BioShock Infinite


Incredible texture and design, a dramatic story I'd never ever experience before. Infinite has a lot of differences for the previous Bioshock series, but still the best. Best first shooting game in 2013, I think only BF4 can compare with Infinite, but BF4 will come out in 2014. So Bioshock is number 1

Wouldn't hesitate one bit to put this at number one on my list, this game perfectly combines all of the feeling of a modern game, while still maintaining the feel of the previous games in the series. Bioshock infinite without a doubt has stepped up bioshocks already stellar reputation. The gameplay is pristine and everything was clear and concise the added Hardcore difficulty added to the fun as well, personally I beat the game on all 3 difficulty's including 1999 mode, this will always be an amazing game to return to and I cannot wait for the DLC, I bet there is even more amazing content coming out way. - Alex_Simpson

In my absolutely honest opinion, there will never ever be a game that can best this at storytelling. I don't actually think I've ever encountered a better story in any way. It shocked me how much I enjoyed this game. In fact, there were a few times I got lost in the story and forgot I was even playing a game. It became a reality. That's what I loved most about Bioshock Infinite.

Simply put, I believe it's the game of the year because of the emotional impact it has. Everything from the story, the characters, the environment, fully immerse U. Sure, maybe the it wasn't quite what we were expecting from the trailers, but so much else left me blown away. Easily the best ending I've ever seen because of the impact it had. It leaves you with your jaw wide open. Infinite reaffirms my belief that FPS games can have engaging stories and characters after this after this long surge of boring military shooters. It is a game that I will never forget playing.

Besides last of us and dishonored, bioshock was the only innovative game this year with the excellent storyline and unique gameplay that you can't get anywhere else. It fought the laws of physics in multiple ways and made you question the game and what was going on. No game is really like bioshock in terms of gunplay with multiple plasmids that really let you set the pace of the game and gave the gamer all the control truely a masterpiece and will be a classic in times to come.

How could you say grand theft auto was the best it hasn't even come out yet?! Bioshock by far was the best game of the year! So many twists and turns and the game would blow your mind away every time you learned something new in the plot! What a fantastic game I would have to say my new favorite game I can't wait to see what the creators come up with next!

2K Games repented for Bioshock 2 and this is what they gave us. An organic shooter that takes the concept of the original game much further. So much better than Call of Duty Ghosts in mechanics, originality and gameplay. Now all we need is Half Life 3 to arrive and it's a perfect year for shooters. Despite Aliens Colonial Marines coming out.

Like Bioshock, BioShock Infinite is a survival horror first-person shooter with role-playing elements similar to the previous two games. I bet its gonna be better than other two of the series. - winner333

When I first heard of it it looked, sounded and felt like a very good game I wasn't disappointed a bit I love this game and the franchise.this game deserves to be at least in the top 3 at least! It deserves it the gameplay was fun, the story was like no other, the characters were amazing I literally can't say more 10/10 my game of the year

I love this game the visuals and story are truly amazing! The overall game itself goes above and beyond what everyone thought it would be! It breaks the FPS genre barrier. FPS is know for Call of Duty and Battlefield but this game is should be the name of FPS! Truly the best game of 2013 (I decided that an it's May) - BravePenguin

This should definitely be #1. Not only did it have a beautiful world (Colombia) with outstanding graphics but it told the best and one of the most emotional stories ever in a video game while also giving us memorable likeable characters and the best ending EVER. It needs a movie made after it!

I'd have to say Bioshock and Dmc are the best games of 2013. Plus Why is Grand Theft Auto V number 1 its hasn't even been released yet! And there's a new Assassin Creed game every year! And even though Assassins Creed 3 was good it wasn't a Game Changing experience.

Absolute masterpiece. Amazing story, lovable characters, excellent art style, beautiful graphics and visuals, fantastic music, very emotional, extremely well detailed. Simply breath-taking.

Amazing story, nice bioshock gameplay, nice graphics followed with an awesome atmosphere makes Bioshock Infinite one of the best games that I've ever played on my life.

The character development is simply awesome, the ending is epic.

Oh man does this game out do Grand Theft Auto in every area imaginable! The story is awesome, the characters are likable, and the vigors are really cool. Easily the best game of 2013 without a doubt. I dare you to find a game better than this in 2013!

I've been excited for this game seen it was announced way back in 2011. When I finally got my hands on it, it was the best thing ever! Great story, awesome graphics, best AI companion ever, quick shooter and a ending that made me think! Amazing 10/10

The gameplay was absolutely amazing, as a long time fan of the series I was happy that they finally stepped up and made a new concept for the game hopefully moving forward I believe this game should at least be second if not first.

Best story, easily #1, the story has so much detail and is so in depth and relatable its just mind blowing, and it is so subtly and yet passionately told that it just makes this game the best game I've ever played in my life.

This game is such a deep game, I don't want to give too much away. The design of the game is amazing, it has an amazing storyline, very well designed game, and the Skyhooks are very fun to mess around with.

How can people put Grand Theft Auto and AC in the top 2 spots? They haven't even been released yet. This game, on the other hand, has been; and it was one of the best I've ever played.

Okay if your being honest Bioshock Infinite is Number 1 hands down the story is Phenomenal Yeah there might not be as much hype as Grand Theft Auto V which in all honesty had been built up to be slightly more than its suppose to be without the Multiplayer. With Multiplayer I could see it being the only game that beats Bioshock Infinite.

How is this not number 1? The top two aren't even out yet... Also they're both sequels, this game is something completely different and quite frankly extraordinary. Easily my favorite game... Ever

This game needs to be on number 1 man the story you can't get it out of your head for quite some time. Its an ending which is sad as well as happy I would say this is one of the best games ever made

Beautiful game, beautiful story, beautiful music, and fun as hell to play. I had withdrawals after finishing this game. My only complaint is that I finished it too quickly.

Another phenomenal addition to the Bioshock trilogy. Completely excelled and presented an enjoyable gaming environment. Definitely a contender for number 1.