Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag


I'm a girl and I am in LOVE with Assassin's Creed! What with the extreme violence and history, AC4 is the best video game in the world! It's even better than Call of Duty or God of War or even Tomb Raider! Best game in the world! I would totally recommend it!

Assassins creed has been around for a while and over the past decade they have increased their gameplay and graphic quality. The stories of the characters come in contact with true historical events giving a twist to things you may have learned in history books.

So excited for this game. This has one of the best continued storyline that I have ever seen, along with a surprisingly smooth multiplayer. Also, (unrelated) Halo 4 shouldn't be on here. Don't get me wrong I LOVE the game, but it was made in November of last year; not in 2013.

I vote for this because it is one of my favorite game series, this adds even more fun being a pirate. I was wondering what game they would have next and what it would be themed and I think a pirate assassin is just boss.

This game is having good potential to be best game of 2013 this time it is having amazing setting of location and characters and I aspect it a amazing stealth action game with amazing story line and gameplay and I aspect that what the creators are saying about the game should be truth that the game is a stealth game with great freedom of playing I hope that when I wanted to be in stealth I must bbe in stealth and when I wanted to kick the asses of enamies, I can face them with full boost

This Is Awesome game it must be on the top.

From swords to dual hidden blades, to tomahawks and longbows, and now to dual short blades and guns... And advanced naval warfare. This should be on top of the list.

I have always loved the Assassin's Creed series. There something about it. How it twists history in way you wouldn't have thought of. I am really looking forward to this

Love the historical accuracy of the Assassin's Creed games. This one will be no different. Another strong lead character and this will be a great, successful game.

Great Game! I wish the story was a little bit better and had me feel more involved.. but the gameplay was too good to dislike this game.. so much to do and so much say.. Get this game if you want to have a fun unique experience

The game sounds good so I am going to try and buy it strait away. It shooed be in first place. Every one should buy this game. I hope it is better than the last game.

ASSASSINS creed is an amazing game with amazing graphics controls storyline and amazing character designs ac is on of the best gaming franchises and deserves to be NO1

I adore Ac series, they have incredible story, full with emotions and feelings.In my opinion this game should be number 1!

Best assassins creed game to date, the naval combat is addicting, there are so many fun side missions, my favorite being the legendary ships, and Edward is a badass

This game is gonna be awesome! I can't wait till it comes out, pirates and assassins! I don't think it could get much better than that. Hats off to being a badass matey.

No big reason just been waiting to play this for so long and when I did it was worth it
No other game in 2013gave me such satisfaction


This game is Best IN THE WORLD. I have never played a game better than this one. It should be in the top 3. - bigdog2002

The story of assassins creed is the best and it will be. Black flag will contain more than 50 islands beating any game by far.

Assassin's creed is the best series ever no question and I believe black flag will be awesome

Best game of the year. Best graphics and gameplay. Best franchise out there. Awesome ship combat. Very long and interesting story. And finally pirates and assassins combined. Is that awesome.

I read about this game in my favourite book and I liked it... So I have voted for this game...

Come on dude its assassins creed come on all of the assassins creed games are badass

Huge fan of the Assassin's Creed series since its beginning, love Edward as a Character and his story as a self-motivated pirate rather than an Assassin was brilliant, the best.

Its the game that show the world that I want to live in it and live the events, its fantastic and unforgittable, and also the game that you will play every release of that game whatever it was