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1 I'll Make a Man Out of You - Mulan

The power of this song is incredible. In a very weird way it is extremely catchy and makes you feel epic and masculine when you sing along to this incredible underdog of the Disney song world.

This song is incredibly catchy. I had it stuck in my head for about a week after I watched the movie. - Pebblepaw

It is fun, it's catchy and it really is a milestone for mulan and the troops. It is great for sing alongs and even in my high school classes people play it and know all the words to it! It also brings a heavy meaning as while shang sings about being a man, the woman impersonating the man manages to raise herself above the stance of pale pathetic woman with no clue. it shows that yes, they did send him daughters when he asked for sons, and she kicks butt! Put that message with a catchy tune, beautiful lyrics and great action behind it, and you can't get a better song!

BEST SONG EVER! I love this movies in general and this song is the biggest reason I do

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2 A Whole New World - Aladdin

Love this song. Pure Disney

I love this song! Me and my friends are always singing it! Thank you so much Disney for making Aladdin! One of the best Disney movies ever to be made! (After Ariel of course - but only because of her hair) ;) Anyway, love for Aladdin and Jasmine

Lea Salonga and Brad Kane has a perfect harmony!

I've never watched Aladdin...Disney isn't letting anyone watch it. >:( - Pebblepaw

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3 Let It Go - Frozen

Let it go has to be The single most overrated song possibly ever. Those who think it's utterly "the most inspiring and emotive" song they've ever heard clearly have never heard or seen or cared about anything more diverse than this pop musical theatre style song on self acceptance. You want real lessons of humanity in a Disney song? Watch Pocahontas to hear songs battling racism and equality. Hunchback of Notre dame to experience real rejection and a test of morals in gorgeous symphony and choir. Hercules to sing about feeling like an outsider and then rising to the top. You want vocals? Sleeping beauty. Princess and the frog. It's just a shame to see an overpopulated song overshadow MUCH BETTER (written, sounding, etc.) Disney songs.

I know a lot of people hate this song, but mostly because little kids where obsessed with it and kept singing the same part over and over again. The lyrics and the tune are really good if you think about it. - Pebblepaw

Indeed the best song for me. Truly awestruck and stunned by the scene where Elsa sings it and she builds her "ice-lated" castle, it's not just the video I'm impressed in, but above all the song. It is really an inspirational, emotional, and very catchy song. It not only has good beats and instruments, but teaches us to "let it go"; let our fears go, don't care what others say, be yourself and have magic, etc. It's also a great song to listen in whatever mood you are. Like I said before, it is an emotional song---it brings out more than one emotion. But for me, what really struck me for this song was the "emotional progress" of it: from despair and isolation, and later on the lyrics, it becomes hopeful, heavenly, and courageous mood to it. I have also listened to the classic and other Disney songs as well, even back before Aladdin and Mulan, and I must say I love them. They're all awesome, including A Whole New World, Circle of Life, When You Wish Upon A Star, Reflection, I'll Make A ...more

After the nice digression Disney took with "wreck it ralph", Frozen went back to more traditional ways, has not just one but two Princesses, and a really nice fairytale setting. It also has a fair share of good songs, but none stands out as much as "Let It Go".
There are few songs from musicals wich I would listen to in my freetime, this one definitely is one of them. After all, the movie totally slipped under my radar, until I first listened to this song.

The Lyrics are great to just plain brilliant "It's funny how some distance makes everything seem small"
While the animated sequence is just stunningly beautiful. It just stays in mind, seeing her building this beautiful castle while singing this song.
It fits perfectly to Idina Menzel's voice, while the instrumental part flows just perfecty along. It gives me a shiver down my spine every time when the pace increases after the first refrain.

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4 Colors of the Wind - Pocahontas

This song is amazing. The message is great and so's the tune. - Pebblepaw

This song makes my dad cry

I heard this song for the first time just a few hours ago, but I have already memorized it and it has quickly become one of my favorite songs. Ever. For people who haven't seen Pocahontas, and have never heard this song, it is positively amazing. I guess it's the kind of song that, being from a slightly older movie, you never think about when there are "cool new songs" like Let it Go (which, by the way, is highly overrated), but it's truly one of the most beautiful, inspirational songs Disney has ever written. The lyrics are so great, and this song really puts you in a new perspective. It shows you that a lot of people just don't care about the beauty of nature, and it just really inspires you. I love this song and its meaning.

I had a hard time deciding between I'll Make a Man Out of You or this. In the end, I'll Make a Man Out of You comes in a very close second. The older I get, the more I can appreciate Colors of the Wind. It's one of Disney's most powerful songs, and it's my absolute favorite.

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5 Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid

Its cute very cute, the little mermaid is a great movie

best song

This song sings of a dream which, viscerally, we all share; that is, the dream to be part of “that” world, a world that differs for everyone. Whether it be out of the sea; on stage as a superstar; in a lab with a white coat, bending over a microscope; watching the sun rise over the Earth as you float weightlessly in space; or simply enjoying a cuppa by the seaside with a warm and happy family. All of us, have a world we dream desperately to be a part of...

I love this song, I sang it all the time when I was little. It drives me crazy when people call it "Part of Your World" though, LoLz

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6 Circle of Life - The Lion King

I can't believe this is rated so low, it should at least be in the top 10. This song is amazing! I love the magic it shows and how much it reminds me of being a kid. This song is definitely one of my Disney favorites, I love Lion King so this isn't my single favorite but it's definitely one of them.

This should be number one. It's the most powerful and is beautifully written, The part when the orchestra gets going again, followed by lyrics, and the animals bellow and bow... Chills!

This song's ' legendary! NANTS INGONYAAA!

Absolute best song ever created in the history of the world... Not only should it be #1 on the disney best songs list, but it should be #1 on any best songs ever list

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7 Can You Feel the Love Tonight - The Lion King

This song is amazing! So catchy!

One of the best love songs ever! And from Disney, you know its got to be good. Love the movie too

Jackie Evancho wowed millions around the world with her loveliest of renditions at the Capitol Fourth celebration on July 4 2013..

The person below me is a sexist idiot. Don't insult females when there is no need for it. I hate people like you. And, by the way, we really don't need to hear your five-line love letter to Elton John. Maybe you should stop fawning over a 68 year old man and instead pay more attention at school, because even if you can quote every single one of Elton John's songs by heart, no company will ever hire you with grammar like that.

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8 When You Wish Upon a Star - Pinocchio

Listen to the version by Jackie Evancho. Disney should be playing it in the entrance to Fantasyland at all of the parks.

This song is beautiful.

This song never grows old. Jackie Evancho sang this exquisitely during the pope's visit to Philadelphia in 2015. See the video on YouTube. - BobG

Classic Disney song from a classic Disney movie! Beautiful lyrics, very inspirational... Should be number one. When I hear "Disney", I tie it back to this amazing song.

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9 Go the Distance - Hercules

This song should be on top 3 this is way better than any song listed.

This is the best Disney song ever. When I was little I would listen to this song with my mom every day on the way to and back form school. Its simply amazing and it will always be my most favorite Disney song ever. Love it.

This song is so inspiring. I just love Hercules.

I love this song. Though I don't think it is the very best (2nd because Can You Feel The Love is #1), I adore this song. It's my friend and I's song that we constantly sing together.

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10 Reflection - Mulan

As a little girl, I would dream of being able to be Mulan in the movie and sing this song. It has emotion and meaning. Mulan has to deal with the expectations of those around her. Not wanting to upset her family, while still not wanting to be untrue to herself, she's very confused. I'm sure many people can relate to this situation. All in all, a very beautiful song!

Confidence booster!

And no one does it better than Jackie Evancho on her 2nd PBS Great Performances concert "Music Of The Movies", and on her studio album "Songs From The Silver Screen".

Gosh, it's amazing. - MaxAurelius

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? Little April Shower - Bambi

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11 I See the Light - Tangled

Another song that was stuck in my head for a week. - Pebblepaw

As a general rule, I LOVE all Disney songs, but this one will always stand out to me. First of all, the scene it plays in is just beautiful. It's just Flynn and Rapunzel on a romantic boat ride at night, with thousands of lanterns covering the sky. It's just gorgeous. Mandy Moore's voice is so sweet and lovely, and it goes very well with Flynn's voice. The melody is soft and romantic, the lyrics are absolutely adorable, and this song just gives me goosebumps every single time.

This is actually my favorite song! Like you said beautiful melody and lyrics, Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi had excellent singing voices for this song! They matched well together, I was disappointed when this song lost to Toy Story 3's We Belong Together, Toy Story's had enough glory this song was so much better! The animation sequence with the lanterns was absolutely breath-taking!

Okay, this song should totally be number 1! I like let it go, but this song has a beautiful melody, beautiful lyrics and so much more actual feeling and meaning. I also tear up at this scene. Plus, you can't go wrong with a romantic Disney duet.

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12 Beauty and the Beast - Beauty and the Beast

Astonishing! The most beautiful song I have ever heard in my lifetime. I cry and feel such joy every time I see and hear it. Thank you for bringing it to me and my family. Love It!

this is needed in list... oscar winning track.. one the most magical songs from disney.. add this to list... and watch... how many loved it.. thanks - hani_420

I love this song so much! !

Tied for my favorite Disney song ever written, not only because the melody is stunning, but because the scene that accompanies this song is so marvelous. Simply astounding.

The only song that could possibly beeat it is God Help the Outcasts.

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13 Be Prepared - The Lion King

Awesome Villain song I love Scar

A perfect villain song - flowergriffon

I hate this song so much

This is number one. Frozen being ahead of this is a joke. This song has the power to actually bring tears to your eyes. I'm 31. And I listened to it the other day And it actually made me emotional. Or another song from Disney can do this. My other favorite would probably be Pocahontas colors of the wind. C it also has great meaning about nature and our beautiful Mother Earth. But nothing comes close to imagining circle of life's last few lines and remembering all of the animals bow to show respects. Do powerful

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14 You'll Be in My Heart - Tarzan

I love this song so much! It's really emotional for the characters in the story, and is much deeper than it seems. It really embraces the importance of family. - MirrorImage

This song has such special meaning to me. Not to mention how great Phill Collins voice is! It is definitely in my top 10.

Favorite Disney song hands down! Familial love is such a celebrated topic in Disney movies as it should be and is a reason I love this song. This song is special to my dad and I because of what it signifies: the bond between parent and kid. This should be in the top 10 as it is one of few Disney songs to win an academy award for best song.

I love this one

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15 I Won't Say (I'm in Love) - Hercules

Sounds hot

Love this song

Just plain out awesome! surprised it's not in the top 10s

I'm really not sure why this song is rated so low...I love Disney songs in general, and the top ten are really good, but this song should be in those ten! Still tied for first in my brain. You can hardly beat a good Disney duet, but for Disney heroine songs...this needs to be up with Reflection! The way she hasn't lost her sanity and personality just because a guy appears, but is still stating her feelings, is incredible! Not to mention the Muses...their part is so much fun to sing along with!

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16 Heaven's Light / Hellfire - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Hellfire is without a doubt one of the most powerful pieces of music I've ever heard in any musical, and a Disney animated one at that. The level of guts it took to even put this to paper for a G rated kids film is beyond me, yet it works, and it works exceedingly well at that.

The contrast in this song is amazing: the angelic voice of Quazimodo, the threateningly evil voice of Frollo, and the Latin singing in between, it's amazing. Both larts are about Esmeralda, one saying she's an angel and the other a devil; it's like two sides of a coin. Not to mention how adult this song is, whether it's lamenting about being an outcast or lusting over Esmeralda over a fireplace. This song gives me chills every time I listen to it. Enough said.

It's the best Disney song

This is probably the most underrated Disney film and songs. It has brilliant lyrics showing the true character of each individual in the film. The background Latin chorus is absolutely amazing and intertwines with the English lyrics to perfect contrast in meaning; a Latin prayer for forgiveness is in the background of Hellfire, for example. It is truly one of the great masterpieces of Disney.

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17 Under the Sea - The Little Mermaid

Last is the classic "Under the Sea" sung by Sebastian. This song is awesome, not much left to say

This song has a fast beat and you need to be fast to sing it, too. You need practice. However, depending on what kind of singer you are, I don't recommend this song for a talent show.

I lost a bet because I couldn't stop myself from singing along to this. I may have outgrown The Little Mermaid years ago (according to SOME people), but this song will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Not my favourite Disney song, but it is still one of the best classical Disney songs of all time. I would choose this over let it go from Frozen any day.

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18 Hakuna Matata - The Lion King

What a wonderful phrase

This is number one I don't know who the heck put let it go up there instead of this


I love this song! I love how timon and pumbaa reacted to it. it was awesome!

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19 I Just Can't Wait to be King - The Lion King

Simba: I just can't wait to be king.
(Next day Mufasa dies.)

Only number 18? I absolutely love this song and the movie. I think Simba is so cute.

I love the sound of this song. The visuals when it plays in the film are also amazing!

I just can't wait to see this be first

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20 You've Got a Friend in Me - Toy Story

Amazing I love this is so great should be number one

Needs to be HIGHER!

This song basically embodies my childhood, should be in the top 10. Randy Newman is a genius.

I love this song. The composition mixed with the lyrics is amazing. Definitely a top one. - XerNosam

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21 Friend Like Me - Aladdin

This is supposed to be the best song in the entire world. Jazz is the best music as just in Disney there are at least 5 jazz songs that are the bomb. Plus Robin Williams voice makes this song entertaining as well as the Great music.

If this isn‘t number one my whole life is a lie

Love this one

How could you not love Robin Williams in this song?

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22 The Bare Necessities - The Jungle Book

This is classic song that everyone can remember

It is definitely a favorite to me and my kids.

This old time classic is amazing and if you don't like you obviously have brain damage! Ahahaha no you don't but seriously, check it out!

Catchy, but definitely not the best

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23 A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes - Cinderella

I voted for this after seeing how shockingly low it was ranked! This is an amazing song, classic Disney. Although I like the newer princesses as well, Cinderella is a classic. This song has an amazing message about believing in your dreams, it might not be my all time favorite but I still love this song a lot and it deserves to be much higher

How could this song have landed so low?! It's so poignant and beautiful and quiet, all qualities that Cinderella possesses. That she underwent so much cruelty at her stepmother's hands and yet still kept a smile on her face and a song in her heart...very inspiring.

Such an sweet and soothing song! Captures the true message of Disney

This song is like... Disney's national anthem!

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24 The Bells of Notre Dame - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

One of the most chilling songs Disney has ever produced. - WhyAmIHere

This has such good music to it and tells a story so well through all of it.

God, if I ever met someone with this man's voice, I would be so utterly awestruck. The note at the very end hits me the hardest and is impossible to replicate. Thank God this wasn't buried at the very bottom.

Clopin's voice actor did an amazing job on this song. I would pay someone a million dollars if they could hit that high note at the end. Move this up people!

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25 Once Upon a Dream - Sleeping Beauty

Um well this is an extremely hard decision. I love almost all of the Disney songs because they are just so magical and make us feel nostalgic. I decided to vote for Once Upon a dream because it has a low rating. But I really think that all of the songs are good it is just so hard to decide!

Aurora is SO beautiful. I love the story. Anyone who hasn't seen the Disney Princess Movies needs to get out and see them. Watch them online, buy them on DVD, rent them from Netflix. I don't care how you watch them, just see them.

This was my favorite movie as a child, and I always loved this scene. I wish newer Disney movies (a hem, Frozen) would have a scene that would never leave your mind for as long as you live...

Once Upon A Dream is the best Disney song ever. It's romantic, magical, charming, and beautiful.

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26 Out There - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

How can anyone hate THIS? I swear almost every song in The Hunchback of Notre Dame I love (except "God Help the Outcasts" and "A Guy Like You". ) - Discord

The message of the song is moving. We all have the tendency to think that we are not blessed not thinking how lucky we are compared to other people.

Out there was my favorite Disney hero song all time

This song got among the best vibrato I've ever heard :D

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27 Be Our Guest - Beauty and the Beast

I LOOVVVEEE this song, it's so awesome. Every time I watched it me, my dad, and my sister would sing a long to it without one mistake

My favorite Disney song. Oh my gosh, this song is SO catchy and it is so amazing, the best Disney song EVER

Probably the most iconic song from, arguably, Disney's greatest movie

Classic and iconic.

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28 Kiss the Girl - The Little Mermaid

Definitely the best and most powerful Disney song! The calypso beat and Sebastian's romantic accent create "the mood"! Now, when anyone hears this, all they will be thinking about is kissing a girl. I would love to kiss a girl in a boat at night, in a blue lagoon, with this song playing! Just make sure there are no eels around laugh out loud.


This song has a magical feeling. With every year passing, it seems more beautiful. every time you hear this song I just want to kiss my girl.

I love this song from the Little Mermaid. I like the version with Traci Hines singing it. Just go on YouTube and look at it. Ariel has always been my favorite princess out of all of them. I absolutely LOVE her red hair. I always wanted hair like that. I still do.

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29 Prince Ali - Aladdin

Robin Williams Makes this 10x Better

Great, I watched Aladdin a few hours ago, and now this song is stuck in my head - PackFan2005

Best song in the franchise! So awesome and powerful and strong and dramatic!

22? This song is so funny and awesome and fun to sing to!

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30 For the First Time in Forever - Frozen

Katy please

Just let all three Frozen songs go. All three are way overhyped. It's like none of you heard of Elton John or Phil Collins in the Lion King and Tarzan soundtrack, respectively.

This song is so beautiful and so fun to sing along. It is better than let it go

For the first time in forever, this is a really great song, for the first time in forever, I could sing this all day long!

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31 This Is Halloween - The Nightmare Before Christmas

It is very creative and perfectly sums up the unique movie

Why are some of you people so rude on here.

Far more original than many of the "commercially" successful songs on the list.

Why so low? This song is literally the best Disney song ever!

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32 When Will My Life Begin - Tangled

I like Google Translated edition. - MaxAurelius

I think that Rapunzel has the most beautiful voice.

This is really a good song

It makes me sick to think Let it go is not only above this but ranked number one. I like Let It Go but for me Tangled is perfect perfection

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33 Feed The Birds - Mary Poppins

It's so beutiful

I honestly expected this to be in the Top 10. It's incredibly beautiful I get goosebumps every time I hear it.
It was Walt Disneys Favorite Song! (mentioned in a bbc podcast about this song)

34 Baby Mine - Dumbo

This was my childhood song! So sad to see it so low on the list

I cry so much when I hear this song.

I always cry at this song

35 When Can I See You Again - Wreck-It Ralph

One of the best Disney songs! Let is go sucks and overrated.

Owl City is the best!

36 Gaston - Beauty and the Beast

What! this should be number 1#! - maloneyscott

number#1 - maloneyscott


37 Belle - Beauty and the Beast

PERFECTION. How this is not in the top 10 is beyond me. I would always watch Beauty and the Beast as a child, and I would dance and sing along. It's so fun.

Belle is a true beauty and so is her voice.

I'm listening to this right now and it is AWESOME as always

Belle song was my favorite Disney princess song too

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38 One Jump Ahead - Aladdin

This song is just so much fun to listen to! Made me want to be Aladdin, especially at the end when he grabbed the carpet and jumped out the window.

How is this not even top 10 let alone top 20? Aladdin has an amazing soundtrack, probably the best in the entire Disney lineup!

One jump ahead song was my favorite Disney prince song all time

Probably the most underrated disney song - Ajkloth

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39 Strangers Like Me - Tarzan

Perfect blend of power and melody, which us hard to do, also magical in transitions from power to restraint

Only Disney movie song I have on my music playlist

Such a powerful and self-speaking song. Beautiful

40 Zero to Hero - Hercules

This song is so catchy and fun to sing. Definitely deserves to be higher up than the frozen crap.

This song make me hope not to be a zero anymore. Still in process

Best song hands down. Amazing vocals, catchy tune. Love it.

I sing that song too a lot

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41 God Help the Outcasts - Hunchback of Notre Dame

This needs to be higher up. I'm not saying #1, because I understand people have different opinions, but come on. #53? People think this is a religious song, but I don't think it is. What I do think is that it is simply a plea for help. Esmeralda can't bear to see the state of her people and when all else fails, you tend to cry out for help. "I don't know if you can hear me, or if you're even there"; "I thought we all were children of God" - it's obvious she isn't even really sure about God herself, but she is being hopeful nonetheless, because what have you got to lose when you pray? Nothing, quite honestly. Anyway, I'm kind of digressing - this song is just hauntingly stunning, and the lyrics are profound and beautiful. Still relatable in many parts of the world, too - certainly where I'm from. It's the first Disney song that ever made me cry. Definitely deserves more credit.

Why is this so low? I have actually cried while listening to this song. It's in my opinion the most emotional and touching Disney-song ever made. Even a few months ago I used to think this song as a religious song and didn't like it, but then I listened to the lyrics, not the music. Esmeralda is just asking help for her people. I dislike when this song is considered as "too religious" "I don't know if you can hear me or if you're even there" She's clearly questioning God's existence and just wants to believe that there is someone to help the outcasts "God help the outcasts, or nobody will". This song really makes me want to help the people who don't have the same luck as I do.

In my opinion, Hunchback of Notre Dame has the best soundtrack of any Disney film and, except for the mediocre one the gargoyles sing, I could have voted for any of its songs. However, this simple, beautiful song outshines the rest for me. Even as someone not that religious, I absolutely adore this song. It really shows the softer side of the firery Esmeralda making her one of the most well developed Disney ladies. I just love everything about this song. It's a true masterpiece.

"Are we not all the children of god". This song shows how every one need someone to believe in them.

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42 He Lives In You - Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Actually it's really beautiful, reminds me of my dead Grandfather. :,( - Swiftdawn

One of the best songs ever from one of the best Disney movies ever!

I just start crying every time I listen to this song as it just reminds me of the first film when Mufasa dies.

A sub par movie with the series' best song.

43 Immortals - Big Hero 6

It's a really nice song to listen to. Reminds me of the good old days when Fall Out Boy was actually enjoyable. - Catacorn

By Fall Out Boy. Really cool. And I just love the lyrics anyway.

I actually listen to this song every day - Mcgillacuddy

Yes I listen to this song 24-7

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44 Friends On the Other Side - Princess and the Frog

Best one

This song is so underrated - GodFlowey

Classic movie and one of the best villains

I can't stand this horrible song.

45 Poor Unfortunate Souls - The Little Mermaid

I HATE this terrible Little Mermaid song so much

I HATE Ursula throughout this STUPID song

One of the sing speak Disney karaoke songs. Best villain song in the Disney catalogue

This was literally the best villain song I love Ursula

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46 Why Should I Worry? - Oliver and Company

I'm very sad this song is so low on this list. Billy Joel did a awesome job singing this song! Should at least be in the top 20! Listen to it and you will see what I mean.

Why should I worry? Tell me, why should I care?

If people remember just one thing about this movie, it's this song. Should be at least top 25.

It gives off a powerful energy that captures the idea of the entire movie. This song brings back childhood memories.

This song perfectly captures the romanticized feel of the New York Streets. HOW IS THIS SO LOW?!

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47 Sally's Song - The Nightmare Before Christmas

I just wanna say that this is an awful song I ever heard It is completely pointless
and very boring

So touching I watched everyday after school when I was 6

It's so touching and the movie is amazing!

Why is this 194?!?!? This song is so beautiful!

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48 Son of Man - Tarzan

This song is so inspiring and I love how it is played in the movie when Tarzan is learning how to survive in his new home. This song never fails to cheer me up, and I absolutely love it!

As well as having an amazing rhythm, I think this song shows how Tarzan never gave up.

I just can't believe this song is not number one

Come on! This should be #1!

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49 Once Upon a Time In New York City - Oliver & Company



50 I Wanna Be Like You - The Jungle Book

Possibly be the most fun song ever performed. Only reason I ain't number 1 is because its 1960s. Hits most of the top 10 out of the park. Ooo be doo people, vote for this one

My jungle song was I wanna be like you song and I dance and I to be funny too

THIS should be #1! Best sing that Disney has ever made.

Jungle Book has an amazing soundtrack

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