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161 Headline
162 Artonat

One of the top band of ctg... Specially their vocal, lead guiterist and drummer just awesome

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163 Forged Amorphia
164 Abong
165 Roshayan V 1 Comment
166 Brittanto
167 GaanBazz

Hope they will do outstanding and keep the benchmark of bengali Music. Best Wishes and Welcome.

168 Echoes

They are different... Not like ordinary bands.

169 Shuffle
170 DarkSteaf
171 Ray of Blood

Even Devil Will Fall

A heavy metal band in Bangladesh. All the show's are heart touching, head touching and heart attacking! You will go crazy listening this band's mind blowing show.

172 Shirshobindu
173 The Experimental

The Experimantal's music speaks volumes and marks
The start of what some believe is sure to be the
Beginning of a new and changing modern rock world
Of tomorrow. With powerful vocals and underlying
Melodies, soaring guitar solos and driving bass lines
Topped off with pounding drums delivered with a
Passion and professionalism executed live as well as
In the studio.

174 EXorbitant
175 Mohakaal
176 Guitar Matal
177 Alinggon

Hmm. New band upgrade to rock music

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178 Date with Death
179 Stairway of Heaven
180 Strength of Redemption
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