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Way too hard, but great - Solacress

Charge is too low, Billiards and Find Mii are too high, but I agree that Tanks is the best.

The only game I really play on it - RockStarr



I like Charge - Ihateschool

This game is pretty fun. - Solacress

I think it's a tie between this and tanks. This game has action all the time and you can't look away for a second.

Shooting Range

Probably my third favorite game, before tanks and find mii. - Solacress

Find Mii

This one is my favorite - Ihateschool

I never actually played this game, but I saw a video of this.

I love this game. Why is it not in the top 5?

Find 2/3 lookalikes: The hardest type of level for sure (finding 3 is easier than finding 2)
Find 2/3 odd miis out: The second hardest type of level, but pretty easy compared to finding lookalikes
Find the fastest mii: The easiest one for sure, though find the sleepyhead is really easy as well
Find the sleepyhead: Really easy
Find the mii you're using/Find this mii: A little easier than Find odd miis out if you use crazy miis, harder if you use basic, boring miis. - Solacress

What a good game - EpicJake

Interactive Mii

I know, I know, It's not an "official game", but it's free to play while you're choosing a game. You just touch different body parts of your Mii (By the way, Ewww...) and he or she will interact different ways, depending on which area you touch. It's funny to show your friends, and if you're just bored, just play as much as you want while you're deciding which game you'll play. - booklover1

I like to play something I call "Punch Mii in the balls" and there's a funny reaction from your Mii.

Laser Hockey
Table Tennis Ping-pong, or table tennis, is a sport where players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table.
Pose Mii

This game's cool, and it has the best music. Why is it in last place? - Solacress

This was my favorite game growing up, beside CHARGE!, but the wii play plus was better - demonrolink

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