Top 10 Reasons Democrats are Better Than Republicans

This is a political list for mostly Democrats to vote on. In my opinion, the Democrats are better than the Republicans, and there are reasons for that. I want others to add more and vote on my existing reasons.
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1 Democrats Are Not Homophobic

Before anyone says "but not all Republicans are homophobic", nobody is saying that all Republicans are homophobic. I'm not even claiming most Republicans are homophobic. However, the vast vast majority of people who are homophobic are Republicans.

So what if its against moral values. I'm a Republican Trumper and I personally don't see why Old Bush Republicans care so much about Gay marriage. I mean Republicans care more about whether or not 2 gays can get married then they do about working class single mothers being able to afford food for their kids! P.S. don't bring up moral values, you old Bush Repubs support the death penalty and P.S.S. don't bring up the Bible either because Jesus never once talked about Homosexuality and you guys don't support stoning people who wore clothes with two different types of linen.

2 Democrats Acknowledge The Separation of Church and State

The United States is supposed to be a country with religious freedom not a country with only Christianity.

One of the most important parts of the Constitution.

3 Democrats Believe Healthcare Is A Right

Most people end up paying less in the long run with Universal Health Care. Republicans just don't like it because "they aren't sick right now," but eventually they will need it.

Republicans want healthcare only connected with employment. Which really means you will lose your healthcare when you are too sick to work, and need it the most.

Unless you don't get a job, or you pay the consequences..

4 Democrats Support Greener Energy

Republican here, I agree with Green energy. All that Fossil fuel Co2 is damaging the planet beyond belief. As the guy below me said, Nuclear Energy is the future. It even cleans up Co2 and it provides a lot of energy at a relative minor cost in comparison to the amount of energy created.

Come on, I know we have gas prices as low as less than $3, but we shouldn't forget that we will eventually have to resort to other renewable energy resources once we run out of nonrenewable energy resources such as oil and coal.

5 Democrats Don't Try To Live In The Past

Jesus Christ I 100% wish they would do this! Especially when it comes down to their religion! I have nothing wrong with believing in a religion as long as that religion DOES NOT FORCE everyone on this planet to reverse back into the Dark Ages! NOR does anyone of that religion wish/want anyone else down into Hell for not being just like them NOR kill the followers of a religion whom don't like that religion or is just of another religion! Manly Christians and Muslims and Catholics...I'm watching you guys!

6 Democrats Support Stricter Gun Control

There is absolutely no reason guns even need to be sold to the common people. I understand that people are afraid of tyranny, but that has never happened (in this country) and probably never will. In addition, stricter gun laws would prevent people from selling guns as easily, and putting a fine on gun ownership, monthly, if we could not stop manufacturing would make it less desirable to have one.

There was another shooting this morning in Santa Fe High School, and 8 people have died. This comes 93 days after the horrific shooting at Parkland in which 17 people died. And there were 2 very bad shootings last fall, in which a combined 85 people died. And we STILL do nothing.

7 Democrats Believe In Climate Change

Even if you don't believe it we should still take care of our planet, and not stifle innovations in energy, and recycyling.

8 Democrats Support Equal Pay For Women

The gender pay gap exists, but not because if sextet reasons. It's because women typically work lower paying jobs that offer more benefits and job security.

Women have more general expenses than men, with make up and feminine hygiene products. They created us. They deserve respect.

Women do not get equal pay. Men just hate women getting equal pay.

9 Democrats Support Education Funding Over Military Funding

First of all our military is good enough. Our education is not. We are spending billions on our military which is already extremely powerful, & not enough on our education. No wonder other countries are calling us stupid. But instead of funding more important things, President Cheeto decides he wants to spend more money on our overpowered military, while calling our allies' leader's names & ruining relations with them. Nice going Trump.

No they don't really compare the last 2 presidents Donald Trump and Obama both different parties. And, Donald Trump funded more than Obama ever could.

10 Democrats Believe that Everyone is Equal

Like I said on "Democrats Treat All Lives Equally." No they do not. Just look at what they say about White straight males and catholic communities.

Democrats believe that all are equal, but some are more equal than others.

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11 Democrats Support Minimum Wage Increase

Democrats actually recognize that inflation exists. Republicans create social murder. Choking out sales in the economy, by weakening employees purchasing power exponentially.

I'm a republican, but I agree the minimum wage does need an increase

A lot of republicans agree with the minimum wage increase too

12 Democrats Believe in Natural Rights
13 Democrats Know Military Action Should Be The Last Resort, Not The First

Unlike Donald Trump, who will destroy America if he resorts to military action first.

A great strategy, beats knee jerk reactions.

14 Democrats are Not Racist

That's funny because The KKK wasn't a racist organization at first but what happened was the poor subsistence farmers were pitied bu the generals that ran the KKK and were let in and all subsistence farmers had the same problem. Black people! The subsistence farmers were the minority and were Republicans. This is when Democrats backed out of the KKK.

15 Democrats Accept Immigrants and Refugees

Because you support Donald Trump who wanted to build a wall like the Wall of Berlin.

16 Democrats Believe in a Better Education
17 Democrats Care About Poor People

Its just like Labour in Britain got it?
I know what the words for American governments are. I learnt when I was little in The Simpsons (Citizen Kang) that you have just two parties.

Hold my Joe Biden bucket of loo!

18 Democrats Care About the Environment

Liberals are very caring about the environment! Compared to the conservative party, they like to abuse everything they got.

Correction: Democrats pretend to care about the environment, without actually doing anything to help.

19 They are Not Hypocritical About "Political Correctness."

I mean, seriously, Republicans love to whine about PC culture, yet they seem to be thin-skinned.

Many of them were outraged that a Canadian Donald Trump was "raped" in a South Park episode, as indicated in the Daily Mail comments, saying that South Park is part of the "liberal media." (Last I checked, the creators of South Park were Libertarians, and they make fun of everyone.)

Also, they actually believe that "white culture" is under attack. Whatever that means. At least halal is healthier than McDonald's and KFC.

Or how about that time when they are up in arms, when they are called, wait for it, "deplorable."

20 Democrats Don't Just Target The Upper Class
21 Democrats Believe in Right to Privacy

Right to privacy as long as we protect life, abortion is invading the privacy of the unborn and killing the baby, ban abortion if you care about privacy

Ex. Abortion is a right to privacy. (Roe v. Wade)

22 The Economy Has Performed Better Under Democratic Presidents
23 Democrats Acknowledge that They're Immature.

Yes, at least they have devoted all their brainpower towards admitting immuriturity, No republican has done this becuase they aren't immature.

Really? Because I don't know a single one that actually does.

24 Democrats Don't Vote for Donald Trump

If you're a Democrat, you most likely won't vote for a Republican, and vice versa.

25 Democrats Don't Get Mad Over Little Things Like a Gay Character in a Disney Movie

Yes they do. In fact, it's the other way around. Republicans don't get offended by this. Have you ever heard of SJWS? Yeah, the demos invented them.

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