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1 Aqua Di Gio - Giorgio Armani

Being a woman let me tell you this cologne smells good on most men. This scent smells good to every woman I know and if we smell it on you then trust me, it ups your chances. Expensive, but worth it for the higher-quality tail that you will win wearing it

I've been buying Ralph Lauren Polo Black for my husband, but now I will be buying him this. This is the best smelling cologne I have ever came across. I don't have any idea what could possibly top this.

Yeah I have just tried it. Its really a gentle and subtle. The light aromatic mystery of sea water fascinates me a lot. Imperatively it keeps you fresh whole day. The best choice..

First time user of this cologne, I love it smells great. I recommend Acqua Di by Giorgio Armani. Gets the attention of the ladies. I have received several compliments already.

2 Le Male - Jean Paul Gaultier

Although a popular choice for many men, this stuff is a sure fire way to get compliments from the ladies!, ignore the reviews that say it is often too overused or smells like a mens nightclub washroom due to its popularity among the fellas, the reason us guys like it is because the ladies love it!

I own this one and its amazing! Many people complimented this and started to love this beautiful scent. It's my second cologne. I've also azzaro chrome which is still very good but Le male is better I think...

Man this stuff is a beast! Only 1 or 2 blast needed or will be too much. Last long with good projection. Pimp juice for real!

Eau de Cologone, Eau de Toilette, that sounds French, because France is the first in term of perfume. And Le Male is one of those famous perfumes.

3 1 Million By Paco Rabanne

This cologne is extremely appealing to women. I've had moments where I have been to the strippers, and theyve all sad on my lap because of its amazing smell. Other times were this girl I used to date just licked my neck because she loved the smell laugh out loud. Needless to say, ill be buying one million for a long time.

This stuff is AMAZING! If you've never had the pleasure of it's scent wafting through your nostrils, you've been missing out! Do yourself a favor and get this before it gets too popular, then you can say that you discovered it before everybody else did!

Disgusting sweet mess of a fragrance. Extremely strong and long lasting. WAY too strong. I sprayed it in my room upstairs and my mom immediately smelled it in the kitchen downstairs. INSANE AND GROSS!

This is the most unique scent for men on the market. It reminds me of Aramis in the old days. Everyone knew what it was. The only difference, is that women don't really know what this scent is. That makes it even more spectacular

4 A*Men by Thierry Mugler

Honestly this is the best cologne I've ever tried.. I've got a lot of compliments from women.. The scent never goes away and that's what I like about it. It stays on forever women go crazy about it. Literally you can go months without washing your shirt and the smell will still stay on.

Every where I go people say they love my smell... Even the top sellers of AMEN admits it's the best smelling cologne, It's a surprise how I don't see this in the top ten. But again am happy because the best products in the world is only known by a few.

This cologne is underrated. It is by far one of the best ever! I get massive compliments with this one. Women love this stuff. The only other cologne that gets as much compliments is JPG-Le Male but the smell is too popular now. The good thing is that it is not known so it lets u stand out from the rest. Lasts a long time with just a couple of sprays.

It different from most frangrances.. But it is amazingly blended and very nice.. One of panty dropper! But other like original angel man and puremalt are little better than this.

5 The One by Dolce & Gabbana

This is the most amazing smelling cologne I have ever had. My dad gave me it as a gift and after I finished the bottle he gave me I went to the store and bought 4 more just so if I run out, I wont have to go a day without it. This cologne will get ladies practically in your pants. It is truly amazing. If jesus used cologne, I'm sure this would be his choice.

In my personal opinion, this cologne smells of amber, ginger and a slight hint of tobacco. I personally have this cologne, and I think it smells absolutely fantastic. I also have Paco Rabanne's One Million and a few other colognes, but it's hard to decide if I like One Million or this better.

This is number one in my book, an incredible scent, very long lasting, makes you stand out like the center of attention, a very manly smell. There are some colognes that either sec can wear, but not this one, its all gentlemans fragrance totally. I'll never wear another cologne again, that's it.

Easily a top 3 fragrance. Very smooth sweet scent.

Not sweet as a gourmand yet still sweet. Longevity may be a little sketchy at times. With the proper amount of spray it will last all day.

6 Fierce - Abercrombie

I think it is a very underrated, but yet extremely great fragrance that can compete with other levels of men cologne. I also think that for it's price range(80$ for 3.7oz) is also a very good thing. I think it is much better then other it's most competitors like SoCal by Hollister. And honestly you can be as ugly as a dog, and this will get you women easily!

This truly is one of the cleanest sexiest smells, depends on your body chem, nice light feel on the body. I met a lady once and she just smiled and I could see the gleam in her eyes, as she looked at me. Smelling yummy is a good thing and this one is a winner.

If you don't own this cologne, every time you walk in a Abercrombie store you will instantly get a whiff of this excellent cologne and how good it smells. Its affordable and a must for any collection

I wear this everyday to work! Was able to get a girlfriend because of this scent! Love it! Gonna get me a couple of more bottles as back-up! I highly recommend this cologne!

7 L'Eau D'Issey - Issey Miyake

Bought this one after reading reviews on the internet... Absolutely beautiful! The fragnance takes you to another world, will definitely suggest this one to anyone who wants to have a signature fragnance.

Was my sig frag for years. Always got compl. I have been trying a lot of new stuff to take its place but no luck so far. I also found that this mixes great with other frags to create your own sent. I use to mix it with blv blue and get tons of comp

After a one night stand I was forced by the girl to leave my shirt that hat this fragrance on it with her. Just one of the may great experience I had wearing this...

My personal favorite. The ladies enjoy it. What more do you need than having her want to talk to you more... Just because you smell nice?

8 Dior Homme Intense

This is definitely a compliment getter. It gives off a lipstick-y vibe, which is the flowery iris, but every time I wear it out, I get noticed every time. It's rich and sophisticated and it lasts forever. Get your nose on it, and buy a bottle when you see one. Don't let this slip through your fingers!

Silage is beyond average, Projection is out very good, Last long...

Fantastic scent but hard to find!

9 Homme Sport - Christian Dior

Just bought this one today and love it already! Several complements in the 1st few hours. Careful how much you use as it is really powerful and can be over whelming.

In the top 3, no doubt. All the real women love it, and more.

Bought it and smells define.

10 Guilty by Gucci

A balanced fragrance with hints of citrus, alcohol and woody aroma. The smell lingers for a long time and leaves a signature trail behind you!

I wear this every day and I get tons of people who give me hugs, just so they can smell me! Definitely worth the money!

This cologne is one of my favorites & it's not cheap! Well worth every dime spent! I love it so much!

Best perfume ever! I always get a compliment from a beautiful girl in my college days every time I wear it

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11 Dolce & Gabbana - D&G

It's rare that I smell another dude and want to know what he is wearing. That's how I was introduced to this cologne. I have owned EVERYTHING and this is by far the best cologne ever created. I retired it a long time ago, but in my heyday, I received lots of "my sheets smelled like you in the morning" type of compliments. Unfortunately, it's become pretty "played out" and everyone knows it and can recognize it and probably even owns it. To me, it's so iconic that I can't even grab a bottle and re-apply it. It would be like trying to re-live memories, re-live decades. If it's foreign to you. I definitely recommend giving it a try. It is strong, so treat it like a wild bull and go easy on it. It'll treat you right. I have lots to say about colognes, but this WILL BE the only one that I comment on in this forum. Probably not preferred as a daytime cologne...but I rocked that scent all day and night.

I've bought a few bottles over the years... Although it's not one of my personal favorites, it has been 6 ex gfs absolute favorite colognes. That said, we don't wear cologne for ourselves.

Great scent its classy and elegant a must buy for guys that want to grow up and put on a mans scent as apposed to frat boy scents likes aqua di gio and fierce.

I've tried so many different types of scents, but I keep coming back to the one. I always get a GREAT reaction from all the ladies with Dolce & Gabbana.

12 Cool Water - Davidoff

The ladies always approve. You cannot go wrong with Cool Waater by Davidoff. Some smoker friends have also said it somehow has an odd fusion with the smell of cigarette smoke and doesn't start to smell bad after a light but instead smells good.

I'm 65 years old and when I wear Cool Water the young ladies comment on how brilliant it smells. Their boyfriends were then more than obliged to purchase their own. They did not want to be outclassed by the older guys!

My favorite for over 10 years. Has a nice masculine smell, not like something like eternity for men which has that flower female smell after a while. Can't go wrong with this

Love this stuff, been wearing it since the "Johnson baby powder and Cool Water cologne" days. Not to mention my wife is a fan.

13 Fahrenheit - Dior

I never cared for any men's fragrances until I smelled Fahrenheit., I crave the smell now. It's fresh, clean and sexy. I get aroused by the smell. I have smelled many men's fragrances but they all smell the same 2 me, fake and unnatural. Fahrenheit is absolutely amazing!

Want people to run from you? Want them to think you're the only one not in on the joke? Wear this. wear more than one spray of this and risk alienating everyone around you. this is a gasoline/petroleum nightmare that seems to never want to go away. body heat reactivates it, so if you happen to be so smart as to wear before heading to the gym or on a hot day, there will be a 20 foot bubble of nasty surrounding you the entire day. pass.

This cologne's scent is unlike anyother's, and its smell lasts for long periods of time. It's so strong, and wonderful. My dad always wore it; and even I as a woman find myself sritzing myself with it. It definitely deserves the number one spot.

This cologne is in a league of its own. This smells unlike any cologne I have ever tried. It is flowery and musky at the same time, reaching a perfect balance. It's my signature.

14 Sean Jean Unforgivable

Amazing, simply amazing. Got this as a gift and instantly all of my friends that had put me in the friend-zone saw me differently, in a much much better way. This cologne is hidden yet strong so your presence is known but you don't outdo your stay.

Made one of my first dates not so uncomfortable.. The smell pulled her in to lay on my chest during the movie! Pricey but well worth it.

Love Sean Jean Unforgivable! This mixes with my husband's chemistry so wonderfully. We both like it even better than Aqua Di Gio

This cologne has a unique scent that I haven't smelled anywhere else. Not too expensive but better than most people know

15 Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

Distintive, refreshing, very good to wear on hot days and very masculine, clean, there is no other one equal on market this days, it's a shame that soon will be discontinued.

I've been using this for more than 30 years and still enjoy and love preatty much. I just hope that they don't reformulated to much, it will be a shame.

This is the best citric men's scent ever!, starts refresing and invigorating, then the drydown is still refreshing but then goes a little woodsy and stays for hours.

Classic. Still smells fresh and classy today. Male or female. Still one of the most desirable fragrances.

16 Hugo - Hugo Boss

Should be ranked #1 best cologne on here with Gio at #2
If you have never smelled this stuff do yourself a favor a find this stuff probably one of the most underrated fragrances of all time I think they even sell this stuff at Walmart now laugh out loud crazy!

Hugo by Hugo Boss is one of the best well-balanced male fragrances of all times and can be worn by any person in anytime-anywhere.

All hugo boss perfumes are aromically fragranced. They look great. Smell great. And the person wearing it tastes great. Hugo boss are great for people who like mediustrong perfumes. Thumbs up for hugo boss!

Great every day cologne suitable for office and work. Light and not overpowering. Just clean and fresh!

17 Eternity - Calvin Klein

It's a classic. I have a million colognes but Eternity always is the one I reach for when I have a hot date or just want to make sure I smell great!

A great fragrance to wear to work - light, citrus smell that develops into a more subtle fragrance by the end of the work-day.

A very crisp smell, but not 'in your face'. It never fails to attract a compliment.

Very nice fragrance and not over the top.

18 Emporio Armani - Giorgio Armani

Smells real good, makes my nose buds tingle.

It's a classic that smells great and will get you plenty of compliments

19 CH Him - Carolina Herrera

Anyone that knows much about colognes knows this belongs on top 3 of any list. But seeing Armani at #1 I see this is like high school kids voting.

CH Man Carolina Herrera..Very unique and different,scents of sugar cane and vanilla and some say leather,but very little fruit..

20 Hero - Prince Matchabelli
21 L'homme Yves Saint Laurent by Yves Saint Laurent

I can't think of any other cologne that smells better than YSL. I first test it in Carson's and have been stuck every since then. I can't really describe the smell. It's kind of sweet with a touch of spicy. I highly recommend it and don't see how it's not on this list.

Just bought it, the smell lasts long and the odor stayes in your nose and smells good all the time, it just fits. Close contender would be "Wood"

This is personally my all time favorites and my main go to.

Literally amazing fragrance. I can not get enough of their amazing fragrance from YSL

22 La Nuit de L'homme - Yves Saint Laurent

Smells sexy on a man. It's sublte, not overpowering but you smell it anyways and it makes you wonder who smells so good. It's kind of sweet and aromatic/spicy. The best man fragrance. I never get tired of smelling it on other men.

I love this cologne easily my top 3
A girl came over one night after the bar and said " you smell better than all the boys at the bar " while I was wearing la Nuit D l'homme lol! Truly a great cologne! Girls love it! Great compliment getter

Smells really. Really really good!

Wow 46! This is the best scent ever and I'm proud to have my own bottle

23 Bleu de Chanel

This offer by Chanel is an all around woody aromatic people pleaser and woman are definitely attracted to it!

I just bought this cologne the other day. I love the smell. Also I get so many compliments. Should be #1

Great for the day, I love its freshness, but longevity is not long on me.

A new classic. Fresh and elegant with a smoky undertone.

24 Mandate

This was my favourite for my husband back in the 80s. Smells like heaven in a bottle. If anyone still has access to this product I'd be ecstatic to find out! Gold!

25 Obsession For Men - Calvin Klein

Yes, Its been around forever and is the one all other colognes compare to... Mellow and sweet is how I would describe it... A must smell!

You can never go wrong with Obsession. A definate must have. The best of all time!

A great cologne

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