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1 Nike

NIKES! I had Nikes from WoobBury Commons Mall in UpState I love them! Neat! Easy! Awesome! Worth the price like a million dollars! (got them for 50 bucks)

I vote for nike cause all my friends wear nike and I do too and I think they are really good sneakers and they are very stylish but expensive


Best sneaker brand..

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2 Adidas Adidas

I think adidas is the best shoe brand out there they are awesome I LOVE adidas!

They come in all different styles and colors, are comfortable, go with most clothing, classic, and are affordable. They're just a generally good shoe.

Who has voted for Vans?
Some people are seriously mentally ill, and need help, because Vans are a waste of material and Addidas serve as much better sports shoes. I could never play football (soccer to Yanks) in Vans, and I wouldn't wear them anyway because I'm not a bum-bandit

"Within the first few years of its introduction, the Superstar was being worn by over 75% of all NBA players; proof of its revolutionary technology which remains today." - wikipedia adidas superstar. adidas is king from the past until now.

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3 Converse

This Brand really gives me much foot comfort. I am using this for 7 years now..

These are really cool. Converse high tops make me feel good about myself, and confident. Don't know why, they just do. Anyways, the way Converse feels also adds up. They are really comfortable, and aren't too casual or dressy. Anybody could wear them and look sporty but good.

I really do love converse because I think they are a good looking comfy shoes however they've become so popular now that everyone is wearing them and they're become less of a statement piece to an outfit:/

Perfect with every outfit. The classic white model is my favourite.

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4 Air Jordan

What isn't this under nike?

Jordans are Nikes just high end not so sure that they are worth the price over just regular Nikes, buy what you like.

Jordan is a exclusive brand from nike
They should be in the top #5

I love the Retro 4 and 6's. Why? Because of their colour ways. They're telling a story. It's art. It's just too bad that the really nice colour ways and collab editions (like the Kaws) are for the very lucky few only.

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5 Vans

I vote for vans because like they are amazing quality and they look amazing. Vans are like the best shoes out there and they are amazingly comfortable! I love vans! They are like the shoes of awesomeness! :) I got vans like lasts year and they are still amazing quality. They aren't ripped at all. They got kind of dirty but its still amazing! I like chicken. Rainbows. Dirty Underwear.

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Vans are always the best. VERY COMFORTABLE. And the quality is really perfect. I have Vans that I bought three years ago and I still use it. Another thing is Vans has its own unique style. Their styles are really awesome. I just love Vans that's all.

love these shoes... need to scavenge enough money to pay tho... mildly expensive

Not much to say...but vans is totally the best sneakers ever...skaters wear them, rockers wear them, who else?

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6 Reebok

I vote reebok for comfort and looks currently I'm using it I haven't tried any above mentioned brands though

I and my wife wear Reebok, made well and very comfortable. Podiatrist also recommended.

Reebok the best shoes I have ever been to

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7 Puma Puma

puma has got the best designs....radical,stunning and so dun feel like putting in on your feet...

I have had my pumas for about 2 years now and I love them! They sell them at softmoc, footlocker, and puma. Com. Check them out! They are amazing and about 30-100 dollars based on the store and shoe style. Definitely recommend them!

Great design and style at reasonable prices. Some of the shoes tend to run up a tad narrow

number 1

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8 New Balance

This is the shoe that Steve Jobs recommends, and trust me, he has flat feet and he knows.

Comfortable with simple universal designs. Cheap price. Wide variety of sizes and widths to fit your foot. The size factor is what brought me to them and I won't go anywhere else.

this is the most comfortable shoes on the world...

Just plainawesome

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9 DC

The best kicks I have ever seen, I'm a graphic designer and I'm not easily impressed. phlegmatic as I I'm I give dc my vote, hands down it kicks ass

These shoes are so cool the color the designs are great I recommend these for skateboarding and I skateboard a lot so there very useful

They actually last more than 3 months unlike Nike, or converse ever since they were bought out by nike

Pretty much the only sneakers I own, look amazing and some of the comfiest shoes I own.

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10 Vlado

Have a Jordan collection. Just discovered Vlado. Calculated that my Hares are worth roughly 3 pairs of equally nice sneakers from Vlado. New collection here I come!

Vlado sneakers are really underrated. They have a few of the nicest high tops I have ever seen

I have a collection of almost all sneakers but not Vlado.

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11 Asics

Simply the world's most sophisticated running platform - without the distraction and unneeded expense of superficially attractive collectors editions.

The only problem with these sneakers is that they never break so you have no excuse to buy new ones. I do anyways. Super comfortable and pretty too.

Just coolest design, never break-worn off.

Good brand

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12 Supra

Supra's are THE BEST sneakers for me, VERY COMFORTABLE. Not like Vans, CHEAP canvas materials and IS NOT COMFORTABLE at all.

Hands Down. Supra all the way!

Amazing design... Best quality... Wide range of colours... They maintain their standard

Awesome design...simple and sleek compared to others much better and comfortable and grand a lot more attention.

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13 Champion

I have green and black champions at home I have good interest in them.

Yeah these are quite light and comfortable pretty good for running.

I have the octoflexes they are so light and comfortable I like them better than the free run 2 I think this is a great shoe for runners and couch potatoes.

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14 Fila

This was a nice sneaker to style up vack in the late 80's

I love theses shoes

Classic look s

Cheap n best

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15 Marc Ecko

Its classic and very comfortable. Good designs, worth the price.

16 Lacoste

Nice shoes and nice brand

Classy with any outfit...

Best sneakers

Lel no comment for me

17 Royal

Lol who even wear these? I have not seen anybody wear these yet

18 Lotto

I don't really reccomend wearing these... I don't see anybody wearing these

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19 Globe V 1 Comment
20 Diadora V 2 Comments
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