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1 Panathinaikos BC

I am not panathinaikos but it is sure the is best european team in the last 20 years and one of the best teams in the world just one hour ago panathinaiksa won siena and went to the euroleague final for its sixth title good luck

The best coach in Europe (Zelimir Obradovic), the best player in Europe (Dimitris Diamantidis), the best center in Europe (Mike Batiste) and Sarunas Jasikevicius. Simply legends! Panathinaikos has had players-legends in the last 20 years like Dominique Wilkins, Dejan Bodiroga, Vassilis Spanoulis, Antonis Fotsis and many others! What else? Although European referees play always against Greek teams, there is no doubt that Panathinaikos is the greatest team in Europe. Call him "the emperor"!

simply the best! I am every weekend in the stadium and I will never being bored with this team!

The best European Basketball Team out there

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2 Olympiakos BC

I am olympiakos and I think is a very good team but panathinaikos is better...

I am Panathinaikos, but surely Olympiakos is by far the best European team. They are ruling in Europe the last years. Already 2 European Championships in a row and Intercontinental Championship? I hope we can manage to compete them soon, we are of the best, but always the first is to be remembered!

There's no one like Olympiakos. He brought the game into a different level. Olympiakos team should be regarded as a lesson in the following years of European basketball.

A team which players are like family... top players like spanoulis, pridezis, matzaris and papanikolaou.. very good the top 3 teams in europe the last 10 years,with real madrid and cska moscow.. panathinaikos is a good team but not one of the best the last 6 years...

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3 Maccabi Tel Aviv

One of the greatest clubs in the history of European basketball. I am sure that maccabi is the best team in europe even they lost on the final four.

Maccabi are better than Partizan and Olympiakos. They are 6 times European champions.

Best club outside the NBA, top management, love you guys

Best team in europe. They r gonna win this year in istanbul wish em luck

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4 Real Madrid

If success is a measure of the greatest clubs then real Madrid take the crown

9 european cups more than anyone else

They have a very good history and continue always in that excellent form.

It's the best team in europe

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5 Fenerbahçe Ülker

This club is the best after the NBA clubs.

They are a rich and big sport club. They have power to get superstar. It started to dominate European basketball.

They are not from Europe. They are playing like an NBA team and also their fans are the best.

They are only one Clup that plays in all sports for to be BEST. For basketball its only begening. Next 10 years they are going to dominate the Europian Basketball.

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6 CSKA Moscow CSKA Moscow CSKA Moscow is a major Russian sports club based in Moscow. It is popularly referred to in the West as "Red Army" or "the Red Army team" because during the Soviet era, it was a part of the Armed Forces sports society, which in turn was associated with the Soviet Army.

I think CSKA can win it all I'm with them

7 BC Barcelona

A team that can compete even with big NBA teams - MatrixGuy

Very good team batter then real madrid but not the best :D

8 Partizan

Club with the biggest heart! Coming from small country of Serbia, this team can't match other teams financially, but when measuring talent, skill, and determination, and 1992 Euroliga champions, this team is surely 1 of the best teams of Europe!

Look at their budget and budget from other teams. And they manage to get to the final four.

Partizan is a Religion! Come to Pionir HALL IN BELGRADE and Taste it!

Almost every season they change the whole team and again they play great against the best teams.
Great fans.Noisiest fans.Insane acoustics pioneer.Win in the last seconds.

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9 BC Žalgiris

Certain values behind it.

An amazing team and well assists and rebounds

First religion is basketball!

Power house of LT

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10 Aris Thessaloniki

The most historic team in Greece! The team of Nick Galis!

The best team in 1980

As fiba said Aris was the best team in 20th century in Europe

Maybe one of the most histroric teams ever!

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11 Montepaschi Siena
12 TAU Ceramica (Baskonia)

This team comes from a small city, in the last years had become in one of the best teams of Europe, inthe last 10 years has played four final fours, apart from the titles that has won in his own league, it's a dangerous team!

13 Malaga
14 Virtus Bologna

The best team in Italy

15 Olimpia Milano
16 Crvena Zvezda

Greatest fans in the world!

Best fans in the world

Best play this days


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17 Anadolu Efes

But only after Fenerbahçe

Eurolig! The second most prestigious league after the NBA!

This club is like a university of basketball. Every year mkst crayz talent persons range hear.

18 Galatasaray Liv Hospital

Obviously they have most beautiful supporters.

Galatasaray is much better than some teams in top 10

What a support.. What a club.. What a fammily!

Galatasaray has the second best coach engin ataman after obradovic of fenerbahce in Europe.and its possible that galatasaray will beat strassburg at final of eurocup too..

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19 AEK Athens B.C.

In the top 3 of Greek league teams the last decade (except from the 2012-2014 ) but the Queen is back!

20 KK Cibona

Two tomes European champions. Two times European cup

Best team ever

European Champions 1985 and 1986! Days of Glory!

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