Top 10 Most Important Issues of the 2020 Presidential Election

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1 Healthcare

This was possibly the most important issue of the last election, and that's a good sign. The US health insurance system is inefficient, overly-complicated, and overly-expensive. Millions still do not have coverage, and millions more are about to lose their coverage that they gained through the ACA in the next couple of years. Even if you're lucky enough to have insurance, lots can't even use it, thanks to high deductibles and premiums. We need to make health insurance drastically more affordable, and make sure that everyone has access to at least a basic level of coverage.

2 The Environment

We as humans, are tasked with the responsibility to take care of the Earth which God has provided for us. We need to take care of it and do the best to keep it in good condition for future generations to enjoy as well.

The destruction of a stable climate and healthy environment ultimately undermine our wellbeing as a species overall. More extreme natural disasters, water shortages, crop shortages because of drought, ocean acidification, etc. These all undermine international security and our ability to live in a peaceful and safe world. Increasing the global average temperature by just 2 degrees C would submerge entire nations leading to a massive climate refugee crisis. There are plenty of solutions that countries can use such as clean energy, electric transportation, vertical farming, increased conservation, responsible production & consumption through waste reduction, recycling and composting.

3 Abortion

Abortion is murder - The Democrats feel it is ok to murder humans even after birth. They must be stopped. They have no regard for life.

Have incentives for nuclear families (1 Man 1 Women) to stay married and have children. End funds to Planned Parenthood.

Abortion is choice depending on beliefs, moral standards, life style and living circumstances...

4 Gun Violence

Firearms don't kill people, people kill people.
Restricting or Limiting our 2nd Amendment right would take firearms out of the hands of law abiding citizens and put them into the hands of criminals. Criminals that don't take the legal route that have stolen, or made on their own firearms. Psych testing is a understandable and reasonable approach of regulating whom should be armed.

Gun violence is horrible in the US. On top of that, despite being the richest country in the world, we also have the largest incarceration rate. I personally do not support any form of gun control, but I do agree that things need to change.

5 Education

Schools are having to shut down sports and art programs, like music dance, and art. By shutting down these programs thousands of students are losing the option to succeed in "non-important" classes. There are students who struggle in the core classes, but excel in encore class. That's where some students find their passions. What would the world be like without architecture or fashion designers or even music? There would be nothing, there wouldn't be houses or clothes.

Education in the US is a complete joke. Public schools are underfunded, classrooms are too full, and the students are taught to take tests than to actually strive to learn. Not only would improving education in the US lead to more scientific research and the such, it would also provide a stimulus to our sluggish economy.

6 Nuclear Weapons

While, over the past couple of decades, most countries have taken action to reduce the spread of nuclear weapons, most agree that more needs to be done. Sadly, this wasn't a big issue in the last election. Hopefully, this will be brought up next time.

The continuation of the world depends on the appropriate handling of this grave issue. The intolerable 21st century, WW1, hyperinflation in Germany, WW2, Totalitarianism, national socialism, communism, when millions of people were annihalated is a testament to the importance of this concern.

7 War

While the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are over with on paper, we're still heavily involved in the region. Lots of citizens are upset about this and demand that we should pull out completely in the middle east. This will be a difficult but necessary topic for the next president to address.

8 The Middle Class

The Middle class has been crumbling for decades. The average wage is going down year after year, thanks to inflation. This is not the sign of a healthy economy. In a healthy economy, the average income should be increasing annually. Hopefully, during the next election cycle, candidates will discuss this more and try to find ways to begin to rebuild the middle class.

The Lower and Middle Class are the backbone of this country and it was halter to a stop if it weren't for us. We need to make them our complete priority when focusing on Tax Reform come 2020 election. Big tax breaks, lower tax rates, bigger paychecks, bigger returns. Stop helping all of the Company's of America and help the citizens of America for once!

9 Immigration

The US has a very difficult and arduous immigration process. Streamlining that process and making it easier to legally immigrate to the US would serve to decrease illegal immigration by mitigating its benefits. This would address concerns over terrorism by being able to track immigrants more easily (since they are legal). This would also serve to increase the workforce as well as the taxable population.

The U.S has been over populated due to this issue, they think they can come to this country and have a baby, then the baby becomes a U.S citizen. But, say a British or Australian comes over and has a baby the baby isn't considered a U.S citizen.Why should Central and South America have those privileges, is it because they have America in the name? It was proven that Hispanics tend to have more kids than Americans that's why we have overpopulation and high unemployment rates!

10 Censorship

Protect first amendment at all cost. Crack down on attempts to slowly push for censorship on the internet, and social media by using bogus terms such as "hate speech".

Fight Censorship instead of "fake news".

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11 The National Debt

Tax dollars need to stop being used towards other countries when we in our own country, have our own needs, problems and debt. There is a time and place for help, but the money sent to foreign countries needs to be regulated and treated properly and in moderation with the America first mindset so we will be able to take care of ourselves first.

Honestly, I can't remember this being talked about ONCE during the last election. We're currently around 20 trillion dollars in debt, and it's still continuing to grow. If it keeps growing, and our only option is to default, then the entire world will fall into an economy panic. No matter what party you represent, almost everyone agrees that we need to be more careful with our money, and we need to stop adding to the debt, unless it's absolutely necessary.

12 Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana should be legal. It has been scientifically proven that THC and other cannabinoids such as CBD slow growth and/or cause death in certain types of cancer cells growing in lab dishes. Some animal studies also suggest certain cannabinoids may slow growth and reduce spread of some forms of cancer. People will need less pain pills which will lead to less opioid addictions and deaths. People like me would be able to actually sleep and not need to get prescribed sleeping pills or pills that cause sleep like xannax or trazadone.

13 Civil Rights

While great things have been done for the civil rights of African Americans in the past, many believe that the same protections should be applied to those who belong to the LGBT community. This will be a controversial issue that needs to be discussed.

14 School Shootings

There should be cops at every school and tighten door security.

15 Campaign Finance Reform

The only way to give the power to the people long-term is to change the system. Otherwise, it's the pendulum swinging red to blue to red, etc.

No doubt this should be everyone's top priority. Corruption affects every other issue.

16 Student Loan Debt

Bondage, New form of slavery that limits your earnings. If you make more you pay more and with a large debt and no degree a person becomes a slave for 20+ years before they can get some relief.

17 Mental Services
18 Poverty

I wish that poverty will no longer exist in the future!

19 US Privacy Laws

Give back users privacy, divide Google, and grant immunity to Edward Snowden.

20 Border Security

Build the wall. Hire hundreds more staff. Remove incentive to cross illegally, end anchor baby policy, arrest and send back as soon a an illegal crossing occurs imminently.

21 Racism
22 Society
23 The Economy

The world after this, will never be the same again. We will be miserable for a while dealing with something on scale with the depression. I am not american, but this will be the biggest issue. This and healthcare are crucial now. A free healthcare system in the USA is going to happen. Trump has a lot to answer for; with him calling this a hoax. I as a briton, am appalled at how Boris did not attend 5 cobra meetings on it, a lack of PPE for nhs workers, a lack of testing, far too long to go into lockdown, schools being open for too long as well. This will however, set global poverty back 30 years, and the effects will be huge in Africa, South and southeast Asia, and Latin America to name a few.

24 National Infrastructure

This was an issue in the last campaign. I would add having the Army Corps of Engineers to add structures to the nations rivers so that in case of flooding, part of the waters could be diverted to old river beds. In some cases, the diversion could be permanent to areas that currently have to pipe in water.

25 Trade War
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