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121 Kimmie Willis, Season 10 V 1 Comment
122 Sharon Stewart, Season 4

When she was in Hell's Kitchen, she didn't do too well but now she has been very successful outside of Hell's Kitchen. She's now an Executive Chef.

Why is she on this lost? She sucked on the show!

Because she's apparently an executive chef now and very successful outside of Hell's Kitchen, and the guy who posted her here thought that was a good enough reason, apparently. I agree with you though. While it's great that her career is doing very well, she shouldn't be on this list, as her performance on the show was very poor.

123 Chris North, Season 1 V 2 Comments
124 Andrea Heinly, Season 5

She was a good chef. She worked hard with Chef Ramsay pushing her to the limit.

She was an OK chef, but she got involved in a lot of disputes.

She's constantly being threw under the bus and backstabbed by Carol (especially) and La, but she's hanged on there and finished third

She was probably the most determined chef in the competition. I thought she would win but, to sad she didn't. - spodermanfan1000

125 Elizabeth Bianchi, Season 9

A fine chef, but she made too many costly mistakes.

126 Jen Yemola - Season 3
127 Giovanni Filipponi, Season 5

This guy was very assertive and grew to be a father figure towards the other contestants

128 Salvatore Coppola, Season 7

He may not have been the best contestant cooking-wise, but he was definitely one of the funniest contestants on the show.

Salvatore may be a bad chef, but he greatly makes up for it in humour

129 Alicia "LA" Limtiaco, Season 5

Why LA? She was a merely sub-par performer through out the show

130 Gail Novenario, Season 8

One of the very few likable contestants in season 8

Gail made a lot of mistakes but she fought back I thought that she would at least get to the finale. She is very like able. - spodermanfan1000

ONE OF THE BEST CHEF IN SEASON 8! Even Nona though so as she was the first pick in Nona's brigade.

Jillian won't stop talking about her (in the bad way) it's like she's obsessed with Gail. by the way Gail was a good chef.

131 Andy Husbands, Season 6

Oh so he's very successful. So, he doesn't belong on the list as he put in a poor performance on the show

And here's the thing: I'm sure a lot of the chefs that were on Hell's Kitchen in the past are very successful now. While it's great that they're successful outside of Hell's Kitchen, if their performance on the show was poor, then they really don't deserve a spot on this list.

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132 Fernando Cruz, Season 13

I really thought he had a good chance to get a black jacket. I did not expect to see him get eliminated just like that.

One of the ONLY likable contestants in Season 13

133 Jessica Cabo, Season 1

She cried every time a good friend was eliminated like, Wendy, and Mary Ellen

Shouldn't be on here

134 Louis Repucci, Season 8

It seemed like he would be one of the top contenders at first. All it took was one horrible service to cause his early downfall. A real shame.

Why is everyone saying he could have been one of the top contenders? He really was not that good to begin with.

135 Sade Dancy, Season 13

She's only 76th on this list, not that she is in the top 20. Sure she had a bad attitude, but she was never nominated once (though in the Italian night service she should have been nominated instead of Ashley).

Sade definitely deserves to be higher on this list. She deserved to be in the final instead of Bryant

Whoever put Sade on here needs to watch Episode 10!

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136 Gina Melcher, Season 9

My other decision would've been Elise

She was a good chef but it took her one bad service to get sent home. I wish they would've kept her and given Carrie the boot instead

Gina did some mistakes but Elise did many mistakes and had a bad attitude, Carrie and Elsie should have both left, Gina is awesome but...I still don't think she was enough to make it to the finale even if Elise and Carrie went home. - spodermanfan1000

137 Jimmy Casey, Season 1

Not all of them that got the boot earlier were worse than him. Chris and Mary Ellen were a little better...

ARE YOU SERIOUS!? This guy can't cook anything!

Jimmy wasn't good at all. The ONLY reason he got a black jacket was because the chefs eliminated before him were actually worse than he was.

138 Kashia Zollicoffer, Season 12

A good chef but she bosses everybody around not a big bully like Nicole but she is one

139 Jamie Gregorich, Season 9
140 Susan Heaton, Season 11

Why is she on list she can't cook lamb.

Shouldn' be on here.

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