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61 Dadnapped

Emily Osment is one of the best actresses of all time and every single character in this movie was in another Disney Channel Show. (Jason Earles, Emily Osment, Phill Lewis, David Henrie, & Moises Arias)

It's better than most of the movies above it

Great but of course can never be true

62 Horse Sense
63 Smart House (1999)
64 Halloween Town LL Kalabar's Revenge

The "LL" (if being used as roman numerals) means "5050".? - BKAllmighty

65 Hatching Pete V 1 Comment
66 Going to the Mat
67 Don't Look Under the Bed

I've seen the Grudge and dozens of other "scary" movies. None of them gave me nightmares. This one did.

68 My Date With President's Daughter

It's a nice movie though they weren't able to attend the Spring Dance.

No lie, when my family and I watched this movie, my mom fell in love with the name Hally before my middle sister was born and that is her (Mahalla's) nickname to this very day.

V 2 Comments
69 Right On Track

This movie is impressive. It's about two sisters competing in junior drag races. Such a good movie.

Such an underrated classic...

70 Tiger Cruise

I had never really been to upset over what happened on 9/11 because I'm on the opposite end of the country, but after this I definitely got the point that not just people in New York were affected, but literally everybody.

I wish disney would play this movie more often and other of the older movies. The new movies are starting to suck.

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71 Johnny Tsunami

Great and funny movie
(felt bad had to comment )

72 Searching for David's Heart

This movie can't be found! Its an awesome movie and I need to watch it I haven't seen it in years someone please find it!

I can't find this movie anywhere! I remember watching it as a kid when it came out and I need to see it again!

Absolutely love this movie. haven't seen it in years and I can't find it anywhere

I want to see it and I loved it very much before seeing it

73 Max's Kebble's Big Move
74 My Babysitter's A Vampire: The Movie

It was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time

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75 The Other Me
76 The Even Stevens Movie

Hi I'm Brenna prior I used to watch that long time ago Befor I saw Evan Stevens movie a lot when I was growing up and it was my favorite movie ever.

77 Stepsister From Planet Weird

Oh my god! So crazy and creative! Who would've though of hairdryers at the end... I absolutely love this movie they need to show it more!

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78 Cow Belles

Good movie with the twins girls not bad at all but there other movies which are way better then this like let it shine

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79 Teen Beach 2

It was okay, but they showed it everyday for two months

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80 Rip Girls

I love this movies I wish they had it on DVD but the last time I saw it was June 13 like at 2:00

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