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1 Nike Hyperdunk

I love this shoe. It is very durable and definitely worth the money. I highly recommend this shoe to basketball enthusiasts. I love the way they have the hole on the top of the shoe. I think this is the best shoe of all time. It's better than a lot of other shoes.

Very light. The design on all Hyperdunks is good, and they are hard to destroy. The best models are from 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. I don't think the 2009 model was the best.

Very comfortable, offering a lot of support. On the court, they help any player be faster, jump higher, and be more agile - truly the best shoes ever.

2 Nike Air Jordan XX3

Any Jordans are good. In my opinion, they are the most comfortable, stylish, and have the best quality. Once, I bought a pair of Converse basketball shoes, and the quality was not satisfactory.

Air Jordans are so good. They are probably the best shoe ever made, way better than the Hyperdunk. Inspired by the best player ever.

Jordan is the one. He makes the best shoes. I'm telling you that, and he's better than Durant or James, you know.

3 Nike Zoom LeBron V

LeBron shoes are beast. They should keep making them.

It does everything he does. Everything.

I have them. I jump 5 inches higher.

4 Adidas Crazy 8

They look nice, my favorite color combination.

They are from a German company, end of argument.

5 Nike Air Jordan 2012

It's very comfortable and cool.

6 Nike Air Jordan I
7 Nike Zoom Kobe III

Very comfortable and definitely recommend it. It's expensive but worth it. I would use it all the time, especially models like the Kobe VI, the new one with the cool Black Mamba designs that include snake scales.

Overall, it's nice both outside and inside.

Very comfortable shoes. They offer no support, but nothing that ankle braces can't fix. They're stylish, expensive, but absolutely perfect for a quick guard and jump shot shooter.

Girls like me should definitely get them. Love them!

Great-looking shoe, lightweight, works great, but doesn't have great support, though.

8 Diadora Mi Basket '84
9 Nike Roshe Run
10 Nike LeBron 9

Best looking and performing shoe ever!

The Contenders
11 Nike Air Force 1
12 Nike Air Jordan I

These are the most stylish basketball shoes ever. Why would anyone not like to have these kings?

I wear these. High tops work great and are very comfortable shoes. Great to show off with.

They are totally rad and the first Jordans ever!

13 Lotto Dude
14 Nike Tanjun
15 Nike Zoom Kobe VI
16 Nike Jordan Eclipse
17 Converse Wade

I think these are really great sneakers, and I am looking to buy them. Unfortunately, every website I have searched for them, they all either seem to be sold out or do not have size 9.

One of the only basketball shoes that Converse makes.

That shoe is off the chain! Wade is the best one.

18 Fila DLS Slam
19 Adidas Superstar 2
20 Adidas Adizero Rose 2.5
21 Adidas Bounce Artillery

Overall, Adidas makes better ones because of their technology.

22 Nike Air Huarache '08

Besides awesome style, this shoe makes you feel amazing and builds confidence to storm the court!

23 Nike Air Jordan Fusion 5
24 Reebok Pump X
25 Nike LeBron X

Boss shoe. Full-length Zoom Air is perfect for balling in and for sneakerheads.

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