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41 Darmanitan Darmanitan

Darmanitan had the guts to be another fire fighting. That's saying something.

Choice scarfed this thing wrecks lives even without the choice scarf

Won way too many games by himself.

This guy with choice scarf or life orb can actually kill teams

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42 Pyroar Pyroar

His design is awesome and he can be really strong but he isn't close to best

Fast speed great stats like the simba of the Pokemon world

He is the best fire type if you disagree watch out

Also I'm pretty sure it's the last evolve form of litleo

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43 Groudon Groudon

Groudon isn't even a fire type. It has to have a Primal Reversion, and in all the other Pokemon, it lists the forms separately.

Why is Groudon at #51? That's just offensive. Groudon is my favourite legendary out of all! Look, his primal evolution looks way better than kyogre's.

Groudon is only a fire type when it is in its primal reversion

It is the 5th most powerful Pokémon come on not number 56 number 1 - Pikachufan0922

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44 Mega Blaziken

KFC kook chickens

It's just so cool!

Because Blaziken is already a good Pokemon and then mega evolve it oooppp

Really just. Really who ever made this should of dod ranking way vetter than this

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45 Litleo Litleo

Cute lion cub who is powerful what more do you want?

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46 Larvesta

Why is No one commenting? He's quite good and half the time he kicks butt.

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47 Magcargo Magcargo

A fiery snail that has epic defenses. I raised my Slugma in Pokemon Ruby until it was a Magcargo, and it was a beast. It was totally worth it.

I raised my slugma in soulsilver, it evolved into mag cargo and is totally epic, amazing defense and great moves!

#50 how internet how! it should in the top 10!

OH COME ON Macgaro may be slow but this dude can wreck teams he has amazing defense great moves and he might not be the best fire type pokemon but he's at 48 now that's just crap macargo is underrated he can be great you don't always need to be fast to be a good pokemon. And he has has decent stats (Not according the speed stat of course) Give macgaro some respect everyone votes for charizard blaziken and other pokemon. Give macargo a chance. He is a awesome pokemon and if you don't think so that's okay. But when he's so low on the list I have to get a little salty and mad. This pokemon is the king of snailes he's so hot if someone touches him they burn. Just think about that for a second he is the most hottest pokemon he's so hot and warm that he can melt down mountain easily without even trying to do something now tell me if that's not a fire type pokemon this pokemon is a beast everyone give a huge clap to macargo for being the pokemon it is we wil never forget you macargo you are ...more

48 Camerupt Camerupt

It is the best and it also knows a 1 hit ko move so that's why it is the best fire type ever and it can take on any fire type because it is ground too
it is the best don't give it a second thought

Camerupt is just OP it barely takes any damage with it's super high defense sure it has a times 4 weakness to water but makes up for it with it's invulnerability to electric. The Mega Evolution is cool and has even better stats as well as Camerupt has two one hit ko moves! [Fissure and Lava plume].

Camerupt is a beast, yes it's a water ground type so its 4x weak to water, but who uses any fire type when someone sends out blastoise?

It learns awesome moves without TM which I like because finding the perfect TMs are just annoying.

Even if the opponent isn't weak to fire, camerupt can basically 1 hit them with lava plume, I've had a camerupt on my team in every generation that its been in

49 Mega Charizard Y

Mega charizard y should be way before the normal charizard, plus he is my favourite Pokemon in the world.

Why are Charizard's Mega Forms ranked like 45 position lower tan Charizard's? Please tell me this is a typo.

Just like Charizard only better with mega evolution WICKED! OH YEAH

It should be 1st

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50 Lampent V 1 Comment
51 Charmeleon Charmeleon

I love Charmeleon. He is the Pokemon that best suites my age. Both me and him are teen-like! - Neonco31

Quite string but its evolution ( charizard) is better.

He's the best

What I don't understand is that people say that charmander is better than Charmeleon, whats he gunna do scratch

Charmeleon not Charmander

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52 Braixen Braixen

It's stats are actually good and it evolves into a REALLY strong pokemon!

Charizard mvp props to char char

Really good, It's got good stats too! Which is also great when you evolve from such a cute pokemon like Fennkin!

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53 Ponyta Ponyta

Ponyta is my third favorite Pokemon and is my favorite fire type. My rapidash in Alpha Sapphire is the Pokemon that I can the most on in a battle. It is also super cute.

I think she is the best pokemon because she is very cute and she is my favourite pokemon

She's so ccuutte I love her oh and I brought her on or him. - pohlranda

54 Numel Numel

It's a CAMEL, that makes it the best...

Plus, it evolves to camerupt a great fire type

Plus, it's stinkin' adorable - HappyMouse111

55 Volcanion Volcanion

I found this looking around and it is apparently water and fire I mean do I have to go on

This is unbelievable. A fire/water type Pokemon this is a lot better than litwick.

Volcanion is so good... it looks a potato.

Someone In The Internet

I think volcanion is the best after I saw he's movie "volcanion and the mechanical marvel"
He's explosion is awesome the one bad thing of him that he doesn't like human and he's actually the best for my opinion

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56 Castform Castform

What does? mean? is castform on the list, or not? And if it is, then I really don't know what to say. Castform sucks. Just putting it out there. It is in such a low tier for a reason, and it even sucks among the other Pokemon in that tier.

He literally has a sack of testicles

Best sunny day setup if not using charizard Y. Cute and effective.

57 Simisear

I love Simisear! He has an adorable personality, he loves candy!

Way better attack 40 time 3 that's 120 which is a lot of damage

58 Heatmor Heatmor

Seriously this thing is better than Chimchar why is it last?

I got a shiny one!

This Pokémon is so underrated it looks cool and acts cool. Plus it can beat a Pokémon [Durant] that's immune to most physical attacks.

59 Pansear

A very good Pokemon. It is really good.

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60 Pignite Pignite

You're right! In Pokemon black I have a pignite and its op! He was my starter and his flame charge can eliminate even a water type that's a higher level than him!

Noo way is Pignite second to last. All you have to do is train him to a higher level and give him moves like: tackle, overheat, flamethrower, and fire blast. He levels up really fast if you don't evolve him right away. Also tackle seem like a newbie move, but I left it with pignite and when I fought Falkners level 100 Pidgeot, it finished it off with 85 damage. that's a lot, especially for a move like that. Also, tackle has a lot of pp and even if you don't really want to use it you could give him other good moves in the other move slots and you won't even need to rely on tackle. Pignite was ash's starters so he has to be good. I would place him at about number 6. HE IS AWSOMEEE!... but not the best :( Charizard is the best but he ties with blaziken

What litwick is high then pignite are you kidding me

Lol pinite is last but tepid is way higher.

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