Best Car Brands

The Top Ten
1 BMW BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke in German, or Bavarian Motor Works in English) is a German multinational company which currently produces luxury automobiles and motorcycles, and also produced aircraft engines until 1945.

Driving the BMW 320i for the first time, I realized that the car represented sheer, ultimate driving pleasure. The luxurious interior of the 320i is very pleasurable and spacious. It is definitely a car that you only let certain people inside. And, to be honest, it's capable of attracting eyes when people see you driving the BMW 320i. The first time I drove the 320i to my church, it felt like I was 'showing off', but I wasn't at all.

However, I want to drive the new BMW Z4 convertible. That's only if I tend to live alone in life. If I ever do get married and have a couple of kids, the Z4 couldn't be my car, but the 3-series definitely will be. Perhaps a 3-series convertible for more pleasure.

I love my 2013 BMW M3! I saved up since I was 18, and now I am 25! This thing goes so fast! I love its look, as I love all BMW car looks. Best casual/luxury car company ever! Every time I wake up, I look at my car and think: "Wow, I never thought I would be so attached to a car. I think I'm physically attached... Or I'm crazy... I just love it! I can't believe it took me five years to get this beauty! It was worth the time!". BMW is my dream car company. If someone gave me a 2016 BMW M5, I would be the happiest man on Earth, for real. I love BMW, and it will always be my favorite car company. Love the M3!

BMW definitely deserves to be number one. My family has had a wide variety of car brands and models. German cars can really take abuse and I know this because some people in my family don't know how to treat their cars so they don't know how to take care of them. But BMW and Mercedes makes cars that are built to last. I voted on BMW because they have also been making better looking cars than Mercedes. Mercedes has been slacking lately even though I like the new s-class, c-class, gle- class, and a couple others.

I have owned BMW ever since I did away with my 89 ford crown wagon. The ford was a piece of junk compared to the BMW M3 Series I purchased new in 2000. This car is unbelievable on the road on any highway condition. Truly a amazing car with refinements that are perfect. I was able to do the speed it said could do on the odometer. Truly an amazing driving machine. I gave the car to my daughter in 2010 and she loves it, it has 213,000 miles on it with no problems other than normal maintenance and new tires once every two years. Great driving machine. By the way I did by new 550 series, again a full nominal car with the top refinements I have grown to expect. BEST CAR I HAVE EVER OWNED.

2 Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes, Porsche, Honda (Acura), Toyota (Lexus) are the leaders in quality and in no particular order. People that picked BMW may have picked them because of design but certainly not quality! They don't know the truth! How would I know? I administered warranty repair paperwork for that brand. There's a saying that the perception of quality is far more important than actual quality and it must have been written becuase of BMW. I give them a 6 for quality and the mercedes is a 10... I have worked in the service dept. S of Ford, Toyota, Honda, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Nissan and Isuzu... I can tell you this... You can't go wrong with a Toyota, Honda or Mercedes. Sure there are other model cars that are fine cars. (please don't include BMW ) The stack of papers I had to go through for BMW warranty repairs could fuel a bonfire for weeks. Don't be fooled by JD Powers either. I believe they promote cars that they want to promote, not by quality or facts.

1. They put a minimum of 8 coats of paint on the car.
2. It is the only car in the world whose seat back won't break during most crashes.
3. Driving a Mercedes, even an older Mercedes means class. Period. No debate. You cannot say that with other cars.
4. They really do last and last. Mercedes even has a million mile club. These cars are built to last. The current high-mileage champion is Gregorios Sachinidis, a Greek taxi driver who holds the known record of more than 2.8
Million miles in his 1976 Mercedes-Benz.

The Mercedes-Benz is classy. It is engineered to have excellent performance, safety, and longevity. The Mercedes-Benz designs always have the image of looking new. It is number One in everything. The technology is so innovative and the service is superb. It is so durable. I will invest in Mercedes-Benz forever. The only other cars I would purchase would be the Bentley and the Rolls Royce Ghost. I own a 2013 S550 Mercedes-Benz. I love the ride.

Mercedes are my personal choice, as they did actually make the first road going vehicle. They are good looking, they drive superbly (even more so if it's a high performance AMG variant), ther economical, practical, the build quality is superb, lovely place to sit, great value on the second hand market, they handle nicely and there prestige. And there German.

3 Lamborghini Automobili Lamborghini is an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUVs based in Sant'Agata Bolognese and tractors Lamborghini Trattori in Pieve di Cento, Italy.

It has to be the best car manufacture ever. The quality they make these cars is superb. Everything from the engine, to the suspension, to the body of these cars are a true masterpiece. An easy example of the quality and thought they put into these cars is that they don't use cow hide for their made by hand leather seats, but bull hides because of the stretch marks cows get. The technology behind these beasts is amazing! The power and the luxurious feel they have to them is unique. Besides making the best supercars, it is also an extremely versatile company because of the tractors Lamborghini fabricates. Ferruccio Lamborghini is a true genius and visionary for giving us Lamborghini. In simple words, Lamborghini has no equal.

By far the best car in the world, nothing compares to it! Ferrari sucks compared to Lamborghini people say Ferrari's are the best, but they're not! Also Mustangs a model not a brand, so it shouldn't be on this list. Also Porsche's, Bugatti's, Maserati's, Aston Martin's, Dodge's, Jaguar's, Bentley's, Rolls Royce's, Chevrolet's and Cadillac's are also really good and deserve to be better than Ferrari, but Lamborghini is by far No. 1! If you don't think so, check out the Huracan, Aventador, Asterion. All their concepts and previous cars, then you'll know Lamborghini is No. 1!

Lamborghini cars look very cool! I especially love the look of the Lamborghini Gallardo in yellow color. My friend told me that Porsche is better than Lamborghini. It isn't. Thanks to Ferruccio Lamborghini, we wouldn't have had a wonderful and cool-looking race car! And, wow, its door just opens upward! It looks like a wing! It is wonderfully a great and cool design. Long live the Lamborghini!

Lamborghini was first started to beat the car makers from Ferrari and boy, did they do it! The growth the company has achieved, the cars they have rolled out in recent times and the fan base they have garnered around the world is commendable, and perhaps, they can be called, or are fit to be called the leading car makers in the world in the luxury sports car segment.

4 Ferrari

Only a list comprised of votes by non car people would have the almighty Prancing Horse at number five. The most successful racing team in the history led by the greatest manager of any car manufacturer, Enzo. Ferrari is home of the greatest non-Brazillian driver in history; Schumacher. Ferrari produces art. In 20 years, nobody will care how the 4 banger in the 3-series sips on gas, or how comfortable the A4 is; but the F40 will still be hailed. Lamborghini has been a humorous joke since the Diablo. Kids not old enough to drive will point at L-cars foolishly without even knowing what a Miura is. Doctors and lawyers who tailgate and don't indicate turns will rant about their German saloon, but can't even drive a manual.

The Laferrari is a bear same with the fxxk and the f12 berlinetta look them all up they are really cool Ferrari are the kings of sports cars and are a perfect choice for super car enthusiasts. I recommend Ferrari but not just because they are fast but their passion. Engine sounds amazing love every. When I hear the two words "sports cars", I think of a Ferrari. Enzo Ferrari is a legend and so is the car brand itself. That's why I think Ferrari deserves the number one spot.

Everybody is so obsessed with Lamborghini that they don't understand that there are many other car brands such as Ferrari. The 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB comes stock with a 3.9-litre v8 engine that produces 661 horsepower and a 0-60 time of 3.0 seconds. The new 2016 Lamborghini Huracan comes stock with a 5.2 litre v-10 engine. With 4 wheel drive the Huracan has 602 horsepower. The only advantage to the Huracan is a 0.5 second difference in 0-60 time, but the Ferrari 488 GBT has 59 more horse. In my opinion the biggest bang for your buck (no lambo pun intended) is the 2016 Ferrari 488 GBT from performance to lifetime their the best!

Their cars look sleek, professional, and always ready to race. Lamborghinis are similar, but they lack the sleek race car look generally (some still do) and break down a lot. Ferrari is better built in that sense and they have a lot more racing experience & such. A Ferrari is the car, kids, look at and say "that's the car I want when I grow up" or adults say "that's the car I want after retirement". It's everyone's dream car.

5 Audi Audi AG is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, produces, markets and distributes luxury vehicles

Although I am in really into supercars, my favorite car brand has to be my favorite. I would love an A8 in my garage. The touch screen and cool gadgets and the rear screens and the design. I am also a big fan of the r8. The speed and acceleration and the design. Although I love brands like BMW, Lexus, Cadillac, Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, Mercedes, Porsche, and Aston Martin, I love Audi the most.

Surprised (and happy) was number 4 on list a lot of people don't realize the quality of these cars. They look amazing; super comfortable. S Models are much quicker than competitors, yet manage to cost less as well, RS are out of this world fast. Can't think of another brand that come close to money/quality best brand of car I have ever owned and from now on only brand I ever will.

Audi is not for the average driver who just wants to drive a premium brand, Audi has the looks, performance, and above all quality, it is not even fair to compare it to some of the mass production German cars, if you never drove an Audi do yourself a favor and test drive one, you will feel different and classy.

I had a 2003 A4 V6 with the six speed manual. Almost orgasmic. I had to replace the clutch but that was my fault - not theirs! Interior quality was somewhat lacking but I still count this as my absolute favorite car. If there was an Audi dealer in my area, I would still be driving one.

6 Toyota Toyota is a Japanese car manufacturer, located in Toyota, Japan. Some of their most notable cars include the Prius, Corolla, and Highlander.

I owned a 1970 Corolla (1200) and it was a wonderful car for the most part. Had problems with sticky valves as it got older, so I was periodically having to use carb cleaner to free them up. Car was hit by a drunk driver while parked outside my apartment complex in 1974, and totaled (76K on it). I own a 1991 Toyota 2wd Pickup with 208K miles on it (22RE engine), and It's great, reliable. Toyota moved away from its roots however & got hung up on making obese monster trucks that Americans want; and this has hurt their standard of quality and image for some.

Toyota is the most successful car company making it much better than a company like Ferrari or Lamborghini that just makes fast cars that the majority of people would never consider buying. Everyone who voted for a supercar company does not drive since the majority of supercars are uncomfortable.

This is the most reliable vech brand, PERIOD. Sold worldwide, used by those all over the world who if caught, broke down, would end up paying the ultimate price, "THEIR LIVES"! They only use 2 different makes/models when going to the center of south pole ANTARCTICA. Both of which are a YOTA. These are FACTS, not my opinion.

My 83 Toyota 4x4 pickup was the last year made totally in Japan. I rebuilt the engine because it wouldn't pass Calif. smog at 259K. Got a new paint job and I expect another 30 years out of it at 25+mpgs. Oh, and it has been almost maintenance free. The most expensive thing that I have had to get for it is tires, about every 70K.

7 Ford The Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

Ford cars aren't genuine American vehicles as they did. Today, Ford is a big global distributor of whatever profitable machine developed in third world countries and they've no problems in labeling 'em with the Ford emblem to be sold at their large net of dealers. So Ford just is skilled to make joint ventures with almost unknown foreign brands from remote countries assembled under cheap incomes' manpool, then those vehicles are shipped away with the Ford marque, who is hired for the after selling services. Ford quality then can be a matter of good luck for the buyer.

I have to say that I have been a loyal Ford customer for over 26 years and like the saying goes "if you take care of your vehicle it will take care of you". I currently own 3 Fords and a 2008 Honda Accord. I have a 1992 Ranger XLT with Manual Transmission that both of my kids learned to drive while they were learning to drive and taught them how to drive a stick shift. It has 200,000 miles and still going strong. I also have a 2006 Ford F-150 FX4 that rides like a champ and also a 2010 GT500 Shelby. What can I say about it except that it is a powerful machine with a smooth handling. All in all completely satisfied with Ford. By the way, the Honda belongs to my wife, what can I say she loves Honda. Not a bad car, but I still prefer Ford.

Best built car and truck line worldwide. Each time I land at an airport, I look out the window to see what kind of vehicle is on the tarmac. Nine times out of ten it's a Ford truck. In the USA, most cabs and police cars are Fords. Ford has built many greats such as the Lincoln Continental, the Mark series, LTD, Ranchero, Mustang, Shelby, Thunderbird, the F Series trucks, Falcon, C-Max, Fusion, Taurus, Cougar, Focus, etc. All vehicles in my opinion have excelled in quality, design and performance.

Having in mind that no car is perfect, due to it's designer (men are NOT perfect) there is always some better than others, in my experience Fords have filled my needs in reliability, staying together for a long time. Maybe counts that I keep their maintenance schedules. To give a couple of examples real quick: I owned a Ford Ranger until clocked over 355,000 miles and I sold it. Another one was a Ford Escort with the 1.9 I sold it at 281,000 plus miles. And I don't want to get into the Crown vics...

8 Porsche

There is simply no comparison. Every brand above Porsche in this list is either saturated with overpriced cars, or have horrendous track records regarding reliability (I'm looking at you, in particular, Audi and BMW). Porsche, on the other hand, is not only known for its fantastic build quality, reliability (for a luxury car), outstanding customer satisfaction, and performance; but it also has unparalleled history in motorsports that no other car manufacturer can even come close to. Porsche is easily the top car brand in the world today...has been for decades, and will be for many more.

Porsche is the definition of the perfect car in every category family luxury sport racing and supercars. The design is made to excel. The engine is so powerful that they give the best sensational and smooth driving experience. Also, Porsche has countless of trophies in professional racing events. Porsche has a famous design name not only for cars, but various things like shoes and furniture. They are expensive cars, but I think compared with Ferrari or McLaren, they have the most reasonable prices

I love every brand above Porsche on this list (besides the highly overrated Lamborghini) but Porsche makes the best cars in the world. They perform better than BMW, Audi, and Mercedes and you can't even drive half of the lambos or ferraris on the roads without having to consistently replace the oil pans that bang on the road over every bump. And this is not biased, I own an Audi and love it.

Style and substance, wins at racing and wins in usable performance with enough practicality (and serious race-bred reliability) to make something special work every day. That is the magic of Porsche that other luxury brands envy and aspiring brands can't even touch.

9 Honda Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and power equipment.

I know that all the expensive, like Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini cars are great and everything, but the only cars I've ever had are Hondas. Honda Accord, 2 Honda Odysseys, and a Honda Fit. They are reliable cars that I see everywhere. They've got super duper looper cool models, and they are great for families. Go Hondas! I love you so (infinity o's) much. I take back whatever I said about my car being boring. It was just because I got used to you. Love you! #1 fan #biggestfaneva

I have seen many car brands but none were a match against BMW, Honda, Lamborghini, etc. Toyota has stood 2nd in prices held which consisted Honda too. The people who think that Toyota Corolla 2014 has beaten Honda so they are wrong. Toyota has cheated the headlights of Honda Civic 14 and have extended it to a limited length so that none could know about their relevance. Honda and the other 2 brands are number 1.

I've owned an array of vehicles;
Ford escort
Subaru Forester
Hyundai Accent
Dodge Dakota
Dodge Colt
2 Honda Accords
Honda Civic
and finally a Volkswagen Jetta
But altogether the Honda's needed the least amount of repairs, were cheapest to repair when needed and never ever left me stranded. The worst was the Subaru needing so many repairs tied closely with my Jetta which ended up stranding me multiple times, I'm now brand loyal to Honda!

I have seen many brands but best of them are BMW, Honda, Lamborghini etc. If a man says that Toyota corolla has now beaten Honda by its 2014 model so they are wrong. Toyota has copied the shape of civic 2014 and has extended it so that no one can know about its relevance. Honda has been leading toyota since 2001 or before. So honda and the other2 brands are number 1.

10 Nissan

Seriously an underrated brand. As with almost all other JDM cars, they have so much reliability it's not even funny. The Nissan Gtr goes head to head with the 911. The Fairlady's (z's) are so much fun to drive. This brand may not be the most powerful but I don't see anyone else putting so much into a v6 engine that it can keep up with all these more powerful enginges. People just don't understand the brand no to mention its basically the brand that put Japan on the map.

I have a 2006 Altima V6, and love it! It runs like a luxury car (very smooth and quiet), has been reliable, is fun to drive (accelerates quickly for a near full-sized sedan), and is comfortable. The only thing that it lacks is an infotainment system...however, most pedestrian cars in 2006 didn't have those fancy screens in the dashboard!

If I'm honest, I'd pick Nissan because they have affordable cars with quality, as well as some faster stuff like the Z's and of course the GT-R. If it comes down to what you get for the money it's ahead. I don't own a Nissan because I prefer nicer cars, but what you get for the money. It's great.

Such an amazing car brand. It has everything from small girly cars (Nissan Micra) to family cars (Nissan Sentra) to luxurious cars (Nissan Altima, Maxima) and even super cars (Nissan GTR should I say more? ). Very reliable cars with great fuel efficiency and great balance on the road.

The Contenders
11 Tesla

I will have a Tesla remote Key which costs $72.95, also I will get Tesla Wireless Charger which Costs $35 to get Tesla and also I will get my own ID on my 16th Birthday well it had more Technologies than any Car in the world also if the Battery gets low I will charge with Wireless Charger, I need to be 16 or older to drive and theres no way for me to drive while too young.

Very Hi-Tech and all hand assembled. It is art in motion without using regular fuel. Yes, everyone asks me "where do you think electricity comes from? ". But the fact that is it so much more efficient than any gas/diesel powered vehicle makes the car well worth the big $$. Besides, with time solar will be more efficient and battery technology will improve making it possible to drive the distances a gas car drives, with very fast recharge times. But if you were to visit Tesla and see the quality of the car, and compare it to anything out there, you'll quickly figure out that it is the most luxurious car available.

Owned a number of high end brand cars and NOTHING comes near the quality and feel of driving a Tesla. Pricey - YES but it delivers the quality and drive experience that makes it worth every penny. if you haven't driven one yet - do so. I took delivery of my Tesla in May and, thanks to it technology and update capability, my car performs functions today that it could not do in May. There is no other auto on the road that can make that statement. I'm still a little shy when it comes to the Auto Pilot Mode, but I will overcome that just as I overcame the "Range Anxitey" that most Tesla owners feel when they first purchase the car. We've been on several overnight trips in the Tesla and have never once experienced an issue with recharging. The technology in the car makes it impossible to run out of a charge - unless, of course, you choose to ignore the system prompts.

If I found have any car Tesla is going to be mine, there cars are ELECTRIC so there helpful to the environment and there high tech and amazing, they have butterfly door which I think no other car has for cars of that praise, one charge takes you about 350 miles, it is about 80,000 dollars but this car is worst more then what they sell it for, Tesla is my number 1 car.

12 Chevrolet Chevrolet, colloquially referred to as Chevy and formally the Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company, is an American automobile division of the American manufacturer General Motors.

Chevy is the best car I have ever owned, and it's better than a crappy FORD, because the FORD I owned stalled me in the middle of the road twice and the junk WIFI shuts down. Chevys have a heated front, and heated rear seats. I once saw an Aveo at Huber Chevy for 15,550, and at Janssen Kool Honda it was 15,600, when we paid for it, they charged an extra 2,000 for the same car. Ridiculous, right?

It kind of sucks the new silverado has 12 recalls. Though I'm a ford guy, the corvette is awesome. To bad it broke down. But, I'm unhappy about the junky airbags. That recall has screwed up chevy, and that really sucks.

The Chevy is obviously the best in my opinion. It as great things inside like extra heating and cooling, seats that you can relax in and lay down in, and so many other things to say.

Chevrolet has many great cars out there, especially that now they always have dashboard screens, and lots of them have Bose audio.

13 Jaguar

Superior engineering, elegant coachwork, and rolling masterpieces of style and design. No other manufacturer has had so many graceful and magnificent cat like motoring machines as Jaguar. Sports/GT cars AND saloons to rival any other. They truly live up to their name.

Jag's are svelte. Jaguar makes sick cars. While BMW, Audi, and Mercedes tinker around making lane assist garbage, and self-parking packages, Jaguar doesn't care. Jaguar ignores the rules. Jaguar doesn't need the best GPS, Jaguar doesn't need $5,000 headlights, Jaguar doesn't need 80 way seat, because well it's a JAAG.

Good enough for the Queen to have one custom built over that of a Bentley, something must be equivalent with class and elegance if it parallels that of the Royal families taste and prestige.

As I own a 2014 jaguar xf I think that they are outstanding, the amount of looks I get driving it is insane, not only that it has the most comfortable ride ever, also the interior is stunning as leather is standard all across the dahsboard...just a stunning vehicle

14 Bugatti

I agree. a tear came to my eyes to see that Bugatti Is not 1. firstly the legendary Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Supersport held the spot of fastest car in the world for over 8 years. Something no other car has ever achieved. And to this day, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport remains one of the fastest cars in history. However I believe that it should be first because it has now released Chiron. Bugatti Chiron. Now, Click that vote button and I hope to see Bugatti at 1!

French are really genius people, they invented car and cinema, combined both and... Anyway, that's a pity they don't put more in producing other cars like that. Other French brands are ok, but not really known in spite of their millions of cars produced.

Anybody who thinks bugatti is the best actually knows nothing about cars. They only think it's best cause it's fast. They are ugly pieces of crap. Oh, and it's not W-24 it's W-16. ALL super cars are ugly, stupid pieces of junk for girls and men with a little bitty penis

Ugly car, and has little technology. It would still be cool to own one, BUT it is barely faster then the corvette z06. Not only that but the corvette has a lot more MODERN technology, looks a lot better, and is a lot cheaper.

15 Aston Martin

What! Only 15th! These cars are perfect they're beautiful, stylish, elegant... every good adjective you like.
The DB11 and DB5 are really the best cars EVER.
Mr Bond, you could not make a better choice for car.

I dunno why they didn't include Aston Martin in top 10 list. I think at least Aston Martin has to be in 5th position. Because it's such a lovely car and plus this car is like a bat out of a hell

James bond drove it-says it all. Unmatched in coolness. Bmw aren't cool, only marketing salesmen drive them

Aston Martin is an absolutely beautiful car, the only thing better is... Another Aston martin

16 Bentley

Come on Bentley should also be in the top 10 along with Jaguar and Rolls Royce.

the continental is the greatest overall car in the world. It's fast, luxurious, practical, handles well, looks great and can drive in any condition (not up a mountain but you know what I mean).

The Best Brand and awesome cars I ever watched.

Bentley is my body soul

17 Volkswagen

I drive VW CC and most people think its Mercedes when I give them a ride. Very reliable car for amount of systems it has. Yeah you might argue that your Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla is so much better and reliable, yea because those are super simplistic, mass produced cheap and boring cars that have no character. Also maintenance on VW is one of the cheapest of other Euro car brands

What's so awesome about VW? I hate it! It's list of cars they make are the gorgeous Lamborghini, Bugatti, and so many other awesome cars... I say, let Lamborghini and Bugatti make themselves they have there own name let them create themselves! Check it out- there's more to the list than Bugatti and Lamborghini!

Dad auto. The car. It's basic. Volkswagen- people's car. That's what VW is... But with a lot more. The German design is somehow sporty while subtle, and their high-class, sportier models are easily the price. Along with that, the GTI may be the best possible first car for a teen- and that gives it my applause

Volkswagen are the best. They are reliable, fuel efficient and you'll fall in love with them. In addition, they own Skoda, seat, Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, Buggati and Porsche amongst others so if you ever happen to own one of those brands you know your in safe hands.

18 Mazda Mazda Motor Corporation, commonly referred to as simply Mazda, is a Japanese multinational automaker based in Fuchū, Aki District, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.

Mazda just does the average consumer car better than everyone else when it comes to price, performance, and overall value. They feel higher end, but are priced to compete with the mainstream Toyotas and Hondas. And they are always fun to drive.

I love my Mazda3 for the most part; it is a very reliable car and is very nice to drive. The only problem that I have with it is that I feel like they should have done a much better job with the connectivity to my phone, some problems that I have with it are: I can't choose the song that I want to hear (it almost always says unable to view song library) and if I put my arm over my phone, it loses the connection. I'm very disappointed that Mazda doesn't have Apple Carplay. If you don't care about the carplay, then Mazda is a solid choice for a new car.

If you are leading a busy life and require a vehicle that doesn't entail constant maintenance trips to the dealer, prefer a reliable engine+drive train, decent mpg, and the much coveted trait of being fun to drive - aka "spirited" handling - what they mean by "zoom-zoom-zoom," than take a test drive at a Mazda dealer and decide for yourself. Currently driving a '15 Prius Five and had a '16 CX-5 for a day. Toyotas in general (RAV4s, Camrys & Corollas) are a "numb," PC driving simulator-like experience even in PWR Mode when the gas pedal is the most reactive. Transitioning from Toyota to a Mazda is like being accustomed to 1080p on Youtube, then getting your face melted by a 4k big screen. Take a test drive and decide for yourself!

Wow...How is this possibly 20th? Fuel efficient Skyactiv, great features for the money, great handling and fun to drive, elegant yet flashy styling, advanced safety technologies, what's not to like?

19 Cadillac Cadillac is a division of the American automobile manufacturer General Motors that designs and builds luxury vehicles.

No offense but almost all the people who voted for BMW, MERCEDES, or any other luxury German, Italian, or British car have probably never driven one, or can afford one. Cadillac is 4 as nice at half the price of German cars with outdated systems. Please take this into consideration, that even though BMW, lambo, Audi are in the top spots, I bet you that almost everyone who voted for them only like them because they are flashy "rich" cars, not because they have ever owned them and have really experienced them.

Social default bias is a real thing in the luxury car community. It's the only reason mediocre-looking and performing BMW is in the top spot. It's the only reason increasingly uglier Ferraris are still popular. It's the only reason aging Mercedes is up there.

They will all fall away; Cadillac is the future.

Ohh yes! When I turn 16/18, I'll ask for a Cadillac. They're awesome, they're beautiful and they're really expensive, but it's fine. Although, really, I find Teslas better.

Cadillac is king of the road. Cadillac, Dodge and Honda should be on the top of this list.

20 Dodge

I think Dodge is the best because they are the only brand left that makes pure muscle cars. Fords mustang and Chevrolets Camaro are sport cars now. And while the charger may have turned into more of a sport muscle now(Albeit still awesome), the challenger remains true to the original and is currently the only Muscle car left in production.

I love the Viper. One of my favorite cars! I love it's style and speed. Dodge put a small team to work on a car that was needed very shortly and they made a supercar Love this brand, love their cars and love their style.

Great styling cars with lots of performance that have a lot of character unlike some of it's Japanese competition have you seen the Hellcat, that car will put some European super cars to shame.

Dodge is one of the raddist car companies ever. They go all the way from family class so like minivans all the way to sport/muscle cars so like the Challenger or the Viper. They also beat some super cars in racing.

21 Rolls Royce

Bentley does make magnificent cars, however rolls Royce out does them with the cullinan vs bentayga, ghost vs flying spur, wraith vs continental, dawn vs continental convertible and especially phantom vs muslanne. Rolls Royce is the pinnacle of luxury and nothing compares.

I do not know what is up with people these days, Jaguar, a luxury sports automobile manufacturer, Rolls Royce, most luxurious car company in the world and even Bentley all have such low rankings.

Seriously Rolls Royce at number 18,Rolls Royce is definitely the most luxurious car company in the world. I have sat in many Rolls Royce and inside the car it basically feels like a V12 7-Star hotel.

My dad has owned several luxury cars since I've been around from Ferrari's to Bently's but my favourite of his is the Rolls Royce. He has the newer Dawn model and Phantom and the are the best, so good that my first car will be the wraith

22 Koenigsegg Koenigsegg is a Swedish supercar manufacturer, founded by Christian von Koenigsegg in 1994. Only producing about 15 cars a year, Koenigsegg is one of the rarest cars to see on the road.

This car company is one of a kind: handmade production cars, lead by a man who have no experience on creating cars, breaking Bugatti's record, and survived a disaster (where the Koenigsegg factory got burnt down).

Sexiest Car that any person could ever wish for, the design is like no other. It's a mix of both passion and science so its like a ferrari basically this car brand is the best in the world from my point of view. Agera SAK here I come

Koenigsegg should be in the top 10. Stunningly fast and sleek not to mention the great looks this hand made compony deserves to be rated better.

Bruh why is it here or should be number 1 car in the world!

23 Lexus

Lexus. The words that define it are luxury, refinement, elegance and the most important of all reliability. You can always rely on a Lexus. Their engines last a lifetime. Amongst the top 10 most reliable car brands of 2015, Lexus is ranked Number 1, yes Number 1. Their latest creations are masterpieces crafted to perfection. The 2016 Lexus LX, their flagship SUV is just.. mind-blowing. The interior of the LX is unbelievable and the capability of the SUV is indeed immense. Along with the capabilities and the amount of detail and luxury put in, Lexus has got to be in the top 10. Way to go, Lexus.

Just like Toyota, the company that has the highest number of military vehicles in operation made by it and the one that states that they will not use a new technology unless they are absolutely sure it will be reliable, but with more comfort and a price advantage against cars.

This car luxury makes me one of the most important on the traffic. I feel the respect that comes from overs, and of course it is very comfortable and easy driving. In one word it is a very nice car.

Lexus makes me feel luxury, unspeakable fit. Smart and comfortable, feels of being protected...

24 Subaru

The most underrated car brand in the world. Their cars are stylish, practical, comfortable, reliable, and has the most efficient AWD system on the market. They also make the fun WRX STI and the BRZ. They are also a company dedicated to promoting equality, among its own workers, and in the world, as well as promoting environmentalism by turning their Indiana plant into a zero landfill facility, making PZEV and now hybrid cars, partnering with many causes including Leave No Trace to promote responsible use of our outdoor wildernesses, and with CNN Heroes to provide matching funds for the many projects of the special people around the world who have been recognized for making a big difference in the world. But my favorite feature is the AWD. As I am writing this, my area is forecasted to get 8-12in (20.54cm-30.48cm) of snow in the next 36 hours. If I have to make a quick store run, I'm not really worried about it.

There is no such thing as the 'best car ever', because they all have different purposes. But if there was a best car brand in the world, this would be it. Subaru do EVERYTHING. They go fast, 4WD, comfy as hell, stylish, extremely reliable, everything.

I had driven VWs for 20 years, before that, nothing but Ford Mustangs. I switched from VWs to Subaru due to the VW's constant issues with everythign. Never have I loved my car, or enhjotyed driving it as much as I do my current Subaru (and I had GLI's, which are no slouch to drive). Living in New England, the Subaru has also been the best thing I have driven (trucks included) in the snow.

So underrated! Subarus are dependable, cost effective, extremely fuel efficient, very safe in crash testing, and handsome looking as well. Also, the Subaru WRX STI is well known for its world class performance! so underrated! This should be at least be top 10! But 23?!?

25 Lotus

Lotus is one of the best brands established. It makes the best racing cars as well as the best man made luxury cats available on the markt. I think it deserves better.

Colin Chapman wrote much of motorsport history with ground effect... + Lotus cars were and are beautiful

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