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21 Electabuzz

Put it in top 10... it is a wonderful Pokemon

I own it and he is a awesome sweeper against the elite four

It has lots of electricity it's good

If you find elekid you can evolved it in electabazz

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22 Plusle

Cute and powerful electric pokemon... very helping in battles - blueguy120

Plusle may not be the strongest pokemon out there, but I used one on my ORAS team and it dominated. Take it over any electric type any day

I see Plusle and Minun use Helping Hand every time I battle them (Pokemon Diamond Version) it does absolutely nothing - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

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23 Pachirisu Pachirisu

This one is the cooliest and the best electric pokemn... aside from it's adorable appearance,,, it also have cool attack swhich fits in battling and pokemon contest - blueguy120

Super Fang, Nuzzle, Attract and Follow me needs to be used the person who won the tournament in 2015 won thanks to Pachirisu get it in the #1 spot

Pachirisu has got a very very strong thunderbolt attack but its other moves are quit weak but it is very fast.!

Has so many moves - and thunderbolt is one of the best.

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24 Lanturn

With lanturn's water absorb ability it can easily smash almost all water types in a single move. It's stat grown isn't phenomenal, but its hp stat allows for a little cushion to work with. Not to mention it can straight up murder ground type Pokemon with water type moves. Lanturn is a Pokemon that is extremely useful when played the right way.

One statement

Lapras (water absorb) lanturn (water absorb) then spam surf, got someone who is resistant/immune? Ice beam

Awesome. Covers ground type weakness of most electric types with it's water half

This should be in the top 10

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25 Elektross V 4 Comments
26 Shinx

Yay! Shinx, the cute electric cat Pokemon! Don't forget, IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S WEARING PANTS.

Shinx is a very cute Pokemon. I just love him

He'll shinx should be on top every time for a cute contesst no mader what it's so dang adorable I have it in my team every time I find one

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27 Minun
28 Luxio V 2 Comments
29 Thundurus-T
30 Electrode

The highest speed of all electric types, very good stats, and awesome move set. With one explosion it can defeat opponents even 10 levels higher!

Come on the fastest electric type

Constantly underrated. It's not the best but shouldn't be #28...

It is the best electric type I had ever seen.

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31 Chinchou

Chinchou is really an awesome pokemon because it can have the ability of volt absorb or water absorb chinchou also can learn good moves like discharge and hydro pump and it could learn ice types move like hail blizzard and ice beam which is very cool also they could learn surf waterfall and dive so it could also a great HM slave too

When Chinchou evolves, it is truly unstoppable.

Best electric type pokemon because of its dual type. Water and electric

It's not just electric its water too!... isn't it cool - blueguy120

32 Magneton Magneton

Magneton are strong and powerful with high special attack in the handbook he was a five in the top ten electric pokemon.

Why magneton isn't in the top ten is beyond me sure magnezone is better on paper but you forget one thing, EVIOLITE! boom becomes a wall just like that.

33 Electrike

A very energetic pokemon... this have cool attacks - blueguy120

OMG! He is so cute, but his evolution is even cuter! - m10mcnotin

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34 Minum

Like the best Pokemon ever. I love him, and when I was little I made my e-mail password his name And also, its not Minum. Its Minun. N, not M. Just wanted to say because it bugs me when people say it Minum, and a lot of people do. I also like Plusle, But Minun more

It should be minum and plusle there the same

One of the special trio that learn trump card while levelling up

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35 Joltik

It's just a fantastic, yellow Pokemon. and not only that, it is the smallest Pokemon to!

Joltik is a cute yellow electric-type Pokemon. it's just fantastic. ant it can evolve into galvantula, what makes him strong. if you train it well, he can be a perfect electric spiderpokemon!

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36 Elekid

Yup starts cute and strong evolves stronger and then becomes a straight up monster all his forms rule

I love elekid and its family. Its cute but also looks kind of tough at the same time. - leajey

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37 Tynamo
38 Vikavolt Vikavolt

Vikavolt looks awesome. I mean, look at it pincers! Also the fact that it holds chargabugs, its previous evolution, is very interesting. It's stats are overall, pretty good too.

Holy crap look at a it's sp. attack! Put it with earthquake garchomp in doubles with discharge and you get extreme ownage.

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39 Shynx

Well, this isn't much of a defense for shinx, but you really should spell shinx's name right. Thumbs up to this if you agree that you should spell a Pokemon's name right.

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40 Magnemite Magnemite V 1 Comment
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