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1 Democracy

Democracy either as a republic or monarchy is the best form of government that respects freedom of speech, press, choice, religion, thought without persecuting people. Before you start, I mean representative liberal democracy, not direct democracy, had to say it before some right-wing "we're a republic" yank would come out and whine, also UK, Canada, France, Japan, Australia, Greece are democracies and so is the US, although the US would be a real democracy if it just get rid of the obsolete Electoral Collage that ignores the voters.

I have an idea for a future form of government:
1. the government gives enough money to citizens to afford food, clothing, etc.
2. no bills
3. all the essentials jobs such as "hospitals, police, cashiers, etc will be done by robots.
4. anyone who'll want more money will have to work in a non-essential job or an essential job besides the robots if he wants.

So this is a system where you don't have to work if you don't want, but if you want to afford expensive stuff like a mansion, you'll need to.

"We are a democracy, and for 250 years, we have remain stable and after world war II, we became a supremacy. We are the only true superpower in this world thanks to democracy. Also we have the strongest military. No other country is like us and no other country as a true democratic goverment

The only good democracy is Direct. Our democracy is little more than a joke that is used by the bourgeoisie to keep their power...

2 Constitutional Monarchy

Because it has democratic and republican views, it is also pretty cool that there is a royal family.

Royal families are cool and traditional. But at least the king's power is limited.

Very stable. Progress will not get canceled.

Look up the stats

3 Republic

Beyond a doubt the American system is best, especially because the founders flirted with the concept of a democracy but opted for a Republic back by an Electoral College to insure all individual states has a voice in its government. Democracy's fail. Why? Look at the America Civil War, the majority was against it. Take for example when the LGBT community was first demanding acknowledgement. The majority of the country was against it. Take Civil Right for the Black man, the majority was against it. How about gun right? , How about women's rights?. What about abortion? Etc. Thank God we are a Constitutional Republic with a twist (Electoral College).

Democracy is number 1? You've got to be kidding, the only reason people voted for Democracy over this is because they don't even know what a Republic is. Democracy is tyranny of the majority. Hitler and the Nazi party for example rose and gained power through Democracy. A Republic however, or to be more exact, a Constitutional Republic protects the rights and freedoms of the people while limiting the power of the government, preventing tyranny, unlike Democracy.

Democracy and Republic are first no doubt. Next is monarchy because monarchs can be regulated (example, Britain is technically a constitutional monarchy). All of the rest suck because there is no guarantee of the rights of the people.

With out this form of government California and New York would have greater say in how our country would be run... Rather unsettling. The Republic form of government gives all areas of a country an equal voice.

4 Absolute Monarchy

The ruler is trained from childbirth to rule the country as good as possible so in theory this would be good. Only problem you are only allowed to make one child or there will be infighting.

A King should have the unquestionable and divine right to rule the people, without parliaments and constitutions dictating what they are or aren't able to do.

It takes one guy to lead his crew at sea. The crew doesn't vote to decide the direction they travel. It's up to the captain.

You'll always know who's supposed to be held accountable for bad decisions.

5 Socialism

Socialist form of government is one of the best forms of government as there would be no rich and poor in a country. Democracy along with socialism involved is gonna be one of the best governments as all the people get a chance to voice their opinions.

6 Monarchy

The family that made themselves monarchs ensures, through their privileges, that future generations of their family get to rule. That the family itself got to a ruling position can tell you a lot about their potential to rule. They may be bad rulers, sure, but at least the population knows full and well who's supposed to be held accountable for bad decision.

If a person is told all their life "you must serve the country; this is your life, and always will be your life". They will serve the country as a monarch.

If a person is told all their life "you are better than other people, you will always be better than other people; there is no need to serve others". They will serve themselves as a politician.

Reasons I Love monarchy.
There are castles.
There's royal guards and carts.
Plus there are royal relics like crowns and Jewels.
But to be honest, I like constitutional monarchies best

P.S the scandinavian kingdoms of Sweden, Denmark and Norway are the supreme monarchies.

Good for business and warlords.

7 Absolute Democracy long not everyone is given the right to vote. Only the most dedicated, the most experienced, the most responsible, the most self-sacrificing etc. should be allowed to vote. Traditionally this was what the Norse Ă¾ing was about. Not everyone had the right to participate in the political process because why should they? Why should the voice of an adolescent be equal to that of a 40 year old adult with work experience, maybe military experience, with family and kids? When the most experienced and responsible individuals exclusively participate in the political process it ensures that no lobbyist can manipulate their vote, that no useless rhetoric can sway their decisions etc.

8 Aristocracy

As told by Plato in Republic- The most qualified person (a philosopher king) should rule the society.

People may argue that these type of government give way to bad leaders. Well that's true with any form of government. If your leadership is damned, no matter what form of government you have, you are screwed.
A form of government is a TOOL to govern society. An ideal tool is the one that serves its purpose efficiently. Now it's the other thing how user use the tool. A knife can be used to cut both, apple and people

Aristocracy means by definition a form of government in which 'the best' rule over the country. 'The best' means the people who have the most qualities and skills to do so. Moving the power from the citizens to 'the best' is better for the society, since most average citizens don't always take the right decisions and the most qualified people do.

People get to inherit a lot of things which makes family corporations possible instead of risk capitalism.

9 Parliamentary Democracy
10 Epistemocracy
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11 Communism

I feel a Communist nation with a semi-democratic electoral system may be beneficial to the world today. Communism or Capitalism refers directly to the Economic Axis of politics, not to the process in which government legislature is created. In Democratic Communism, the nation would be ruled by the people and Communism would be a choice. An Authoritarian Communism (like Stalinism) tastes sour when compared to the comfortably bland Marxist system.

Communism simply refers to a Socialist state in which all class divisions and economic difference has been resolved and private property does not exist. Though this may not be the most comfortable, with enough allowance for personal ideologies and creative passions, a Communist state done right could be the next step to achieving a (somewhat) lasting world peace.

Communism is the ideal form of government. We need to convert our government into a dictatorship of soviet communism. We will have Steve Buscemi as our dictator. He will melt the souls of our enemies with his beautiful eyes.

People don't vote for communism because there has never been a country that followed Karl Marx's model. There have only been hardline socialist states. The world would be a better place if we converted to Marxism.

There should be right wing communism, like Cuba, China, Vietnam and USSR.

Say no to Indian Leftist Communists.

12 Meritocracy

People who have achieved something good get to rule which rewards people.

People who have done honorable things get to rule.

13 Krytocracy
14 Theocracy

A country cannot be successfully governed by one man. A country also cannot be governed successfully by a mob. The only entity that is worthy of ownership of a nation would be a deity.

Only Catholic theocracies are good.

Because religion is what unifies a county like the Vatican City

A Theocracy is a religiously ruled country, similar to a Papacy, like Vatican City

15 Constitutional Republic
16 Commune

I support communes. Everyone must work according to their skills and share them with others and themselves alike.

17 Oligarchy

Rules more than one

18 Demarchy
19 Federalism

James Madison is my Homeboy

20 Fascism

This is when a dictatorship/junta/monarchy has a constitution that tries to stop chaos from taking over.

Like feudalism but with modern equipment such as pistols. COmbines modernity with chivalry.

(Basically the government controls everything under a dictator. Extreme nationalism, although not racism because that would be Nazism. Although, I do agree with Nazi economics, I think that xenophobia is useless.)

So let's take the goals of a typical liberal state. It wants to assert the rights of the individual while allowing the state to exist to enforce basic law and to protect rights.

Now, a FASCIST state, on the other hand, flips that around. It asserts the rights of the state while admitting the individuals have to exist in order for the state to have meaning. It isn't about the individual, the individual is going to inevitably die after their 70, 80 or 90 years are up. The state can last for millennia though. Therefore, it is the state that is important.

A good analogy for why fascism works the best is the human body. The human body is comprised of each individual cell. The cell is born, it lives, it is productive, and it dies. The result of billions and ...more

21 Technocracy

If only geniuses were in power there would be no mistakes.

Where the intellectuals rule society good decicions will be made if there are any.

22 Matriarchy
23 Anarchism

Synonymous with tribalism. Anarchism has been the major form of government in human history. Prior to civilization there was anarchy. Anarchy ensured that the most fit survived and propagated. Anarchy is ruthless but it's difficult today for the world to be authentically anarchical. If you think about it the world is anarchichal still today. Only the strongest can impose its laws and government on others. Once that strongest one falls society enters into anarchy completely and the new strongest player prevails and imposes its laws and governance. Anarchy is basically about strength, power and timing.

Isn't this no government?

24 Totalitarianism
25 Stratocracy

Wins wars every time. The ruler is strategically educated and can't be beaten from the outside.

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