Benefits of Freeze Dried Food

Many parents have found some pretty good uses for freeze dried food. Some use it as part of their food storage plan in case of a catastrophe. Others use these food products for outings, such as camping trips, fishing excursions, hiking adventures, etc… Then, there are those parents who’ve had to rely on freeze dried foods to feed their families during financial disasters. Here are 10 more awesome benefits of freeze dried food:

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1 Natural and Fresh Looking

The flash freezing preservation process also freezes the natural colors, shapes and textures in place as well. Freeze dried foods never shrink or shrivel up.

No. I've seen some of it that made my stomach contract like nothing else. - PositronWildhawk

2 100% Natural Flavors

After being seasoned and cooked by gourmet chefs, the natural flavors are frozen into the foods during the flash freezing process

3 Great Nutritional Value

Flash freezing is such an amazing preservation process. It also freezes the food’s nutritional value in time. That’s because the foods are immediately frozen after they’ve been prepared. So, the original nutrients, vitamins and minerals exist.

4 Longest Shelf Life

Freeze dried foods have the longest shelf life of all food storage products. When stored at room temperature, these food products stay good for consumption for 25 years.

5 Easy, Fast Preparation

The products are packaged in proportioned servings. Just open the individually wrapped packaging, add water and eat in just 10 minutes.

6 Compact Sizes

Freeze dried food is condensed and compressed before the vacuum sealing process. Compacting the products gives you more space for even more food storage.

7 Worth the Investment

These food products are a bit pricier than other food storage products. Between the high quality, great taste and 25-year shelf life, freeze dried goods are well worth the investment.

8 Lightweight
9 Convenient to Tote

These compact-sized, lightweight foods are very convenient to tote around during emergencies or outdoor adventures. They’re just right as “grab-and-go” food storage during an evacuation.

10 Lifesaver During Financial Crisis

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