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61 Andy Hug

Has invented a kick while kickboxing wasa just init's beginnings - absolutelly amazing!

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62 Rickson Gracie

Gracie the best there was the best there is the best there will ever be, never lost a fight to anyone

406 victories - 0 defeat

I take Rickson over any one the man never lost a fight on the professional stage. He faught people twice his sizes and beat them

I agree, the gracies were in no rush to see if Bruce was as good as everyone was saying. So if rickson has said some posthumous trash he should apologize.
The gracies were in no rush to see if Lee was as good as people said because they knew he was the man. Simple as that.
Be quiet no59th best fighter rickson

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63 Iko Uwais

He's the real deal. I'd watched every martial arts superstar and I chose Iko Uwais for his skills, fastest, and style. He can managed 5-15 opponents in 4-5 minutes and one more strange thing about him, that he could fight in a very small space. I stronly vote him and you should change yours because fighting comes from a true fighter.

He is not just the best martial art artist but in real-life he can truly beat Bruce Lee, John Cena and cain velasquez.

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64 Alistair Overeem Alistair Overeem

he just a killer. he knocks the hell out of other fighters.
and he's just getting better and better.
he only have to win the ufc and than he has everything in his pocked
as well ass the dream k1 strikeforce and ufc title.
any way for me he'll be one of the best players for ever.

Are you kidding me? Overeem is just 26!?
It must me joke

65 Lyoto Machida

One of the best knockout artists of all time a real life modern samurai.

Lyoto machida is the best fighter,with great skills he must be under 30 rankings

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66 Ken Shamrock Ken Shamrock Kenneth Wayne "Ken" Shamrock is an American mixed martial artist, Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Famer, and professional wrestler.

Ken is one sun of a gun and he is the best at submission

Oooh what the hell is this. No 39 who the hell make this list. This is total crap. Ken shamrock 'the most dangerous man in the world ' in no 39. How unfair. He can kick anyone's ass you list above. He deserve no 4.

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67 Bill "Superfoot" Wallace

Fastest feet in the world! His slap kick is insane by the time you feel the first kick he probably of followed with 5 more. Hands down the best fighter.

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68 Benny "The Jet" Urquidez

Wait, wait, wait hold up. This guy is the hands down the best fighter in the world. He has literally a perfect record. No losses. HOW THE HELL are actors higher than Benny?

He is a real fighter. He can whup Bruce and Chuck Norris and any boxer he wants to, and he has PROVEN this unlike some overhyped movie stars on this list.

Benny is the only person to have never lost a fight. he also survived a death match in Hong Kong against a muy Thai fighter... hands down the best fighter.. he is not known in the US a lot.. that is why he is at 69 on this list.

I think he is one of the best kick boxers, in my opinion.

Undefeated? Seriously? I'll kick your ass if you so chose to vote otherwise. Benny too. Check out his fights!
Steve "little Fedor the Tiger"

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69 Bas Rutten

Should definitely be ranked higher. He is a proven great fighter, not to knock the actors (seagal & Chan ) who have they competed against?

Representing the Netherlands. Great bold fighter.

Liver shot that's all

Best fighter to step in the ring in the 90s. Definitely deserves top 5. He kicked frank shamrocks ass

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70 Rafael Aghayev

He Is Also A Great Fighter

Who is this guy


Rafael Aghayev

Medal record

Men's karate

Competitor for Azerbaijan

World Championships

Gold medal first place 2006 Tampere Kumite 70 kg

Gold medal first place 2008 Tokyo Kumite 70 kg

Gold medal first place 2008 Tokyo Kumite open

Gold medal first place 2010 Belgrade Kumite 75 kg

Silver medal second place 2010 Belgrade Team kumite

Silver medal second place 2012 Paris Kumite 75 kg

European Championships

Gold medal first place 2004 Moscow Kumite 65 kg

Gold medal first place 2005 Tenerife Kumite open

Gold medal first place 2007 Bratislava Kumite 70 kg

Gold medal first place 2007 Bratislava Kumite open

Gold medal first place 2008 Tallinn Kumite open

Gold medal first place 2009 Zagreb Kumite 75 kg

Gold medal first place 2010 Athens Kumite 75 kg

Gold medal first place 2013 Budapest Kumite 75 kg

Gold medal first place 2015 Istanbul Kumite 75 ...more

71 Grandmaster Ed Parker

I met Master Parker in Canada at the international championships back
In 1989 before he did and he told me the he trained Mohammed Ali and give him his black belt And trained Elvis and gave him his black belt I wish he was
Still here.

72 Samson

I have to agree with that, but he seemed to quit training after he met that girl and cut his hair.

I love samson he fought a lion whit his bare hands and kill the lion what a beast!

Killed over one thousand Phillistines with just a jawbone of a donkey.
Destroyed a temple killing over 3000 Phillistines as he was sacrificing himself as he was blind.
He would beat down the best fighters you think because he had God with him.

73 Dolph Lundgren Dolph Lundgren Hans "Dolph" Lundgren is a Swedish actor, director, screenwriter, producer, martial artist, and chemical engineer.

Best fighter along with Steven Segal. Most people are not aware that both have been the best at their art. Skill level and size makes Dolph Lundren the baddest man 👨 alive!

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74 Tyson Fury

This guy shouldn't be rank as one of the best.


75 Remy Bonjasky
76 Helio Gracie

The true grandmaster he was and is the best grappler of all. Time.

77 Jeff Speakman

I' kaireiti. Tokou and I vote for him because he is the best fighter with sticks like bruce lee sticks. so every opponents should wear protection from feet to head if not you will face a consequences.

78 Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has been the President of Russia since 7 May 2012, succeeding Dmitry Medvedev.

No one mess with putin

Best mataafaka in the warld

79 Bearcat Wright
80 Stan "The Man" Longinidis

8 time world heavy weight kick boxing champion. 88 wins 8 loss and 5 no contest 65 wins by KO. Held 3 seperate world titles in different styles. Broke the The Terminator's leg with one kick to win the title in 1992.

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