Best Driving Related Bumper Stickers

All of the bumper stickers on this list are sayings derived solely for the point of being placed on bumper stickers. While there are many other very amusing sayings out there that have been put on bumper stickers, the restriction is in place for this list so it does not become a collection of random quotes. Someone else can take the time to create that list.

The Top Ten

1 Keep Honking, I'm Reloading

I want to get a bunch of "Honk if... " bumper stickers and then put this one at the end of them. - usmc650736

this is so badass and funny. I could totally relate. - booboo0419

2 I May Be Slow But I'm Ahead Of You

lol this would piss someone off:P - rockman

3 Guns Don't Kill People, Drivers With Cell Phones Do!

Unless you are saving someone's life on that cell phone pull over. No one should lose their life or limb because some jackass thinks what they have to say is more important than public safety. The best ones are the mom's or dad's that take a left turn with cell phone held to their ear and with kids in the vehicle. Dangerous narcissists who believe they can multitask driving and communicating. - mgenet

I hate people who can't wait to talk to somebody about useless crap. - RdrTech

4 Are You Having Phone Sex Or Do You Always Drive That Way?
5 I Still Have The Body Of An 18 Year Old But It's In The Trunk And It's Starting To Smell
6 I Have Good Brakes, Do You Have Good Insurance?
7 This Is Not An Abandoned Vehicle

This is one I need to get - RustyNail

8 Forget World Peace, Visualize Using Your Turn Signal
9 If This Car Is Being Driven Courteously It's Been Stolen
10 Don't Honk, Driver Sleeping

I love this so origonal plz vote for this people

The Contenders

11 Stoplights Times For 30 mph Are Also Timed for 60 mph
12 Honk if you hate everything

this bumper sticker was spotted in 1972, when bumper stickers that read "Honk if you love...(penguins, whales,) etc." were popular

13 I'm Not Tailgating, I'm Drafting!
14 If You Can Read This Then You Are Tailgating and Need to Back the Hell Up!
15 If my driving has managed to annoy you in anyway please send me a message at www.dontgiveas**
16 If a (whatever race/gender the owner is) is driving this car it has been stolen
17 2 Fiat 2 Furious
18 Single Chicks Don't Fart, They Don't Have An Asshole Untill They're Married
19 If You Can Read This, I Just Lost My Trailer
20 My Other Ride Is Your Mother!
21 I Support Global Warming
22 In case of rapture, this car will be unmanned
23 I Brake for Hallucinations
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