Best Ghetto Movies

What's the best ghetto movie? Which is the best movie for the hood?

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1 Boyz N Tha Hood

The best movie I've ever seen... Ice Cube is dope.
It shows the real life in south central. The end is really emotional

One of the most powerful movie I ever seen, the movie just don't show how people in the ghetto is living, they even show how you survive.

Great movie heart felt - The duplicity of do I get involved or go my way?


2 Friday

brought some great memories back - anthonybecerra831

Love that movie its still funny after all these years. - egnomac

"how did you get fired on your day off" funny as hell

My favorite movie

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3 Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood

the best

This movie made me laugh aha its one of does movies wer yuh laugh and feel sorry of the people that get hurt but can stop laughing at it! So if yuh want a funny movie diz it it!

4 Juice

I think this is an amazing film and 2pac has had a deep impact on all the world in everything he has done

This has always been one of my favourite movies!

Tupac was a pure killer, he killed his closest friend and shot at the other 2


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5 Menace II Society

best ghetto movie ive ever seen man better whatch this is some real s***

Best one I have ever seen
Good story my girlfriend began getting tears while we watched it

The reason why I think menace 2 society is number 1 is because it has way more action than boyz in the hood and it has better characters plan an simple

Great Movie - tells how difficult it is to walk away.

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6 Ghetto Stories

My Ghetto Stories... FREE BOOSIE!

7 Baby Boy
8 Training Day

Pretty good movie, showing Denzel in a bad mofo edition. I highly recommend watching it.

Good movie denzel donagood job in that movie. Thankyou so kinely. Laugh out loud


I love this movie! It's funny and, interesting!

10 Goodfellas

Master pice that leaves you wanting a sequel.

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11 8 Mile

Eminem is great in this movie. I love how he keeps his roots.

This is easily #1. Fantastic movie. Eminem did a great job.

Best movie ever.

12 Scarface

Scarface is by far one of the most classic movies to watch. a bad ass mofo movie. Many great quotes that teach you a lot.

13 Poetic Justice

Put it on netflix

ALWAYS BEEN MY favorite!

14 Hustle & Flow

This movies is dope

15 House Arrest

I nearly I laughted to death

16 Blood In, Blood Out

10 what a good movie good story for that time

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17 Dangerous Minds
18 New Jack City

Rawest movie ever nino brown

19 Above The Rim
20 Colors
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