Grand Theft Auto 5


Grand Theft Auto is probably the best free roam game that will surely mark the history of video games. The reason for this is because you can do almost anything a human can do and we all know that it is fun for everyone because we all have different taste of enjoyment, and our enjoyment can be filled in this game because we can do what we like. Me for example, I like gore so when the I get the game I would probably spend the whole day killing, stealing, and beating up people. This is probably the only game where "Cheating is fun" I'm not saying that cheating in Grand Theft Auto kills the joy of beating the game like all other games. It makes the game much more fun because they are there for the sake of enjoyment, not to make the game easier. Hats off to Rockstar!

Grand Theft Auto 5 looks amazing especially towards my expectations of it being like Grand Theft Auto 4, but it looks to be a lot better, but Grand Theft Auto fanboys are like the worst people ever, they praise the game like it's the most important thing in their life and when one guy makes a hate video to Grand Theft Auto 4, everyone has a mental breakdown and panics like crazy, the Grand Theft Auto fans get hostile and can't even put up a valid argument on why they like Grand Theft Auto or to even defend their points or opinions on what's great about Grand Theft Auto, instead they waste a good opportnity to cuss out anybody who disses their precious game, and they always diss other games, even games that are completely different like the mario games, which I find stupid because mario is an amazing franchise, and so are other games, not just Grand Theft Auto, but that only includes the obnoxious fanbase, which is like a lot, maybe most, but some fans are cool and keep it real.

It's five times bigger than Red Dead Redemption, has tons of variety with it's locations featuring; cities, mountains, oceans, stores, wilderness, beaches, and tons more. For the first time it features not one but THREE protagonists. (Michael, Franklin, and Trevor) You can switch back and forth between these three characters at any time you would like. There's cars to customize, planes to fly, clothes to buy, sports to play, oceans to dive in, animals to hunt, neighbors you can befriend, bounties to go after, and so much more. There's been an improvement in the mechanics, heists you can perform, and the way you go about the heists/other missions you get to choose. After performing these heists you get to spend your money on things like tattoos, nice cars, and you can even invest in stocks and real estate. And then there's Grand Theft Auto online...

There will be so much to use/do in this game, for example you can drive boats, cars, trains, planes, submarines, motorbikes, quad bikes, BMX bikes, trucks and a massive open world to go crazy in with 3 awesome characters called Michael who is a retired bank robber, Franklin who is a young illegal car dealer who is going up the ranks in the criminal underworld; And then there is Trevor who is a violent, insane, alcoholic, foul mouthed, hillbilly, redneck, weapon loving, ex military, drug addict who also loves prostitutes. WOW!
Although this will definitely be my game of the year! But I also think Watch Dogs, The Last Of Us and BioShock Infinite are must buy games too! (I already have BioShock Infinte)

Great graphics, when it says open
World it really means it, easily the most impressive open world game in years.
Awesome gameplay can do Literally ANYTHING you want, hell you can even invest in the stock market. 3 Badass protagonists. The Npc too in the game are really impressive too easily the best bunch of npcs in any game I have ever played. Grand Theft Auto 5 rules and ROCKSTAR have outdone themselves again
With this.

Grand Theft Auto FOREVER! I love Grand Theft Auto and I cannot wait for Grand Theft Auto 5 I wish it was out now and I didn't have to wait all year for it. All in all I feel that Grand Theft Auto 5 will be the best Grand Theft Auto game ever made, especially because the Rockstar Team has gotten used to there new platform and have enough experience to create a better Grand Theft Auto Game. All in all I cannot wait! - gimmepowerwithalist

Nice game. I love it! N its very unique. - lussy

Grand Theft Auto 5 isn't released yet, but I heard rockstar has completely redesigned the game. Players can be dot one, but three protagonists, which are switchable when you want to. You can engage in more activities, including tennis, cycling, bowling, and buy almost anything from tatoos to fast cars. I have high hopes for this game, as I am certain it will be the best Grand Theft Auto ever.

Grand Theft Auto V is going to be Grand Theft Auto San Andreas combined with The Sims (because of the sports you can play, houses you can buy and the animals that are in it) with Max Payne 3's graphics and combat system but better. I can't wait for this game. I know without a doubt that its going to be my favourite game I've ever played. Good job Rockstar! - DunnaNunnaBatman

Definitely the best series of video game and had many hours of joy and entertainment playing games such as 'San Andreas' and 'Grand Theft Auto IV' and I have no doubt that Grand Theft Auto V will be absolutely amazing just like all the Grand Theft Auto games before this beauty. I guarantee the 5 year wait will be worth it.

Grand Theft Auto V is a game that will open your mind to do anything that you can't do on REAL LIFE! Imagine it! You can Scuba Diving, Playing Golf, and Many More! It's the most realistic game EVER! The Only Legal place to Kill People and Drive Car Madly! Vote FOR Grand Theft Auto V THE BEST GAME EVER!

I also think it is the best game released in 2013, because it seems very realistic and enjoyable to play. And it has very good graphics quality and features that make the users happy to have such a nice game to play and buy. I think, you should not miss buying the game and have the chance to get yourself enjoyed. - David123

Grand theft auto 5 with the information and gameplay that has been revealed I can only state that I am more then glad that I Pre-ordered my copy of Grand Theft Auto :D!

I have never been excited for a game in my life :)!
This is going to be an amazing game and will define open world gaming of Game consoles

This game is a whole new world in it-Los Santos, the biggest Grand Theft Auto map ever! Cars are now a lot easier to use. Grand Theft Auto also has three protagonist- Michael, Franklin and Trevor. THIS IS A MUST BUY GAME

I can't believe some people don't think this should be number 1. You can do whatever you want and imagine like races, parachuting, stealing nice cars, flying planes, buy huge houses or anything you can ever imagine. Definitely the best game of 2013 and might even make it in the top 10 in 2014 too! Oh and did I mention how amazing the graphics are?

Grand theft auto 5 will probably be awesome, but doesn't anyone else think we should wait for it to come out before we start calling it the best game of 2013? We won't even see it until September!

Best video game that I have played so far. Amazing story. Great sand box gameplay. Memorable characters. More so than part four. Trevor alone could have made a great single Grand Theft Auto title but having all three protagonists was genius. And the inclusion of so many gangs and cults

I LOVE it how you get to do character switching, watch movies, go underwater, you play as three protagonists the entire map is VERY bigger then Grand Theft Auto 4, bigger then San Andreas, bigger then Red Dead Redemption and pretty much bigger out of all Rockstar video Games so it is going to be so awesome! We all can't wait for it to come out and when we all get it I know I'm gonna cry so I recommend preordering it. If you can't preorder it then that's alright.

This is a great game. Link Between Worlds is overrated for the 15 hour game it is. Everyone praises it but the dungeons were extremely simple and the world was puny and easily memorizable. Open world, but puny. Grand Theft Auto 5 on the other hand was amazing.

I love Grand Theft Auto but this would be more than awesome.. The best thing about Grand Theft Auto is its reality, freedom, big cities and the graphics.. But this game will be best in the series!

This could be the best game in the history of everything, plus that it's part of the Grand Theft Auto series and it's in the same city as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

By far. Grand Theft Auto 5. The other games listed below are terrible. This one, however, is extremely fun and interesting. It's even good with multiple players!

I love grand theft auto series because they are a great fun and they have nice graphics and cool effects I can't wait for it to come out I also bought Xbox 360 just to try out this game I can't wait to try it out I hope it's good as the first!

When it's released it will be the best game in 2013, I'll be buying it that's for sure. I just hope Rockstar will do versions for Miami and London in the future.

I love the game. If you want to do something bad in reality but you don't want to go to jail you can just go to Grand Theft Auto 5 and do it. You can do anything you want and it's so fun. And by the way why is black ops not on this list its story is amazing