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21 Jalen Testerman

Why Anthony Burrell Yelled At him During The Push Ups

22 Zack Torres

Zack has the flexibility and the emotion, a hundred times better than maddie

Hate him

23 Elliana Walmsley

A star right there!

24 Maesi Caes

She's an outstanding dancer. She slays everything, but she's best at hip hop which brings real diversity to the team. Have you seen her Titanium solo? (Before Dance Moms) her I'm Alive solo? They're amazing! She should be treated better than she is by Abby. Abby underestimates Maesi. And her mom stands up for her! Maesi is incredibly talented.

25 Nick Daniels
26 Daniela Ruah

She can dance amazingly she has her own way she really flexible and in my opinion she is way better then Maddie kalani and brook

27 Akai Osei
28 Genevieve Chan
29 Alyssa Owen

She is a great little dancer fire on.
She isn't even on the team oops.

30 Chloe

Chloe dances so smoothly she deserves number one

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31 Nikaya "Nini"

She's really a sweet girl, and her mother is the only one that really has any sense.

Sheis really good and have good posture and a very good at everything

She was good dancer and beaautiful but her mom was a troube person...
but her mom and her left because she knew she wasn't good for this team and she knew she brought trouble to the team that why they left so the moms didn't kill her the next week

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32 Vivi-Anne Stein

While vivi is obviously not the most gifted, she is a very sweet girl. How would you feel if your mom made you play baseball when you wanted to dance? Vivi has a lot of pressure on her and I love her to the end.

CATHY does not understand that VIVI DOES NOT WANT TO DANCE! She is flexible but does not have good technique. she can't dance actually. and the candy apples need to realize that abby lee will always beat them! They shuld just give up! And they wear too much make up its ugly.

Cathy is so stupid! VIVI-ANNE IS THE WORST DANCER EVER! Her mom is the most annoying and ignorant person ever! The only reason I voted for her was to say this to cathy and her stupid daughter!

Vivi is honestly hilarious I miss her - Glitterellie

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33 Nick Dobbs
34 Brandon Pent

Dam love him

35 Lucas Triana
36 Talia Seitel

She was great in the group dance last one standing and that any s my

37 Gino Cosculluela

A awe some dancer with passion

Gino was rude

Gino was a good dancer abby just couldn't face she lost to the aldc so she said it was his fault instead of maddie

He's cool

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38 Savannah Newell

I am amazing dancers I started dancing when I was 2 and I am very flexible and by age of four I was doing learning tricks

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39 Addy Kaylee

Addy is so talented and beautiful

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40 Areana Lopez

A potential star this little mini is. She is pretty good at what she does. No wonder Abby choose her for the crown. She has the real emotion that is needed in a dance. She could be a very good actress.

I love her personality, and have you seen her turns!

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