocked out dudes from a very high caliber who eminem could not even compete to. It's easy for the Marshall fans to think or say Em is number one, which I don't believe untill a face to face battle inbetween Diz and Em has taken place, which will never happen, cause if eminem loses, people will look at him differently, and he'll lose some credits, and he'll never be the same Stan as before and his confidence in better rhymin will reduce to a minimum, just the same way Diz beat Canibus, who has always been an good technical rhymer. Diz destroyed a legend there. At the time a lot of people out there wanted to rhyme like Can. "First see then believe" I always say Dizaster would use em's style against him and turn him to a stargazing midget, or come with so many nice or aggrassive punchlines that eminem would even feel the pain in the past of it. Period.

Diz literally made Canibus bust out a notepad to finish off that battle! I personally am an underground emcee and battled a lot a decade ago and to get someone with the Caliber as a once known greatest battle lyricist to completely go against all battle ethics and pull out a notepad and literally read garbage rhymes is truly nasty... PERIOD!

Dizaster is way to advanced his not your typical gun bar one dimensional rapper, his on a different level always had his own style


For anyone who actually watches battle rap Loaded lux has to come first. The legend is basically a statue in the culture and every battle rapper would consider himself a top tier as soon as having the chance of rapping with him. Let alone his lyrical ability which is considered unmatched by most of the battle rap community

This is a list of battle rappers, correct? Anyone who knows anything about the battle rap culture will put Loaded Lux at number 1. He beat Charlie Clips, who is at number 2 on this list. I'll save y'all some time.
1 - Loaded Lux
2 - Hollow Da Don
3 - Aye Verb
4 - Brizz Rawsteen
5 - T Top
6 - Charlie Clips
7 - Nu Jerzey Twork
8 - Daylyt
9 - Tsu Surf
10 - Tay Roc
All of the above would destroy Eminem in a 3 round a capella battle. Eminem is an amazing artist, but battle rap is different than the record industry.

Loaded Lux is the best Battle rapper so far - the number of battles he's done and the ability to perform both with grit and wit qualifies him easily to the top of this list.

Beloved has been one of the most influential and lyrical battle rapppeds. He started a battle league which discovered guys like Charlie Clips. He is also the most feared lyrically

5 Hitman Holla

Best performer in battle rap. I believe he is the hardest to beat with his crowd control and the power of his performance and his character.

He's the most hated on, most anticipated, and he travel and battle out of state the most

Hitman Holla's energy is the best thing God can ever give a person

Greatest crowd control his energy is different legend

6 Arsonal

One of the greatest. Arsonal is a legend who had been a legend that is not easy to face. Mr. Disrespect had put too much great battles that he has to be considered a Top 10 if not Top 5

This man is nasty and is known to be very disrespectful to his opponents! I love it

The best to control a crowed and rap best period

He's really good I enjoy all his battles

7 Hollow Da Don

The Goat conversation is between Loaded lux and hollow. For any real fans of the culture, Hollow is the smartest battle rapper with the most creative approaches on the stage

Most well-rounded battler. His freestyles are dope, writtens are dope, gun bars, jokes, delivery, presence, performance, etc. He knows how to control the crowd. Definitely the best battler

Best rebuttals/freestyler best angles top 5 lyrically #1 in my opinion

Most versatile, he edged battles against top names.

8 Conceited

Conceited is the best rapper of all time because he is always bringing new things to the stage and he can rap against anyone and he don't care what you said because he comes back ten times harder then what you said.

I have never seen anyone out-rap this man, aside from Charlie Clips. Every word connects to a much deeper punchline later.

This dude right here...lyrical genius! When he get the blasting on site, he lets you know why he was donned the name “Conceited”! Everyone thinks he spit fire on Nick Cannon show. But try type his name in the YouTube Search bar...better yet, Google him.

Ultra clever pen game, great personality when rapping


Just having bars and being able to freestyle and come up with new creative material after battling 100+ time is insane. DNA has put too much in this culture for not to be Top 10

One of the best freestylers on the planet

Best freestyle battle rapper period!

DNA has those effective punch lines

10 Rone

Rone should be at the top of this list. I’m a huge em fan. However, his style as a battle rapper and ability to change it up is better than anyone. Hell dumb and Diz have been ducking this dude for years

My man Rone is top 3 EASY. Rone & Soul Kahn - untouchable Tag team.

Funny, skilful and versatile

Rone should be top 3

The Contenders

11 Pat Stay

Been in the game since the beginning of Canadian battle rap. Can control the crowd better than anyone. Can mix jokes and bars to clown his opponent into submission.

Pat can mix it up and use all sorts of flows to get the W. He's especially good at making jokes to clown the other mc, but then next round get aggressive.

Most danger set of tools in the shed

Hands down , overall one of the best.

12 Tay Roc

The energy and the performance that made him the face of the main stage of battle rap (URL) is the reason he will always be a fan favorite. Tay Roc is a legend that grew up doing this and will always be a legend that every battler aim to see at some point of their career

He is the GOD of Url and he solidified it now because he is the most hated and loved at the same time, his YouTube views combined are Top 5, Dude Eminem ain't even a battle rapper just because he showed up in a movie with prolly 3 battle max and scripted so that he can win(baffled😹🙄) so this Website is flawed.

Tay is the best from his delivery to set up to punchline, his energy on stage is on a hundred also his freestyle ability which the URL universe is sleeping on. His different because it doesn't make any difference if he starts or he replies his gun bars are always there for him as a come back and as a huge offense to his opponent...ROC OVER ANY PAPER OR SCISSORS ANY DAY!

His lyrics are way 2 advanced to be at 15

13 Dumbfoundead

With out racist jokes he kill anyone period

Best battle rapper because he's asian

The guy has some deep lines

He's one of the best battle rapper.. better than the top ten in this list, except for eminem.

14 B Rabbit

don't mess with I'm

there the best

he should be 1

15 Tsu-Surf

His believability, the trash-talking ability, and performance are unmatched in the culture. The wave is a solidified legend.

TSU is one not to be reckoned with... He should be in the top 10...

Word play surf is a different breed when on his game

Most charismatic wordsmith alive

16 Cassidy

Cassidy vs Freeway was the start of today's battle rap, PERIOD! If there wasn't an Cassidy that killed Freeway battle rap would still be the outlet to advance to the next level, which is the industry! No one thought battle rap was a lucrative business until we saw the very 1st viral battle ever! He's been in over 5000 battles and never lost, not even a tie like a shoe lace, not even Emimen himself can brag about a record like that! He also stands alone making $250,000 for his offical debut back into the Battle Rap scene and has been making 6 figures every time back on the stage, over $100,000 for 9 minutes of material which is over $27,777 a minute, $463 a second! That speaks volumes and solidifies his claim to be the G.O.A.T and The Savior of Battle Rap giving him his God Teir status that he confidently speaks about!

Any of you saying he could beat em are delusional. Em has only lost 1 battle ever and that was back in 97 at the rap Olympics in the semifinals and he's so good now he would lose in a battle only by choice now

He is the best battle rapper of all time. He bodied Freeway, took a 12 year break (which included being in critical condition from a car accident), returned and destroyed Dizaster (one of the highest rated battlers of the modern era) 3-0.

He has a battle record of 5001-0.

He is only looked down upon because people know he spits raw facts!

17 Murda Mook

Nobody wants to battle m mook he been a beast a long time

Murda Mook one of the best to ever do it.

Mook is the G. O. A. T! hands down! Best ever!

Beat Aye verb 2-1. Beat lux in the rematch... guys been battling since early 2000s... how is he not even top 15 on this list rn😳 he's number 1

18 Iron Solomon

Legacy punches he is not the greatest at getting g the crowd but he is bar for bar as good as anyone

The battle rapper who came up with schemes

Mos underrated by fans

Top 10

19 Daylyt

Daylyt lyrics seems impossible to be put together and if it is not for his slacking and playing around sometimes he would be Top 3 of all time with no doubts

Pen game is too strong, even when he's joking. When he's serious, he can destroy

U can get the open hand, closed fist or deuces
Rock, Paper, Scissors

Should be way higher on this list, antics aside


I mean really yall gon put illmac at number 14 really? hell no

#1 hands down what

21 Eyedea

Eyedea won the blaze battles tournament, and beat immortal technique in a rap battle, though he uses a beat unlike other rappers on this list he goes in with constant disses

For the time he was a beast. It seemed like he freestyle too.

Murderer right off his dome, legend

Come on why wasn't he on the list

22 ShortyHorror

He would kill Em easily,Em doesn't deserve to be at the top...Em was even killed by juice. I have every hit song of Em on my phone but Em might be the best hip hop artist but not the best battle rapper.

Don't know why he's slow. Can only suggest its because he's white and from the uk. Battered Arsonal

He beat everyone he went up against he should be top 5!

Better than Arsenal, better battler than Em

23 K-Shine

one of the most underrated greats. The consistency of lyrics and performance is unbelievable. he is the second greatest battler from Harlem after Lux

His delivery the aggression lyrical all that most def top 20

K Shine better than so many people you got above him crazy...

Hands down my favorite he a monster

24 Big L Lamont Coleman (May 30, 1974 – February 15, 1999), best known by his stage name Big L, was an American hip hop recording artist, born and raised in Harlem, New York City, New York. Coleman embarked on his career in rapping, with the hip hop trio, Three the Hard Way. His first notable appearance came more.

Insane this guy isn't number one. Born and Bred battle style rap on the underground scene. Beat out 2000 guys at Wax and carried on battling on the blocks ever after he blew up.

Top rapper of all time only person that might have him in a rap battle is Blind Fury

Just listen to 98 freestyle

Big L one of the nastiest MC'S to ever love


Philly Swain murdered him

He's an undiying legend

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