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101 Girl vs. Monster 2: Return of the Witch

This is not an actual movie I looked it up

102 Tower of Terror

It's the ONLY Disney Channel Movie that I've seen and actually care about.

Had Kirsten Dunst (Bring It On) and Steve Guttenberg (Zeus & Roxanne). - kristyrosepetal4

103 Avalon High

I have no idea why people keeps forgetting about awesome movie

This was the most unique and different movie. It was around the time where Disney Channel was getting diverse, they had my babysitters a vampire, wolfblood, and this, but then parents complained and ruined it.

This movie is nothing like any other dcom I've watched, I love it!

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104 Invisible Sister

Thank u! I'm so sick of these musicals. All of them stink. One song in the movie is ok but like 40 no way! High school musical camp rock and lemonade mouth are an exception though I love those movies. But teen beach movie was terrible I mean come on. Invisible sister was very different. I'm glad that this movie also didn't feature a blond actress as the main role. I also liked that we got a girl into science rather than another blond hair pink loving glamourous rich that wears girly clothes. Too many of those. Disney channel is big on stereotypes. This one doesn't promote too many. I enjoyed this movie and think it's underrated

I adored this I mean a science project that turns into invisible how cool is this. I'm getting really sick of this dumb Disneys singing movies. This has the diversity that Disney needs 2 have in its movies. Now come on I gotta be honest but Teen Beach movie is rip off of high school musical. That added music 2 teen beach movie 2 make it better. Yeah it wasn't. So I'm glad Disney is putting effort in with movies like Invisible Sister

This should be 2 after Adventures in Babysitting

This should be #1, I loved every part of it.

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105 Den Brother

I am disappointed that this was so low too, but in its defense it was that time in Disney Channel's life where it wasnt old Disney Channel or new Disney Channel

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106 Miracle in Lane 2
107 Life Is Ruff
108 Kickn' It V 2 Comments
109 Zapped!

I hated this movie it really offended me with it's stereotypical boys. It makes me ticked off! - doctorman

I don't like it when she is naming all males in the house. It's a change for her in the movie, I know. But still

I love this movie, it shows you that you don't need a phone to control boys or for them to like you.

It shows that you should not look for someone to love they should love you for who you are

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110 Jumping Ship
111 Return to Halloweentown
112 A Ring of Endless Light

This movie was amazing and I just found it on dvd!

113 Genius
114 Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars

One of the best sequels to Harriet the Spy (1996) with Michelle "Ma Belle" Trachtenberg (Ice Princess) and Rosie O'Donnell (The Flintstones). - kristyrosepetal4

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115 Kiln It
116 Buffalo Dreams
117 The Jennie Project
118 Cry Baby Lane
119 How to Build a Better Boy

115, that is stupid, I'd give it at least 10

This movie is really good

Never seen a better movie

I'd give it 8/10
The theme is very nice. It is simply where (the girl Keli burgland plays sorry I forgot her name)'s nemesis is making fun of her for not having a boyfriend. So than her and her BFF create a fake one on what they think is their dads video game company, but her works for the government.

The boy comes to her school and they are in love. But her BFF feels left out HE IS A ROBOT HOW DOES SHE FORGET SHE CREATED HIM

More stuff happen that's all I'm telling u

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120 Further Adventures In Babysitting

This should be 1, this is terrible best movie ever! Most of y'all haven't even seen it yet, I can tell because it's called Adventures in Babysitting. Sabrina is so great

It will be a upcoming sequel to the 80s classic teen movie, Adventures in Babysitting (1987). - kristyrosepetal4

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