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1 Democracy

Democracy either as a republic or monarchy is the best form of government that respects freedom of speech, press, choice, religion, thought without persecuting people. Before you start, I mean representative liberal democracy, not direct democracy, had to say it before some right-wing "we're a republic" yank would come out and whine, also UK, Canada, France, Japan, Australia, Greece are democracies and so is the US, although the US would be a real democracy if it just get rid of the obsolete Electoral Collage that ignores the voters.

It is easy to say democracy means by the people of the people and for the people but practically today's democracy is different it is by the bureaucrats/politicians of the b/p and for the b/p as for as Indian democracy is concerned - huxaif

The only good democracy is Direct. Our democracy is little more than a joke that is used by the bourgeoisie to keep their power... - DieGedankenSindFrei

Although it may be screwed up (That's on you America), it is still better than communism and dictatorship.

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2 Constitutional Monarchy

Look up the stats

Its pretty cool

3 Republic

Democracy is number 1? You've got to be kidding, the only reason people voted for Democracy over this is because they don't even know what a Republic is. Democracy is tyranny of the majority. Hitler and the Nazi party for example rose and gained power through Democracy. A Republic however, or to be more exact, a Constitutional Republic protects the rights and freedoms of the people while limiting the power of the government, preventing tyranny, unlike Democracy.

Democracy and Republic are first no doubt. Next is monarchy because monarchs can be regulated (example, Britain is technically a constitutional monarchy). All of the rest suck because there is no guarantee of the rights of the people.

With out this form of government California and New York would have greater say in how our country would be run... Rather unsettling. The Republic form of government gives all areas of a country an equal voice.

Republics are, due to their influx to balance to the deserved hegemony of certain powerful peoples, simply better than democracy.

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4 Absolute Democracy
5 Absolute Monarchy

A King should have the unquestionable and divine right to rule the people, without parliaments and constitutions dictating what they are or aren't able to do.

6 Epistemocracy
7 Meritocracy
8 Krytocracy
9 Monarchy

If a person is told all their life "you must serve the country; this is your life, and always will be your life". They will serve the country as a monarch.

If a person is told all their life "you are better than other people, you will always be better than other people; there is no need to serve others". They will serve themselves as a politician.

Reasons I Love monarchy.
There are castles.
There's royal guards and carts.
Plus there are royal relics like crowns and jewels.
But to be honest, I like constitutional monarchies best

P.S the scandinavian kingdoms of Sweden, denmark and norway are the surpreme monarchies. πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺπŸ‡©πŸ‡°πŸ‡³πŸ‡'

10 Aristocracy

Aristocracy means by definition a form of government in which 'the best' rule over the country. 'The best' means the people who have the most qualities and skills to do so. Moving the power from the citizens to 'the best' is better for the society, since most average citizens don't always take the right decisions and the most qualified people do.

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11 Theocracy Theocracy

A Theocracy is a religiously ruled country, similar to a Papacy, like Vatican City - GamingGodPrime

A country run by music, as the image states.

That would be cool/

12 Oligarchy

Rules more than one

13 Communism

Communism is the ideal form of government. We need to convert our government into a dictatorship of soviet communism. We will have Steve Buscemi as our dictator. He will melt the souls of our enemies with his beautiful eyes.

There should be right wing communism, like Cuba, China, Vietnam and USSR.

Say no to Indian Leftist Communists.

People don't vote for communism because there has never been a country that followed Karl Marx's model. There have only been hardline socialist states. The world would be a better place if we converted to Marxism.

no thanks

14 Dictatorship

By far the greatest the people don't deserve to rule there own country because that's like letting them do whatever they want now pwople should of course have freedoms to do some things like have there own buisnesses without asking, having there own property, and having there own jobs stuff like that but the whole parlamant, congress that stuff is stupid and when I say they should have there own freedoms that's a privalage if they abuse it then I guess the dictator can stop that but since a president can't then the country will be partially corrupt if the dictator is smart with his power being a good person being nice letting people have things they want if they are worthy of it then that is a good dictator the dictator should be allowed to do whatever they want to do though just as long as they are good with it and if you don't like the country then LEAVE!

This one rules if u are the right leader that will make your country the best then your country will be a strong dictatorship along with the fact that no one can stop u

15 Authoritarianism

Kill bad people

16 Socialism
17 Fascism

Heil Hitler

(basically the government controls everything under a dictator. extreme nationalism, although not rascism because that would be nazism. although, I do agree with nazi economics, I think that xenophobia is useless.)

So let's take the goals of a typical liberal state. It wants to assert the rights of the individual while allowing the state to exist to enforce basic law and to protect rights.

Now, a FACIST state, on the other hand, flips that around. It asserts the rights of the state while admitting the individuals have to exist in order for the state to have meaning. it isn't about the individual, the individual is going to inevitably die after their 70, 80 or 90 years are up. the state can last for millennia though. therefore, it is the state that is important.

A good analogy for why fascism works the best is the human body. the human body is comprised of each individual cell. the cell is born, it lives, it is productive, and it dies. the result of billions and ...more

18 Commune

I support communes. Everyone must work according to their skills and share them with others and themselves alike. - DieGedankenSindFrei

19 Totalitarianism
20 Federalism

James Madison is my Homeboy

21 Technocracy
22 Anarchism

Isn't this no government?

23 Matriarchy
24 Patriarchy
25 Stratocracy
26 Futarchy
27 Necrocracy
28 Panarchracy
29 Plutocracy
30 Constitutional Republic
31 Feudalism

Isn't Feudalism the same as Monarchy - GamingGodPrime

32 Corporatocracy
33 Demarchy
34 Ethnocracy
35 Geniocracy

Let the smart people do the work

36 Kakistocracy
37 Kleptocracy
38 Kratocracy
39 Minarchy
40 Mobocracy
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