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21 The Last Mabelcorn

This episode is great because it has a lot more character development than anyone realizes and really gives us an inside look at thoughts, secrets, and emotions of our favorite characters. We got to see more of Ford and his relationship with Bill. We also witness just how paranoid Dipper can be and how much he has taken his Great Uncle's words to heart after carrying around Ford's journal for so long. This is blatantly shown when Dipper almost erases Stanford's mind as he shouts "Trust no one! " over and over. Yikes.

But that's not all. What's more interesting (from a psychological standpoint) is the vulnerability and hurt that we see from Mabel when she is told by the unicorn that she isn't a good person. Everyone that watches the show knows that Mabel is the heart and Dipper is the brains. They both define themselves by either their intelligence or their goodness. That insight is a huge part of what makes this episode a great episode (though it isn't my absolute favorite).

This episode was awesome! I loved hearing Dipper's thoughts! "Wendy! Wendy! Wendy! Wendy! Wendy! " But this isn't my favorite because I didn't really like Mabel's part. I thought it was kind of taking time out of the episodes for the really interesting parts with Ford and Dipper. I love knowing Dipper really is taking the whole "Trust no one" thing to heart. And I feel this episode helped strengthen the bond between Dipper and Ford. That was really cool to me. Dipper and his hero becoming closer with each episode. But... What about Mabel? I feel like this episode was filled with foreshadowing. I mean, trust no one?! This is going to mess with his head. And if anything, it's going to ruin his relationship with Mabel. There have been theories that Dipper's going to burn the journals by the end of the summer and if he was going to, it would be because the journals are messing up his friendship with Mabel. Still, Northwest mansion would still be my favorite episode. (PADIPPICA! )

There someone below who feels like the Mabel parts were just fill ins but no. Just no. Mabel's name is in the episode title and she's the main character the Dipper and Ford bits were the fill ins.

So funny. "All our horns can do is glow, point to the nearest rainbow and play rave music" 😂

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22 Irrational Treasure

A little shifty in terms of how no one else found out about this really easy conspiracy but otherwise great. The development of Mabel and the Police was spectacular.

I liked the depancimation proclamation. That was pretty clever. I liked the humor in this one

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23 Bottomless Pit!

I find this episode really underrated. Sure it didn't contribute to the overall plot of the story, but you've got to admit Stan's new voice in Voice Over was enough to get it into the top 20.

Its little bit in the future

It's a little bit funny and hilarious because stans story was worst soos great dipper a little bit mabel na lier

24 Weirdmageddon Part 2: Escape From Reality

This was the best episode ever! It captured the true nature of dipper and Mabel's bond, and even gave us flashbacks of their past. I also loved how dipper showed us how they resolved their problems in the past, that was awesome. This episode also had an aspect of scariness as well, when the fake wendy turned to bugs and the tree turned all creepy. It just goes to show that sometimes fantasy are nightmares in disguise. Can't wait to see what happens next!

I loved when they relived their memories

Dipper's speech was one of the best I've ever heard. - ethanmeinster

Dipper: None of this is real!
Wendy turns into rolly pollies
Tree goes back to normal.

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25 Dungeons, Dungeons And More Dungeons

I just love knowing that there's at least ONE family member that doesn't treat Dipper like garbage and actually give's him some respect instead of teasing him.

This was such a fun episode! And it gave Ford some development, yay!

Needs to be higher in the list! It's funny and has really smart jokes in it. Also, it shows that Stan trusts his brother AND that it's okay to be nerdy. - ellen791623

Well this is the episode that shows ford and dipper dynamic. dipper's kinda nerdy and now he has someone to be a big old nerd with.

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26 Boss Mabel

I'm Stan and I was wrong. I'm singing the Stan wrong song. I shouldn't have taken that chance. Now here's my remorseful dance.

This Episode is about cash, And I Love cash, also I've actually seen The gremgoblin in REAL LIFE

This episode had some really smart humour in it! I enjoyed it quite a lot!
The part when Soos walked up to that lady in his "questiony the question mark" costume and she pepper sprayed him? That was funny stuff.

27 The Hand That Rocks the Mabel

I honestly loved this episode because Gideon is in it! Gideon is such an amazing character, and his weirdness always adds in more mystery. There was also a big plot twist in the end that thickened the plot. I LOVED IT!

28 Land Before Swine

This should be above roadside attraction

It was awesome to see the whole group adventuring alongside Old Man McGucket. I really wish That Old Man McGucket could become a regular on the show! He is so funny!

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29 Dipper vs. Manliness

Hilarious! Such a funny episode!

Loved Mabel's training mix song! This is my favorite - Draxulaura

HALF MAN HALF uh... HALF TOR! Makes me laugh every time

I can repeat word for word of this episode


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30 Scary-Oke

Friday night, and we're gonna party 'til dawn, don't worry Daddy, I've got my favorite dress on!

26# really?! Tis episode rules, zombies, stan fighting them, soos turning into 1. AND that SONG.

Best episode ever! And Chris Offerman plays agent powers! And it makes stan complex!

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31 The Stanchurian Candidate

This episode hasn't even come out yet!

Funny with gruncle Stan with his crimes 1st degree llmacide comedy gold and tad strange the best episode ever.

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32 The Love God

It had me laughing hard when Stan Pines made a air ballon that had the words I EAT KIDS on it and everyone at the vestibule was scared and it was going down because it was poor quility and hit the love god. This episode was so funny and you have to see it.

I liked Robbie's development as a character, and was absolutely touched that Mabel refused to leave Robbie when he was suffering. It really showed how kind and considerate a character Mabel is (even if she did have a tendency to constantly tease her brother). Note: according to Journal 3, love potion is supposed to wear off after three hours, and as the amount of time that passed from the moment love potion was applied to Robbie and Tambry to later in the episode when the two were still together at the concert was likely more than three hours, implying that Robbie and Tambry ACTUALLY fell in love with each other. Plus, the whole side moment with Stan's hot-air balloon, from the "let'er rip! "/"a letter rip! " to the "What the H?! " to the"Only a greater being from the Heavens above can stop me! " were HILARIOUS! The "let'er rip/aletter rip" still gets me every time. "Literally" cliche at it's finest!

33 The Golf War

This was a great episode for a number of reasons, Sure it wasn't the most mysterious but as Dipper said "We've had a tough few days, you kicking our butts at mini golf make you feel better? " is absolutely true. This episode also did something many shows pass over, it developed a villain. Pacifica isn't really so much a villain as much as a enemy and anti-mabel but seeing her in this episode was just great and gave a little insight into her personality. Let alone the fact it was really creative, had fun with its setting, had a lot of funny and memorable lines, and we got to see competitive Mabel again! If I had to pick an episode that had nothing to do with the main plot and was just there for fun and character development I would pick this one in a heartbeat!

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34 Little Dipper

So FUNNY, they starting Shrinking & Growing Themselves, And of course Gideon returns!

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35 The Legend of the Gobblewonker

Love the Disposable camera clip

I loved this episode it was hilarious. Especially the flashback of dipper and mabel counterfeiting money

My ex-wife still misses me...but her aim is getting better!

DYK Theory:

The Gobblewonker is actually Loch Ness Monster and there was a photoshopped picture of Slender stalking the twins in the part where Mabel teases Dipper if he was scared

36 Weirdmageddon III (Finale)

This episode was amazing because of the twists, voice acting, storyline and emotion. It was great how Stanley and Stanford worked together to defeat Bill. It was shocking at some parts, funny at some parts but it still kept the weirdness that Gravity Falls was used to. Shandra's reporting at the end was great, as we got to see Fiddleford McGucket move into the Northwest Mansion. Dipper's epilogue was also amazing, with every fan finally waving goodbye to the series that we had lived, breathed, with "'blood, sweat, tears and other fluid,"' It was hard to say goodbye to the final sequence but this will go down as one of the most action-packed, suspenseful, chaotic, explaining, happy, emotional and best episodes in cartoon history.

Extremely sad in some parts, but overall the intensity was amazing and it was so much fun to watch. The coolest ending to the coolest series

This was the most emotional episode in the history of animation for me!

It's already on the list at #6 - PeeledBanana

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37 Roadside Attraction

It's a little bit amazing and sad that dipper has so much crush and stan na

Worst episode in the whole series - GGGofluckyourself

This was one of the best episodes

38 The Deep End

I could not stop laughing when I saw this episode. Mermando being introduced added extreme comedy to the episode, with big things like 'Reverse CPR', and the free willy reference, mixed with small visual gags like him pulling a guitar out of the pool and the 'sour candy' exchange. Plus, him flopping around and being pecked by a woodpecker... Gold

Just like Boss Mabel its about water I Love water & Pools, Gideon returns!

The most viewed episode in the series

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39 Boyz Crazy

This is the absolute bottom of the barrel for me. It's the only episode that I genuinely don't like. It has a few laughs, but it's mostly just the same joke over and over: boy bands are manufactured. A funny premise, but it's not really strong enough to carry a whole episode. I think I would have liked it a lot more if this were a mini episode like the ones in "The Bottomless Pitt" or "Little Gift Shop of Horrors".

This is probably one of the funniest episodes ever! It should definitely be rated higher!

Rank this episode higher, people! I mean, Mabel puts pizza in their food trough, she's aight!


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40 Headhunters

This is probably one of my favorites. It aired on my 10th birthday. - Anonymousxcxc

Hilarious and a true funny mystery

This is the episode that made me TRULY an G Falls fan.

Hilariois episode with great refrences!

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