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21 Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Going to be best game ever I mean lego games are awesome and so are marvel put the two to gather and it what does it answer BEST GAME EVER!

Another good Lego game with most likely you're favourite superhero involved

Lego DC was fantastic so Marvel is going to be better because their is more of a range

It's a pretty good game but it can't compete with gta5, Minecraft and Call of Duty

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22 Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Most creative game Nintendo's done since Skyward Sword.

Imagine a Sonic versoin called "Amy's Mansion" or a crossover version called "Luigi & Amy's Mansion" whereas Sonic & Mario are both kidnapped by King Boo.

Only on 3DS I love it when Luigi is not scared if freaky spooky ghosts. WHO! AHHhHhHhHH! - JohnDionne

23 Madden NFL 25

My dad and I LOVE this game! Probably the best Madden game of all time.

What how is this not on the the top ten!

Its madden, been the best since the first one

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24 NBA 2K14

Why is this game so low in position. IT is better than NBA live 14. It has better graphics more realistic in gameplay. This game should be in the top ten, or at least top 20 to be honest. This game has better blocks, clutch factors, my player, mycareer, creating a legend, dunks and layups, and signature skills.

Nba live is on here and nba 2k14 should be too. ITs always been a very reliable way to pass time and have fun.

IT IS THE BEST NBA GAME EVER! Its so good this should be number one game with TRANSFORMERS 2 and3 these games are best games on EARTH

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25 The Elder Scrolls Online

Like Skyrim, with multiplayer on, who wouldn't want it?

Skyrim is amazing! I don't know how this isn't at least in the top 5, It is such a diverse game, and what's more is it feels close to real as you battle dragons in vivid and incredible landscapes. Awesome music, incredible graphics, amazing world, it's the closest thing we have to a real life adventure in a fantasy world. They should make a simulation of skyrim, it would be epic

Come on this game looks amazing!

Wish they just made a new game.. I don't really want to play Skyrim Online.. I want to play Elder Scrolls 6.. the difference between Oblivion and Skyrim was HUGE and amazing... just doesn't hold up for me

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26 Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Boom! Bam! Thak! You got yourself the greatest lego game ever made! - t-man

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27 Metro Last Light

Metro the last light is the best FPS this year and one of the best games this year atmosphere is great weapons and shooting are also excellent but the game is the best because of great story and nuclear war post apocaliptic theme and mutants and enemies are looking great

The feel, atmosphere, chills in Metro 2033 was enough to convince me to vote this game as the one of the best of 2013.

I have read the book and knew that I had to get this game. The atmosphere and story make this a very interesting and exciting game.

Oh my god. I love this game. It is so good. It is the best FPS game this year. It is from my top 3 games of 2013. It is worth buying. You have o try it.

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28 Forza Motorsport 5

Love this game best racing game apart from forza horizon it has a large selection of cars for you to enjoy and has great gameplay. The graphics are great which gives it a more realistic feeling

Looking forward playing this. There were some things I didn't like about Horizon (not enough cars) but a good game nevertheless. I really enjoyed 3 &4 - Danielsun182

Who can't enjoy racing at 200 mph? Only a complete chicken!

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29 Crysis 3

Why is it so low? It's one of the best games. My friend skips school just to play it. - EVOLtheLOVE

Why is this not up in top 5?!?!? I'm sorry, but crysis 3 is hands down the most eye-tantalisingly delicious game I've ever witnessed. Not only does it have one of the most sophisticated game engines to ever exist, the storyline is gripping, emotional and thought-provoking. It shows a lot of heart for a game about a man who has become more machine than human. The gameplay is incredible, the visuals are glorious and the cell and ceph are a joy to destroy. What else can I say that will make this ineffably incredible game no. 1?

I think that this game is legendary. If you don't like this game, you are messed up. In fact, if you hate this game, I consider you a douche. You need to like it.

I have the figure

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30 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Ah, the classic Ocarina of time, I remember spending many hours of my childhood playing this game, finally a game that deserves a remake with HD graphics, the new, upgraded textures was a nice touch to the game, however, I just prefer the look of the old ocarina of time graphics on the Nintendo 64, however, for the younger generation, which may not have a nintendo 64 or hasn't experienced the classic retro look of Ocarina of time, this is a good beginning. The control scheme was well thought out, allowing you to always be able to select your ocarina, and have three items equipped, for me, this was a fantastic game, I know from experience because I own both the original and 3DS remake, and have played them through at least 6 times each, they are just that good. It's sad that it's this low, honestly, it should be closer to the top 10 if you ask me

A classic game which immerses you in the fantastic world of Zelda. Truly amazing

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31 FI 2013

The best game of 2013!

This Game is going to rock because their are 2 Mexicans this year :)
Saludos desde Mexico - RedBullShat

It will be great!

I like it so god how about you letche

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32 Pokemon Y

Seriously, Pokemon x is on the list so why not Pokemon y?

Pokemon is the basic unit of everything. Science is even built upon it.

Pokemon y will be better than pokemon X. The legendary is much cooler

Best poke Mon game ever

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33 NCAA Football 14

For once EA added a surplus of features in this years edition of college football

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34 Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

PES is asian people favourite's game

Not all asian because dhotis like fifa. Pes 2010,2011 is good but pes 2012 and 13 is bad BUT pes 2014 is Great

I like Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, because there is my game popular playing.

This is why I play Game.

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35 Gears of War: Judgment

Come on! You're telling me Judgement is number 40?! True, it isn't as good as say, the Last of Us, or Injustice, but it has a lot more features that improve heavily on the Gears of War formula. Plus, they managed to create a good sequel without screwing it up or putting Fenix in it.

This completely sucks because we all know that this was better than any blacktops game anyone has played

Why so low this better than FIFA and all that football crap and id say better than injustice but no hateing except for FIFA I want people to know its crap FIFA can die but now that's off topic vote up for this

It's the best Xbox game

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36 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

This game I think is a really good game people judge
It because of the neon colors but come one its far cry

It's such a unique and fun game; it offers tremendous quality with great neon color scheme. It's gameplay dynamics and futuristic storyline is just awesome.

Awesome.. Doesn't go by too fast like some other games do.

It is very Punny

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37 Dead Rising 3

At least the top 10 games

38 DMC: Devil May Cry

I don't understand why most of the games at the top have not even been released yet and will probably qualify as 2014 games. If it was more anticipated I would understand. But its not. DMC:Devil May Cry was my favorite. Even though, as a heavy Devil May Cry fan, I hated the new look, new story, and the changes at first. After playing the story 6 times (For the plat) I came to appreciate it. I still LOVE the older ones and the classic dante a lot more. But I think this game/revamp has earned it's spot. - Alexandros94

Best Devil may cry to date, really underrated just because of the changes, people tend to resist change but man when I played this game I forgot the old Dante, everyone should play it and see for themselves

Probably the only qualifying game on the list... Firstly, it is actually out, unlike other games like GTAV... Second, it was released in 2013 unlike others, like Halo4... And its a pretty decent game. - isturbo1984


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39 Fire Emblem: Awakening

Okay, so the Fire Emblem franchise isn't exactly the most well known, but this game is a great place to start and has been the very reason that many people bought a 3DS this year! Awakening keeps the classic turn-based RPG formula like the previous Fire Emblem games while incorporating new things of its own such as the "Pair Up" fighting system. Also, Awakening brings back several features from specific Fire Emblem games (ex: interactive world map from Sacred Stones, Custom Avatar from New Mystery of the Emblem, Marriage and second generation system from Genealogy of the Holy War etc. ). The gameplay in itself has been described as amazing and has received consistently good ratings from gaming review sites and magazines. Awakening has tons of DLC content, too, so there's so much more to do even after you beat the main storyline. You won't be disappointed!

Being one of the few games on this list actually RELEASED so far this year, this game needs to have more consideration. The characters are all unique, and you grow to care about their relationships - which will be different from person to person - and you will find yourself crying at certain points of the story, whether it's THAT ONE cut scene from Chapter Nine, the reveal of Lucina at the end of Chapter Thirteen, or the confrontation between Lucina and the Player Character (Who may even be her mother or husband, depending on how you played the game), something will stir an emotion. Also, the series trademark punishingly high difficulty on higher levels grant it an insane amount of replay value. - gone2groundEX

Come on this is a good fun planning game

Okay, so I know I'm being rather general, but this game is REALLY good. Every single character is memorable and likable, the story is interesting, and even heartwrenching at times. The gameplay is solid and forces the player to decide their priorities. There is more than a ridiculous amount of replayability. Also, the art is downright BEAUTIFUL. How that was done on a 3DS, I'm not aware, but I won't complain. But definitely one of the best aspects of the game? THE MUSIC. OH GOD, THE MUSIC. "Don't Speak Her Name" is one of the best pieces of music I've ever heard, and Id(Purpose) is pretty darn close.
All in all, an absolutely terrific game that everyone should play.

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40 The Walking Dead the Game
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