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241 Jeremy Madden, Season 11
242 Jeff LaPoff, Season 1
243 Joe Ricci, Season 15
244 Alan Parker, Season 15
245 Mark Paras, Season 15

Mark does not deserve to go here

246 Vanessa Soltero, Season 15
247 Kevin Ridlon, Season 15
248 Jessica Boynton, Season 16
249 Aziza Young, Season 16
250 Gia Young, Season 16
251 Johnny McDevitt, Season 16 V 1 Comment
252 Andrew Pearce, Season 16
253 Pat Tortorello, Season 16

Why is he on this list? He was a culinary instructor, and he couldn't even make risotto.

254 Boris Poleschuk, Season 8

Why is he on this list?

255 Clemenza Caserta, Season 10

He is one of better blue team member of season 10

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256 Jason Underwood, Season 4

Some dude thought it would be funny to put every single contestant on this list. That's why he's on here.

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257 Louie Cordio, Season 6

Just spectacular. It takes some real talent to get fired in the middle of the very first service!

Are you kidding me? He is the last person that competed in this show that should be on here. Worst HK contestant ever, along with of course Raj!

258 Ed Battaglia, Season 7
259 Benjamin Knack, Season 7

Who the hell put Benjamin on here? He was a douchebag!

This guy was a true dick but that what a real chefs is!

260 Russell Kook II, Season 8

Why is he on this list? Russell was a sore loser. He never owned up to anything, and he blamed his team when he lost.

As far as I know the list is not based just on attitude it's also about cooking, so that's probably people like Benjamin (season 7), Corey (season 4), Sabrina (Season 8), Jessica (season 1) and Elise (season 9) were listed. So probably the person even he might think Russell is an ass (which is true), though that the cooking skills merits him to be in this list. And come on like the ranking is 103rd not that he is in the top 20 or higher.

Easily the most consistent and talented chef of Season 8. If anyone deserved to beat him it was Jillian not Nona. So he was a jerk. So what? Just because he was mean doesn't mean he's automatically a terrible chef.

He may be a talented chef but that doesn't excuse high levels of arrogance

Should be higher

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