Top 10 Reasons Kids Under the Age of 18 Shouldn't Be Allowed to Vote In Government Elections

Based off the list "Top 10 Reasons Kids Under The Age Of 18 Should Be Allowed To Vote In Government Elections" by BlueTopazIceVanilla.
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1 There are too many childish adults voting in government elections already

Thank you so much for the list! I'd been saying over and over again that the voting age needs to be changed back to 21 (I'm 16 by the way), just because we have enough idiots not knowing politics and voting anyways as it is.

My name is jonnie. I'm a kid who is all up in the face of politics. I'm 10 years old, and I should be able to vote and stand up for whats right. I'm a sweet sassy democratic kid who should be aloud to vote with all the others!

If kids could vote than we could change that and we could have more mature kids to vote and change that! Give us a chance to change!

2 Kids will vote for politicians for the wrong reasons

I saw Donald Trump on the news at some state fair trying to appeal to kids by giving them free helicopter rides. In the words of Tsumugu Kinagase from the anime series Kill la Kill, "There are two things you should know."
1. That's dangerous.
2. Is anyone really going to vote someone for president just for free helicopter rides instead of a legitimate political reason?!

And the stupidest of reasons. Sometimes they'd like a politician for their ads. For example, one would like to vote for someone whose name is "Dick" for senatorial position because they want him to "penetrate the Senate", as it is said in the ads.

3 Kids voting is the last thing the economy needs

People under 18 are still a part of society and they we have political opinions too. Another reason why people under 18 should be able to vote is that they are supposed to follow the law but our opinions don't matter in making the law. Kids have the right to be heard and the kids are the future. One more reason why kids should be able to vote is that they have no say in what happens to the country they live in.

Kids are ignorant, and obstinate. sorry but I don't want icywolf2008AJ running my country because they want free stuff or they start saying that they're the future. They get offended over everything, it will be run like a zoo.

4 Kids don't have authority everywhere else in life

Based on how long you can stay up doesn't matter. I'm 14 and I think that us kids can't make those decisions either

Why not? This could be the first step to making that happen.

5 Kids can be brainwash to vote for one party opinion

The mainstream media will only show what they want you to show. And most sources are lies or heavily biased now with carefully chosen words to make you think a certain way. No more facts just being told, you are intraday told how to feel about facts and everything is now taken out of context, and you are never shown the full truth unless you dig for it. Kids aren't smart enough to do their own actual research for the FACTS. Instead they will Google something, and they are told how to feel. Doesn't matter who you support, kids should be able to find the facts without sources influencing their opinions. Kids should think for themselves. That can easily be applied to adults today, sadly. Nobody does actual research beyond some Google searches it seems. We have been told that reliable information will remain consistent between most sources, which simply isn't true today anymore. We don't know what is reliable unless we truly dive in and do our own homework. But most kids will blindly accept the words that are told to them. Many things are not true. Haven't we been taught that not all of what we see on the internet is true? That goes for both political sides. Not everything you see is true. Especially today. The "fact checkers" are not reliable either, kids should fact check things themselves with true research. And it's especially harder today with a lot of censorship.

Censorship has allowed for one side to be more present, which again influences all ages. People can be wrong, on both sides. But they shouldn't be censored for their thoughts, even if what they say is true. It's just part of a big agenda and it's really taking independence and critical thinking from all ages. Especially kids, who follow along. If they see more people feeling one way, they will follow along, and won't know exactly why they should. And kids will be more scared to think another way because of the bullying and threats that are thrown today.

Kids, AND ADULTS, are... more

6 Most kids simply can't handle the responsibility of voting

Voting isn't just writing on a piece of paper, it's the decision that you make and WHAT you write down. Judging from what you just said, YES, it probably too hard for you and I hope for the good of democracy that you never vote.

Children shouldn't vote, because most of them won't understand politics. But a lot of adults can't really handle the responsibility either.

Some adults can't even handle the responsibility, so why would kids be allowed to vote?

7 Most kids lack maturity when it comes to politics

True. I'm fifteen going on sixteen and the braindead, idiotic, liberal kids in school will vote for presidential candidates such as Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders because of their left-wing views that correspond with what they're taught at school and everyone's favorite snowflake website, Tumblr. I don't know how stupid you have to be think free college would be succesful, or that there are more than two genders, or that allowing gender free bathrooms is a good thing. I don't even think I have the brain capacity to vote in the election, much less do the Pansexual-indentifying fourteen-year-old Tumblerinas.

8 Kids have other priorities other than politics
9 Kids have more intellectual ability than intellectual reasoning

Definitely. You are always true.

10 They don't know what is good and what is bad.

Children or young adults may not know what reasons are good and what reasons are bad in an election. For example:Someone might say "I'm getting rid of this park to make more houses." A child may think that is good but in ways for the environment it is bad.
(I am 11 by the way)

This list is ageist. Kids DO know what's good and bad. Kids are NOT stupid.

These comments are very wrong. Children are NOT stupid.

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11 Kids might vote for celebrity presidents
12 Kids will base their political opinion off of unreliable sources

Actually, that is not true. You know one reason people hesitated from letting women or African Americans vote. There "owners" or husbands can convince or force them to vote. Wouldn't you call that brainwashing? If you were alive in the 1800s you could have been saying a similar thing about women and African Americans. There is a reason why these people can vote now. The 19th amendment and people deserve equality in all aspects of society.

Trust me, as much as I loved to vote when I was 10, I am afraid that other people of my age back then would easily be brainwashed by other people, especially schools.

13 They will vote based on looks but not acts

Who is this about? I agree that they will vote based off of looks but not acts. I mean if this is about everyone, then I agree. If this is about someone famous I still agree but not as much. For example, Taylor Swift, she's a loving and caring person and she looks like one too. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is the only person who you can base looks off of. Thanks a lot!

14 Some kids don't know anything about politics

Why do people keep trashing my wonderful list? Reasons like "Kids don't have authority anywhere else in life" and "kids will vote for politicians for the wrong reasons" are the reasons why I made that list! People need to understand that not ALL kids are immature, whiny crybabies without a care in the world. If I said every college student was a binge drinker who sleeps with someone new everyday, or that every middle-aged man was a pedo with a white van, ya'll would hate me. Kids CAN make a difference in the world, we just overlook it.
There was a point in time where whenever a woman did something big or noteworthy, then they'd be mocked for being "unladylike" or "damaging to society's structure". (I'm not trying to be feminist or anything, I just thought it was a good analogy to what we're talking about here.) Anyway, the point is, someone was tired of the crap they were getting and just decided to do something about it, whether taken literally or not. In conclusion, read the description of that list and feel like a fool.

15 Parents will pressure their kids to vote for certain candidates

Once one is 18, where they are legally an adult, their parents cannot tell them who to vote for, even if the parents want to.

16 Kids won't even know anything about politics

Kids should know about politics, particularly because the government isn't doing very well. Three shutdowns in one year is insane, and Trump should be sent back to business. Children should vote because they will vote for someone they like and go against people they hate. But there's a major drawback-kids (based on student elections) are tempted towards rewards. Student candidates just want a longer recess (no possiblity, every district has a minimum of required instructional minutes), and that's what everyone wants. So kids would vote for the one who's gonna make America great again. Second, they would probably vote for their parents. For example, democrats would vote for democrat parents, and the same thing for republicans. If kids could vote, we could send Trump back to business in 2020 and have a long-overdue government reform, including the termination of the Second Amendment (based on Parkland).

17 Kids are kids, let them be kids until they can't be kids

I think they are saying that Trump is a bad president and that people who voted fo rhim are like kids. Just what I think

18 It will increase the population because grown ups will want to have more kids so they have more votes on their side

This is the only one that is true.

19 Some kids will just vote for who ever their friends are voting for.
20 They could accidentally vote for people like Trump

True. We don't need another celebrity president.

21 Some kids will mess around with voting
22 Some kids might get made fun of for who they voted for
23 They could be deceived into going left wing

The liberal media hates all the centrists who just happen to only platform conservatives and talk about their conservative beliefs. disgusting. my mom is in labour and I'm about to be aborted

Has anybody seen vice's new documentary called 'raised without gender'?

24 Kids won't even care about politics and vote anyway

Some will. But if you're me or my friends, you read up on your choice, and listen to presidential speeches.

25 They should be carefree and happy without the weight of life on their shoulders whilst they can

That's impossible anyway. Kids still go to school, despite it being useless.

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