Top Ten Benefits of a Cold Shower

The last thing you want to do in the winter is take a cold shower, but science has another opinion.

The Top Ten Benefits of a Cold Shower

1 Improved attention

Taking a cold bath in the morning may cause a shock at first but increases the breathing speed, which helps to warm due to the increased amount of oxygen in the blood, and thus the heart rate also increases, making the blood being in the veins and stimulates circulation, giving extra natural energy in this today, was the "Katharine Hepburn," the Hollywood star of the most ardent of the cold bath, having listened to the advice of the doctor, "Thomas Nouvel Hepburn" was always high energy levels have.

2 Skin and hair purification

When it comes to purify the skin and hair, there is no better than cold water to keep the freshness of the skin and natural elements in the hair, the cold water opens the pores and protect it from the deposition of toxic substances in the skin, which leads to the appearance of grain and pimples, "says Jessica Krant," a doctor certified dermatologist magazine "Huffington "The ice water or lukewarm water can help the skin and prevents stripped of natural oils, health, and keeps them as it tightens the skin temporarily only because it restricts blood flow, then relax happens, the hair, it is useful to him cold water to make it look shinier and stronger and healthier to increase the capacity of the pores on the arrest of the scalp.

3 Relieves depression

Has been proven beyond doubt that the cold water relieves the symptoms of depression because of the intense effect of cold water receptors in the skin, which sent a huge amount of electrical impulses from the nerve endings peripheral to the brain, thereby creating a counter-effect of depression and enhances mood, has found a 2008 study that cold water has analgesic effect of pain and has no side effects of this treatment has included exposure to cold water once or twice at 38 ° F for 3 minutes, 5 minutes, followed by a gradual exposure to cold water to ease the shock

4 Relieves stress

The jump into the water before it is heated, or swimming in the ocean or sea and entering suddenly, not gradually until your body gets used to the temperature of the water to relieve the stress and also the healing of some diseases, and I found a study in 1994 that uric acid ratio decreases during and after exposure to the stimulus cool and increase the "Jlosatheon" antioxidant, which keeps the other antioxidants in normal levels, and participated in the study, 10 healthy people swam in ice water regularly during the winter...

5 Relieves muscle pain and helps to heal more quickly

A study conducted in 2009 to more than 360 people and found that the body immersion in cold water for 25 minutes after heavy training or running, cycling was effective in relieving muscle pain and that attendance from day to 4 days.

6 Stimulates weight loss

Bathing in cold water helps you lose weight in an unexpected way, the human The body contains two types of fatty tissue which is white fat, brown fat, and accumulate white fat when we consume more calories than needed by our body to perform its functions, but fat is good fat structure which is that generate heat to maintain the warmth of our bodies are active when we are exposed to extreme cold, so bathing with cold water turns white fat into the structure, which generates heat and burn fat, and found a study in 2009 that Continue in cold bath lost 5 kg a year without any diets.

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7 Improves the immune system

Cold water increases blood flow, the power of the circulatory system that helps in the fight against certain diseases of the skin, heart, where more efficiently is to pump blood, thereby enhancing the ability of the heart in a comprehensive manner, also lowers blood pressure and treats clogged arteries, says Dr. "Gosep Mirkula" Health and physical therapy expert.

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