Worst Places to Shop

This list is for the worst places when it comes to shopping.

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1 Wal Mart Wal Mart

*It is a dirty store.
*People are rude.
*You never could never find any thing you are looking for.
*Half of the workers can not speak english.
*Non of the workers know what anything is in the store.
* You could save a lot of money but you can't live better.

I would call that extremely poor management. Which lets face it, everywhere has these issues anymore.

It's a good place to buy food but other than that it sucks.

It is the best place

"*Half of the workers can not speak english." First of all not everybody needs to speak English you racist punk

2 Spencer's

I have to agree with all of you. They have some vulgar stuff but in most Spencer's stores put all the really vulgar stuff in the back - Toptenner106

Actually a pretty cool store.. Avoid the back

I don't call Spencer's The Store Of Doom for nothing! - RiverClanRocks

This store is alright, but my girlfriend hates the vulgar items inside including the tampon nunchucks and the cheetos dildo! Yikes!

3 KMart KMart

I think its just a store were kids can go to to be bored super high prices there is nothing special

A stupid place that no one likes - Dvafan2

KMart? More the KKK Mart, Most people kept saying that the workers in the retail were very racist... - SandwichSWAT

As much as I dislike Walmart, I think that Kmart is truly the most depressing chain in the US. How it's still around, I have no idea.

The only reason why they're still around is because of their website. - PerfectImpulseX

4 Home Depot Home Depot

It's a trump owned store Are you serious man?

A total rip off, I prefer Lowe's than this store... - SandwichSWAT

So boring. I have to go there today

Why is this store on the list?! Its awesome!

5 Big Lots

Their stuff is really cheap looking and it is super expensive. You could just go to Amazon and get it cheaper. - Videogamesgal

Food like crackers are always stale even if they are in date, stores always messy. Furniture does not last long.

Everything is out of stock in there, And they have small choices to shop from, Big Lots? More like a big waste of space... - SandwichSWAT

Regular Price. Bad Quality. Small Variety.

6 Toys r Us

bad shop

my dad once went there and when he got in line they said "oh sorry this line is closed" but they let the person behind him pay for their stuff.

my dad is black by the way... - bendanna

Why kid friendly workers will do that racist thing? Like come on! - Gabo147

It closed.
It opened in Britain in 80s.
It was not in towns it was in cities and you had to drive to get to one. See why they closed the stupid toy shop, the only interesting thing was the Christmas advert. "There's a magical place, and where on our way there..."

In my opinion, Toys r us sucks. Once when I went there, there were kids all over the place, whining and screaming and the staff does not stop this or them from ripping up all of the boxes. I fell because there was a toy on the floor. There are not many staff though, and the lines are always full for the checkout. Everything is overpriced. A barbie doll can be 35 dollars, when the same can be at another store like Target and Walmart for about 15 or twenty dollars. They never seem to have any sales. Once a kid peed on the floor at the one in our mall and nobody bother to clean it up. It smelt horrible at the first floor of the mall. There people there and rude. Parents don't control their kids and there are no staff. This store sucks.

My dad saw that too. I like toy r us when I was 5, but now it is quite rubbish. - Gabo147

7 Victoria's Secret

My granny is afraid to go in Hot Topic, but I'm afraid to go in Victoria's Secret - Trivium

I rather go to Hot Topic than Victoria's Secret when I'm at the mall.

PINK is nightmare fuel!
- TheDuttyGyal

If your afraid to go inside Victoria's Secret, then Miranda Kerr is waiting for you to get dragged in and a pile of bras and panties will be swarming all over you.

8 Dollar Tree Dollar Tree

It is thwe worst place - Justinaparodies

It's a worst place to shop in genrail

It's so cheap and bad. Their stuff is awful. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Everything there costs one dollar, yay! But it breaks in a week and you have to get a new one. - Videogamesgal


Oh god it's the Aldi snobs, like my cousin when she was 11.
Hello Kevin the Carrot great Coca-Cola parody last Christmas.

I hate their Australian ads!

Ever since a store opened here my parents keep shopping here, but the food is awfully boring and just cheap substituting. Their instant noodles taste like cardboard and turned me off them. I don't care about cheap things; I'd just go to any store with leading brands and buy them, not ripoffs. - Swellow

I go shopping every thursday, and there's always one shop I avoid. Aldi, there products made me sick and their employees insult me when I do go there (occasionally) sure, they save you a few bucks but the product is not worth the cheap price! - AGK

10 Best Buy

BEST BUY IS AWESOME - Justinaparodies

Best Buy is awesome are you kidding

Tried to buy something that was on a table with a sign that said 50% off, and it was open box that was tapped all back together, the check out person and then the supervisor would not sell it to us at that price that it should have been with discount, but would give us teen dollars the original price, even though it was marked with a different price right on the box. It they can put out a sign saying half off, the make up what ever they want. What terrible customer service, avoid the Lynnwood Wa. Wal-Mart at all costs, they treat people terribly. Oh and buy the way they also told me my debit card was declined and I have to pay with cash, even though there was nothing wrong with my card, per my bank.

The store set up is very nice, but my problem are the people who work here. They are rude, condescending, and mostly - even if you're already giving them 1,000 they will try to sell you every annoying warranty, safety plan, and anything to cost you more up under the sun. It's so annoying.


The Contenders

11 JC Penney

Jcpenny reminds me a lot of Sears

Clothes are extremely high

I walk in and walk out

I know there employees are over worked and unappreciated

Who really shops there

Can I get a price check for these jean someone ripped the tag off!

Oh yea these one to and this one a customer wants a bigger sizes!

Nothing at that store cost a penny we should sue them for false advertising

Wait sue. Are you sure the founders first name wasn't penny


I never heard of this

The clothes in there are horrible. I went in to get some new clothes.. It was just PINK! ASDA really NEEDS to put some variety in it. Would never shop there AGAIN. :/

What even is this store no ones heard of it so it must be bad

That's so not true asda is a shop in the walmart family we got in the uk but it's my favourite shop ever they don't have mean people but some of the employee's looked like they did crystal meth

13 Sam's Club


I had one guy open my return. It was really funny to be honest. The employee asked me if I opened the box and I told him no. I left my license (ID) in the car and was told I needed it for the return. When I came back the guy said so you said you didn't open it and I said yeah I didn't open it. Well this guy got so excited and ripped it open as a child opening a gift on Christmas. I just stood wondering what the heck this employee was doing as he had a big grin on his eager eyed face. I had to help the guy with the box in fear he was going to drop it because he wouldn't slow down. His evil child like face expression dropped after he pulled off the plastic and looked at it. He gave me my money for the return as I tried not to laugh at whatever he had done. I still don't get what he was doing. This experience has me thinking twice if I should continue to shop there. Sam's Club. Maybe your employees need a break from time to time before another box gets violated again. Ouch!

I don't have a ID.

14 World Market

If you don't know what it is, it's a store with sodas, candy, chips, and goodies all around the world. I love the store, BUT there's one big PROBLEM. THERE'S ONLY ONE CHECKOUT! And there's a lot of people there everyday! Hope they get more checkout's - Toptenner106

The world market is awesome

The World Market? Take that off this list! The world market is the best! It has stuff from all over the world for cheapish!

The world market has they cool stuff, totally mlg - bjinmaro64

15 Dillards

Dillards is so expensive! - Videogamesgal

Dillard's is like a thrift store. Most of their clothes they sell have been returned. Their's always a yellow label on almost all their clothing meaning they were purchased before.

DIllards is so expensive especially compared to Charlotte Russe Love culture. And forever 21

Thift store quality, extremely high prices

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16 99 Dollar Store

Do you mean 99 cent store? - Cesium

From fake brands to really disturbing stuff. - Navylexi

17 Blockbuster Video

It trash there four dead mouse in there

18 Build-A-Bear Workshop

Also they had a One Direction bear! I LOVE One Direction?! Thank you build-a-bear for making my dreams come true. :') - Ilovestephanie

I hate this place. The stuffing is everywhere and you have wild kids running around.

So many little kids are out of control and their parents simply don't care.

The Build-A-Bear Workshops here in Maryland are AMAZING! The staff there are nice and sweet. They also welcome you when you walk in the stores. I even went there for my birthday one time and they wished me a happy birthday! :) :D - Ilovestephanie

19 Office Depot

No good back home be4 the police come and get the ceetos

20 Petco

The place is supposed to have pets, but every time I go they don’t have any pets. - Videogamesgal

This is not a Petco story but Pet Smart and Petco are partners right? Anyways I got a fish tank for Christmas when I was 11 and we went to get fish from Pet Smart. In the span of a few weeks every fish we got has died even though I took good care of them. We got sick of buying fish and then later gave up on Pet Smart.

Do they even feed the fish? Why are they dead? - SandwichSWAT

ANY place that sells live creatures as if they were products should be shut down immediately... Or at least boycotted...

Where else are you gonna get reptiles, birds, rabbits, hamsters, or fish as pets

21 Payless Payless

I just got shoes from Payless, and the soles fell apart and they're pretty much destroyed now. It's only been a little less than 2 weeks! Not coming back. - Popsicles

Yes, there shoes fall apart after a week

Crappiest shoes and walmart

Mine didn't

22 Justice Justice

I got a backpack from them and it was breaking and the employee just ripped off the part where it was broken.

Too girly - PerfectImpulseX

Justice is a place I used to shop at when I was a kid and it was terrible! They always play the same song 5 times and it really annoys you. When they do their buy something get something free, the item is always gone they say even though the item is right behind them. When you put something on hold you ask them to get for you from the back they say, “Sorry, I guess we sold it.” All their stuff there is really cheap and breaks easily. - Videogamesgal

This store treats girls like they are princeSses or something like that

23 Albertson's

I work at Reasors, which bought the last Albertson's location in my city. So that's why Albertson's is #15, because we assimilated it into OBLIVION.

24 Primark

the stuffs just cheap crap

Seriously?! Apart from the Emoji crap, this shop is amazing.

Best store

It's all cheap and the material is so thin - there's no point buying a t-shirt for £3 if it only survives in the washing machine 3 times. If you're looking for cool, colourful clothes that will actually last, try Superdry instead. - Entranced98

25 Dollar General Store Dollar General Store

To dirty and to much dirt most toys are open and mine got shut down


26 Hot Topic

Good store for band/fandom merchandise, but they're expensive...at least where I live. - Catacorn

A hive of weebs and miserable goths. Just isn't my kind of place. - VeryPissedOffCinnabon

How is Hot Topic one of the worst place to shop? I think it's the best place to shop! All the band merchandise...

Take Hot Topic off the list! What's wrong with it? This is where I get my anime merch! - Pegasister12

27 Target Target Target Corporation is the second-largest discount store retailer in the United States, behind Walmart, and a component of the S&P 500 Index.

Target has EVERYTHING! It's also pretty cheap too and I'm pretty sure it's good quality.

Amazing store

What are you talking about "only clothes"?!? Are you like blind or something? When I WALK into a store I see, movies, random stuff (like the 3 dollar stuff), and clothes. Walk to the right, and you have food and house stuff. TARGETS THE BEST DUDE!

Dude, Target is like, The best store ever

28 Sears Sears

Adam walsh was abducted there

Their customer service was awful, it feels dirty to be in there, it looks terrible, and if you are a customer there is never any help to be found every time I have been in there. they always pressure you to get their credit card and as an ex employee there I can say that they are told to try to force that on you, and are rewarded when they do.

This should be number 1 sears has the worst customer service ever and kemore and creatsmen stuff is junk

Kenmore stuff and Craftsman stuff is awful. really anything sears sells is terrible. its not worth stepping in the front door.

29 Under Armour Under Armour Under Armour, Inc. is an American company that manufactures footwear, sports, and casual apparel. Under Armour's global headquarters are located in Baltimore, Maryland with additional offices located in Amsterdam, Austin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Houston, Jakarta, London, Mexico City, Munich, New York ...read more.

Under armor is ugly and it does not last long

More like under rags!

I hate Under Armour so much!

I love Under Armour. Take this off!

30 McDonald's

I love this store so much

The damn burger always gotta look like somebody punched it!

Hm this person who added this might have some sight problems.

Not a store! It's a restaurant!

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31 Gamestop

I love gamestop - Justinaparodies

How the hell is this not higher? The only good thing about the store are the cheap games but that's it. You trade in a mint condition console and like 5 perfectly working games you only get Like 40 dollars maybe 40 dollars and 38 cents in store credit! Such greedy idiots. These people always force you to sign up for their crap and to buy and pre order things it's so annoying! Like is it that hard to just get to the point so I can play my game I bought? - B1ueNew


GameStop some of the locations are decent but the ones where I live are bad. Also I hate how you can't trade in games or consoles until your eighteen even if the games are rated e. If you want to buy a decent game buy them from amazon or at a retro game store.

32 Netto

More like Chavvo. You'll lose count of how many Adidas hoodies and tracksuit bottoms you'll see in here... - Entranced98


IKEA is great! It is from here I got most of my furniture! - darthvadern

Claustrophobic layout and the slowest shopping experience in years.

Nice furniture, but the way you have to walk is ridiculous.

Terrible furniture quality and the route is confusing - MChkflaguard_Yt

34 Hollister

It's too dark, hot, and smelly. The staff don't know their ways around the store.

I love Hollister I don't know why you guys don't like it but I do.

The person below me has a REALLY GOOD example of what a Toys R Us would be like.


35 X-Cargo
36 Hong Kong Market Place

It's just disgusting. H-mart isn't the best, but it's better.

This store smells like the dumpster. Not much cool stuff. Very unorganized. Not that colorful. It smells really bad in the condiment aisle, so STAY AWAY FROM THIS AISLE! Evil twin of H-Mart, another Asian market, where the H means heart, happy, and heaven. But here, H means hate, horrible, and hell. Horrible, disgusting, nasty place! Gross! DEUUEAUGH!

37 Party City Party City

I so hate shopping here! The one where I use to live things were always on the floor!

38 Staples
39 Publix Supermarket

Well maybe a little crowded for me

My local publix is rarely crowded

It is crazy in there. Always packed and you can almost never get down an Aisle .

40 Goody's
41 Catos

I went there and they don't even sell men's clothes at all, just womanly crap.

42 Family Dollar Family Dollar

Worst store ever - Justinaparodies

The management a large part of the employees are rude and cruel. There are a few employees that are kind there. I was made fun of. This is no joke. I ended up leaving in tears and I haven't gotten the nerve to turn these 3 employees in. I keep thinking that if the store manager could joke about me to his employees and the employees joined in the reindeer games, then what is district manager or upper management like. What hurt me even more was there was a long line of customers behind me, so needless to say this has hurt me deeply with regret for stepping foot in this childish store, Main st. Riverside, Ca Family Dollar grow up.

You need to report these people cause they have no business serving the publics if they are that unprofessional and vulgar!

43 Abercrombie & Fitch

A really prejudice store not wanting "unpopular" or "fat" people wearing their clothes. It's expensive and not worth it

EVERYTHING is expensive, but not too expensive, its fine.

44 Tesco

Buying alcohol there is a nightmare! I'm a citizen of an EU country but the cashier did't recognize my ID because it wasn't on the picture of the world's ID's she looks at when checking, so I couldn't by beer even though my ID says I'm old enough... Horrible store

This the place I get sick of. There was one near Castlereagh road. It's like having a job where you get the food your looking for and once you got the food you go home. It's getting very old and if only a different shop replaces it like Sainsbury

So bad the kids in my school make jokes and memes out of it

45 Save-A-Lot

Cheap ass stuff - ShopkinsLover

46 Meijer

Everyone there is so weird - Dvafan2

47 Just-A-Buck
48 Frys

Which Fry's, the grocery store or the electronics store?

49 Ross

Ross gave me headache and worst store ever because they sell baby toys - Justinaparodies

Ross gives me a headache every time I go here I feel disoriented by the blinding lights and stuffy atmosphere. I could go my whole life never hearing of ross again.

I hate this store. The toys are all over the place and all of the shoes they have their are like made out of cheap rubber.


50 Burlington Coat Factory

Boring place. Nothing cool. No time to shop anywhere else. BS! Burlington sucks!


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