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Chloe Elizabeth Lukasiak is an American dancer, television personality, actress and model. She is best known for being an original cast member of Lifetime's reality television series Dance Moms during Season 1 through Season 4.


Everyone thinks Maddie is "the best." Yeah, she is... but only when you're considering her choreography and attention. Chloe has not had enough steady learning. It seems that once Maddie got older she became Abby Lee Miller's charm. Therefore, she began to give Maddie more. You hear berating when Chloe is in the room. All she needs is direction, which she is clearly not given. If I could train Chloe, and all the other girls actually, for ONE WEEK, they all (including Maddie) would be 100 times better than Maddie. Maddie misses so much, such as pausing on certain moves. And I am sick and tired of this "Maddie face." Good grief could it get older?! Maddie also has an attitude. Chloe is the total package. Chloe is loving, caring, and compassionate. She is also very technical. She just needs direction on emotional execution, both bodily and facial. Other than that, Chloe is perfection. She takes my breath away every time I watch her. I'm not saying Maddie isn't good, I'm just getting ...more

Chloe has great technique and emotion. Maddie's emotion is so fake, sorry. Every time she gets good choreography, she beats Maddie, like at Nationals. Abby just can't bear to see her win, like when she took Chloe's win away from her when Maddie and Chloe got the same choreography. If you look on the website of the competition, you can see that Chloe actually did win fair and square and lifetime just made it look like she lost on the show. I hope Chloe knows that. I love Chloe, she is so sweet and caring. I love her moms too. She is the only mom who cares about her daughter. All the other moms (Melissa and Jill, not Holly) only care about getting their daughter higher on the pyramid. Christi actually cares about Chloe and about her being happy, not just in dance but in life. I'm happy she's leaving the ALDC; hopefully she'll be treated better in her next studio. I also hate how lifetime makes her look depressed and makes Christi look like a maniac. Chloe is such a happy, lively child ...more

Chloe is the best dancer. She's gorgeous, sweet, and she tries so hard at being a great dancer and always nails the competitions. Don't get me wrong I wanted Chloe to be number 1 on this list but I honestly thought Maddie would because she wins everything. The reason I like Chloe the best is because she doesn't have to be Abby's favorite or win a bunch of awards, because she is naturally talented. Her mom sticks up for her when things aren't fair because she wants so much for her daughter. Abby always gives Maddie solos and Chloe too, but Maddie only gets them because she always gets 1st place which is good publicity for Abby, so she continues giving Maddie solo. On the other hand, if u think about it, Chloe always gets a solo too. She wins a lot of the time too, but not as much as Maddie, which is actually good because that means Abby is willing to keep giving Chloe a solo even if she doesn't always win. She gets a solo because she is a great dancer. I am so glad Chloe finally got ...more

I love Chloe but her mom just needs to learn to keep her trap shut. I love Christi too and her attitude but Abby's style of teaching is pointing out every flaw in hopes that it won't be repeated. I do not agree with the name calling of kids and calling Chloe a "snake" but it wouldn't have come to that if Christi would just let Abby do her job. I understand as a former dancer and as a mother but YOU put your kids into this...just explain after dance class that "that's just how Abby is" don't take it personal. However, I wish Chloe would get more chances and I really do think Maddie is favored and kind of a whiny brat when she doesn't get her way. I like Maddie too but like others have said you can see that Chloe really loves dance and dances from her's not acting when she dances. GO CHLOE!

Chloe is a terrific dancer with a heart of gold. Her technique is amazing, and her facial expressions are exquisite. She always draws me in with every performance. She and I are a lot alike because I sometimes struggle with confidence too. We are both sweet and very sensitive. I cried when Abby constantly berated her. Chloe dances from her heart, and that 's why I love her so much. I got sick of Abby always favoring Maddie. Maddie always has the same "Maddie face" for every dance. Chloe's face changes, and that's what makes her such an amazing dancer. If Abby wouldn't scream at her all of the time, she would've had more confidence onstage. Also, I'd like to add that Christi is my favorite dance mom. She always made the show interesting, and she always made me laugh. I applaud her for being such a good mother to Chloe since her own mother wasn't good to her. I refuse to watch the show without Christi and Chloe.

Chloe is the most talented - Abby is missing the view on a long term picture. Chloe has the physical body and height that professional paying NY to London Dance companies want. You can feel her emotions of what she's feeling when she dances and can project it across television which is hard to do - but she draws you in. Maddy has the same hurt looking face all the time. Chloe can give soft, loving, sad, mad and fighting. Abby needs to go back and look at the tapes from Chloe's solo performances and then look at Maddy's with open eyes - she can see - how Chloe's floats and transitions seamlessly across the stage when she dances... she's beautiful to watch. She's becoming a beautiful young lady on the stage and an elegant confident dancer. All on her own. It's wonderful to see Chloe tune out Abby and continue to dance for herself and for her love of dance. She's amazing. We love you Chloe! Blessings!

Chloe is very graceful and elegant when she dances. I always feel like she has a lot of emotion in her face which makes her performances so much more thoughtful and touching. A lot of the time I felt her choreography was not all that good which is nothing to do with Chloe's talent and she managed to bring to life what she was given to work with. Despite clearly being very sensitive, which I personally think gives Chloe an edge when emoting in a performance, she manages to push through nerves and anxiety to give all of her dances her best. It always makes me so happy when I watch and she gets first place because you know that it truly means something special to her and you can see that in the way her whole being lights up. Chloe will always be the best dancer!

Chloe is obviously the best. I am new to Dance Moms, and am still in the first season, but episode 5 broke my heart when Cesar chose Maddie. Maddie is NOT the best. She gets all the attention, and I would love for her to be at the bottom of the pyramid. If Abby got mad at her one time, that would be my favorite episode. Maddie's mom is the worst mom there, even though she is described as "friendly". The best moms in season one so far are all of them except for Cathy and Melissa.
In conclusion, Chloe is the best even though Abby hates Christi, and Maddie is always in the spotlight.

Honestly,I think chloe is the best. The reason why Abby give maddy so much attention is because she thinks she has that hollywood look that they need in LA. Chloe would be a stunning model in LA. She has the best technique. Abby should have given chloe as much attention as maddy because Chloe works really hard to be on top and have Abby see her as everybody else does a dancer. A lot of the time when Maddie would win Abby would go to the judges to see the scores to see if they made a mistake. I was mad when Abby would over look chloe. That one time when Maddie and Chloe got the same solo. It wasn't far game. Chloe deserved to win that time she did win but later the win was taken from her and given to maddie. Abby in season 1 also threaten to take away chloe's title because of Christi but she would never to that to maddie. I love Chloe and she should really be doing as much stuff as Maddie

I think Chloe is the best dancer. When she dances, it comes from the heart. Many people think this is why Maddie is good, but I believe that although Maddie is a great dancer, Chloe gets more emotion through her dance; maybe because of the way she is treated by Maddie. The fact that she doesn't take privates or home school and is still able to beat Maddie just proves how great she is. Chloe also has a heart of gold and will always be happy for anyone who wins. It's hard to dance with her body because she is growing so fast, unlike Maddie who is naturally small, but she is still an amazing dancer

Chloe is not given as many opportunities as Maddie, but she is always extremely grateful/happy when she does. I think she is the best dancer, but more than that, has the most kind and sweet personality of all the girls. While a lot of why Abby treats Chloe badly is because of her negative feelings toward Christi, I still feels she unfairly stacks things against Chloe a lot of the time, and in situations where Maddie and Chloe are doing the same thing, such as when they both miss a day of rehearsal. Maddie is praised for being able to remember the dance, but for Chloe it's like, you better remember or else! It's just always a double standard. I recently watched the dance moms chatter, and they watch the black swan solo, and Abby's like 'that's when Chloe was good! '. Ugh it just makes me so mad, it's so hard to watch the show if your favourite kid is not Maddie.

Chloe is an amazing dancer no matter what Abby says about her. Other people are rude and mean to her but, Chloe just dances through it. Chloe always gets hurt feelings because people think that Maddie is so much better than her but if Maddie was better, why isn't she on the top of this list? Chloe stands strong and doesn't let people bring her down. Even when Chloe is crying, she still dances and does great. People don't realize that Chloe is so great at dancing. They just see her as a dancer at the ALDC she is more than just that. Chloe can do anything she wants to and she will succeed. Chloe should really come back to the ALDC when she has time. I know she is now working on a movie but, I wish she would come visit sometimes. Everyone misses Chloe. She was a great part of the team. She always lights up the show and makes people happy to watch her dance. Good Job, Chloe! Keep Dancing no matter what happens.

Chloe is humble, nice, sweet and a great dancer! She has always been compared to Maddie, which sucks a lot. We all know that Chloe & Maddie are a great dancer and shouldn't be compared! Chloe's strength is ballet. While Maddie's strength is Tap. Both have different strength and weaknesses. Abby really shouldn't play favorites. It's really unfair. I think Chloe is the best and she has a great technique! Forever on TEAM CHLOE!

Chloe is by far the best dancer - not only is she an exceptional dancer... She carries the numbers with the maturity that Abbey should appreciate... It is really hard being the best you can be with that poor excuse of a blown owner of the studio. Abbey Lee... She treats these girls & their Mum's with such disdain that I wonder if she doesn't get paid by these Mum's for the Dance lessons - Abbey does not know any dance - she can barely carry herself with those ill-fitting tops & pants... I wish Chloe the very best - the sky is her limit... You go Girl... !

Chloe is amazing! She has every element a dancer should have! When she dances, I cry. Something about her emotion makes me more emotional. As for Maddie's, her emotion seemes... Almost fake? She deserves so much more. And she doesn't get good choreography. But she makes the choreography seem amazing! She is super sweet. And considering that Abby is contantly bringing her down, she still gets out there and tries her hardest. Chloe is WAY more than a second place dancer!

Chloe has great technique and is a great dancer but she shouldn't be compared to Maddie because when she is dancing it's about her and when Maddie is dancing it's about her, Chloe would be great as Abby would want her to be if her mom and Abby weren't fighting a lot she would have a lot of more confidence and talent and Abby isn't setting Chloe up she wants to make her a better dancer but Abby and Christi shouldn't fight and everything would be calm and an easier environment to dance in and Chloe would be making progress faster than anyone else because of her technique

Chloe is a very talented dancer. She's not always perfect but neither is anyone else (including Maddie) Abby doesn't give her the credit she deserves. All the attention always goes to Maddie even though Maddie falls out of turns and have the same facials in almost every dance I'm not trying to put Maddie down I love watching her dance and all but sometimes the attention needs to go to someone else (like Chloe)

Chloe has been my favorite girl in the dance team from the very first episode. She is constantly overlooked and never appreciated. She is always considered "second best" to Maddie. Unlike Maddie, who is big-headed and proud, Chloe is humble and accepts rare praise with humility. I believe that Chloe actually has the most talent. She works incredibly hard and never complains unlike some little diva (Maddie) if she doesn't win. That's mainly why I like Chloe. Her character. She's just sweet and thoughtful.

Chloe is one of the best dancers because she looks like a "professional" one to me. In their group dance called "Broken Dolls", she fell down and hurt her butt but she manages to stand up like she wasn't hurt and still continues to dance gracefully. Also on a trio with Paige and Maddie, I remember when I saw her flower head band thingy and it went down to her eyes, not allowing her to see during her performance, but she managed to dance like a professional. Not only is she good at dancing, but she's very kind and very supportive to her team. She was also able to handle people who are trying to bring her down. She's amazing!

I personally think that Chloe is a better dancer than Maddie. of course, Maddie is an amazing dancer and there is no doubting it. But Chloe deserved more than she got. Maddie just gets higher scores because of her 'emotional maddie face' and yeah I'm ranting and stuff but Chloe is also such a super sweet girl. Maddie can be kind of forceful and she can sound really bossy at times because she's so competitive. Chloe, on the other hand, is always kind no matter what she's doing. That's one thing I love about her and she is a beautiful and amazing dancer. I totally agree that she is #1. I was very disappointed when she left ALDC I love her...

Chloe is awesome! No matter what she always congratulates her teammates! She never complains or whines about anything and she is never jealous. She is so kind and holds her head high! Besides her attitude she is amazing at what she does! She is an absolutely AMAZING dancer. She got the part for the music video, Joffrey Ballet School, and Callback Challenge! She is amazing in all her dances! Even when her headband fell in front of her face she was awesome! She is also a straight A student and goes to public school! Chloe is my favorite girl! All the other girls are amazing too, I just like Chloe the best!

Chloe really isn't that good. Her technique is good, but that's about it. Her emotion doesn't connect with the audience at all, she's not flexible, and she always has that 'poor me' attitude.

There are people in foreign countries who starve and still manage to make it into the World Cup, but just because she gets yelled at by her dance teacher everyone is impressed that she still dances.

Well cry me a river and toughen up. There are gonna tons of people who are gonna yell at you, so get used to it.

Chloe is number 1! Maddie is good but anyone could be that good if they get the attention she gets. Chloe is excellent without the favourtism. She has variety, personality and has the best look and skill for a ballet dancer. Go chloe!

Chloe is clearly the best dancer and has the most professional attitude. Maddie Ziegler is a spoiled brat who can't do any of her turns. She just gets up on stage and over emotes to cover her mistakes. Chloe dances like a ballerina. The worst I could say is that overall her movements could be more fluid, but that has to do with growing and her body changing. She has those lovely long legs. I think Abby knows Chloe is too classy for her establishment so she abuses her.

Chloe definitely has the best technique and emotional execution. She has so much god-given talent and has so much potential to make it far in the industry. The choreography that Abby gives her doesn't really show us how amazing she really is. Most of the girls just use their face to put the emotions into the dance, but Chloe uses her body as well as her face - and that it truly a gift.