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101 My Vineyard
102 DDTank
103 Family Feud
104 Pot Farm
105 Mall World
106 Happy Family
107 Ameba Pico Virtual World
108 Monster World
109 Wheel of Fortune
110 Miscrits

Really fun, but now ruined due to company's greed and lack of imagination. Very pay to win and no new ideas for like 3 years. Been playing since 2010

If you love Pokemon, you should try this game, it's the best Monster and Strategy game on Facebook!

Its the most awesome game everybody should try it at least once deserves first spot
Because it has stratergy, planning, luck with a lot of tournaments held and duels played
If you like pokemon this games for U!

What it's the best game in Facebook... Amazing graphics fantastic gameplay it is not only best game in fb it's the best game in the world

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111 Flower Shop
112 I Am Playr
113 8 Ball
114 Ninja Warz

Karma... Fun and interesting.

Ninja warz is awesome.

115 Social Empires

Amazing and very rare

116 Shadow Fight

Shadow fight is the best beat em up game soon it it be the best game ever don't think that I am blaming other games I love this game

This is the most fun game on fb. in other games you just point and click but in his one you actually control your character and fight how you want it. you develop skills and learn new moves that are just awesome. the only thing I don't like is how the energy system is made. it just takes too long until you can fight again but other than that its perfect. recently shadow fight 2 came out on mobile phones and is even better.

117 Triviador
118 Miscrits: Sunfall Kingdom
119 Miscrits: Volcano Island
120 Throne Rush

War, Strategy, and a great freedom degree. Orks, goblins, mages and even dragons. It is the best

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