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1 Macy's

Always well-stocked with general consumer -and- upscale items at surprisingly modest prices. Frequent Sales add to their "price appeal." Sales staff are extremeley courteous and generally well-informed. I'm a great fan of Macy's and do, perhaps, 80% of my shopping with them. Note that their online website is also a wonderful way to shop and compare ALL of the items they carry!

From Buffalo with love - Macy's magic invites customer satisfaction resulting into clientele loyalty and sales gratification. Still the fair, friendly and fashionable AFFORDABLE store at its best, forever number one for me.

I watched the Macy's Thanksgiving parade each year on T.V. while growing up and I have always wanted to visit the Herald Square store ever since. Last summer I visited the store. It was HUGE!

I love to shop at Macy's, Barton Creek Square, Austin, Texas because they have a big selections and outstanding service! I give them 10.

2 Target Target Corporation is the second-largest discount store retailer in the United States, behind Walmart, and a component of the S&P 500 Index.

Target has great products at an affordable price. Everything I buy is of good quality and anything I have bought has lasted me.

Overall best customer service! And their stuff is less expensive than Wal-Mart's with their red card!

Overall best service and the prices are lower than WalMart with their target debit card!

It comes to my annoyance that way more women like ugly Nordstrom more than this grace of the retail industry.

3 Costco

Costco is nice, membership is a good deal. Wholesale is good for both parties.

Costco rocks! It has everything you need

This is not a department store. But it's a good store.

I love treating their free samples like an all-you-can-eat buffet! :D

4 Walmart

Yes, they do have a large selection and low prices but costumer service is bad. Whatever section I'm in, I rarely can find a person to help me with questions. They are either on a register, in the warehouse or on break. If I do find someone, it's not their area. So I stand there for 5-10 minutes waiting for someone, who sometimes doesn't show up.

WalMart has the best online shopping experience, and their stores are well stocked with what you need. The only complaint is lack of customer service, and the most rude associates known to mankind. It's the little people who make or break your your success since they are who we come in contact with not the CEO'S.

The items in Walmart are always lower in price. Sometimes I tried to go to other places and wanted to try something new. However, I finally still will end in Walmart to buy more things because I do not want to waste my time to drive around.

The locations are convenient and the people usually aren't prejudiced towards you like at other establishments.

5 Kohl's

Always find great deals. Enjoy that they have quality merchandise. A very welcoming environment and very helpful employees. Even after saving money they give you cash back so you can shop once again and a great shirt that could have cost $14 ends up costing $4. Kohl's is #1 for its great service its unbeatable offers and its great quality products.

Kohls always has nice things. To me, they can be a tad expensive, but I actually really like a lot of what they offer there. I especially love the fact that they carry so many nice types of jeans and beautiful tops. I love going to shop with them for their winter items.

Great sales? You get money off if you stand on one foot, rub your tummy while scratching your head and having your itemes supported on the other foot... Very deceptive advertising, and don't get a credit card... You'll never pay it off. I would rank with target

Great prices, amazing quality clothes, so many coupons and sales ads, Kohl's really has it all. You can find things for Dad, the kids, or whoever. Clothes, things for the home, cosmetics, etc. I love it!

6 Dollar Tree

Whoa everything 1 Dollar

7 JC Penney

Amazing customer service, and anyhting you can think of is sold in their store that has to do with appearance.

The best customer service ever!

They have everything I"m looking for with fast online delivery

8 Nordstrom

Better selections than Macy's. Better customer service than any other store I've ever been to, and cheaper prices than Neiman Marcus and Saks 5th ave. Wonderful rewards program too and ability to open up a store debit card, that's right DEBIT card.

I love shopping at Nordstrom. Yes, they have superb customer service and high end quality products. You can find these products affordable at the Nordstrom Rack. Plus they accept international credit/debit cards which suits me so well.

Nordstrom has the best customer service and the best return policy. Ordering online is extremely easy and the best part is that they offer free shipping and free returns. Can't imagine shopping anywhere else.

There isn't another department store that compares to Nordstrom in customer service and quality of products. They carry the best brands and most current fashions while delivering legendary service!

9 K-Mart

The K-mart that I shop is very big. It is bright and the displays are all good. The prices are good and the variety of merchandise is excellent. The store is always clean and very modern.

10 Neiman-Marcus

Neiman Marcus has the most exclusive, and highest end selection of any department store. Their customer service exceeds that of any department store in the us.

Secure ordering system and online stock availability updated always.
Fast and free international delivery by courier service and packed so nicely.

You can buy an airplane.

The Contenders
11 Kroger

My favorite grocery store hands down!

12 Bloomingdale's

No. 6! You gotta be kidding me! Bloomy's is the best of them all hands down! Nicest store layout of all the other "high end" department stores. Largest selection. Product exclusives! 59th St. Flagship store, you can't beat it!

Bloomiess! The store is a fantastic place for great buys, fantastic jeans and fashionable items. Their jeans last FOREVER, too! They have shoes for every occasion. Their suits have such a perfect fit to them. LOVELOVELOVEthis store.

Best selection for everything!

13 Saks Fifth Avenue

If your thinking about buying high end clothing and want to do it at a department store instead of a small boutique, then SAKS is where you want to be. Stores such as Macy's and Khols are NOW considered as common as Tjmaxx.

Saks is the BOMB! I love it. The clothes are really expensive but it is so worth the money!

14 Ross
15 Gap
16 Sam's Club
17 Bon-Ton

Love the quality and price point of the merchandise. Great Store, with friendly associates.

Clothing high quality, sales prices are great, love this store!

18 Sears

I've shopped at Sears for over fifty years. In that span of time I have never been disappointed. The bad rap given to Sears is uncalled for; it has been hit the hardest by internet on-line shopping. I want to see what I am buying. Every product I buy at Sears has always been there for me. Don't give up; there are some of us out here that still believe in you!

Sears items are always on Sale. They're cheap and the clothing actually is quite fashionable. I don't know why sears always has a bad rap.

One of the few stores where the sales ladies will help a man find panties and allow him to try them on for fit.

Love the it's heritage...should be seen as a national treasure...why the father of the catalogue did not get on board with the internet early on... is a shock!

19 Dillard's

Dillard's has great product selections from all the top vendors and their customer service is excellent. I enjoy how organized and neat their store is, it make shopping easier.

Great service, good brands and pricing. Stores are always well organized and bright.

Dillard's has great Men's clothing and a great mix of new and classic styles. Amazing housewares department as well as great service

20 Century 21

This isn't a department store.

21 Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch is a great store. It's the kind of store where you go in, spend a few hundred, and don't regret any of it. Their clothes are beautiful, unique, excellent quality, and long lasting. I DEFINITELY recommend.

That store is my fave. They have lots of cute cloths. Very preppy. And it always smells good in there.

I love abercrombie the only thing I don't like about it is that some of the clothes are very preppy.

The clothes are very stylish and cute! The merchandise stays put and doesn't get messed up easily!

22 H+M HandM, officially known as H&M, is a Swedish multinational clothing retailer that offers fast fashion items for men, women, and children. Founded in 1947, the company has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. H&M operates in 74 countries with over 5,000 stores and also has a significant online presence. The company focuses on offering fashionable clothing at affordable prices and aims to be sustainable and ethical in its operations.

Even though the store maybe a little expensive I still shop there

23 Meijer

Meijer is the Jewel of the north. It's like Wal-Mart, but way better.

Midwestern hidden secret

24 Home Goods

Nice name. Its lovely

25 Forever 21

Always keeping up with the latest styles, Forever 21 stays trendy, fresh, and up to date. They keep young ladies everywhere looking beautiful, at a most reasonable price.

Forever 21 has good prices, and great clothes, but it is always very messy and full

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