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161 Nilka Hendricks - Season 7

She was a great chef, but sadly, she royally screwed up on the fish station during her last service.

162 Andrew Bonito, Season 1

Why the hell is Andrew on here? Not only is he a crap cook, but he's also incredibly confrontational!

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163 Richard Mancini, Season 12
164 Jessica Lewis, Season 11
165 Monterray Keys, Season 9

Euh, he flunked the test, why would he be in the list? And the F-Bomb to Scott is another reason that he shouldn't be in.

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166 Jonathon Plumley, Season 9 V 2 Comments
167 Sarah Baumert, Season 14

Shouldn't be on here. Like Christine, she's good in challenges, but a total disaster in services.

168 Chris Carrero, Season 10

Stop putting crap contestants on this list!

Why is he here? - ndog

169 Gina Aloise, Season 11 V 1 Comment
170 Brendan Heavey, Season 9

He lied to chef Ramsay, like, why would you do that?

It's official. This list is a complete joke now.

171 Andrew Forester, Season 7

Really wish this troll would stop putting these awful contestants on the list.

172 Briana Swanson, Season 10

Shouldn't be on here!

173 Wendy Liu, Season 1

"I thought that cold water was supposed to boil faster than hot water."

174 Colleen Cleek, Season 5
175 Katie McKeown, Season 13
176 Lewis Curtis, Season 8 V 1 Comment
177 Mieka Houser, Season 14
178 Nicole Rutz, Season 12

Wait this isn't top ten hell's kitchen contestants that were dumb as hell, I guessed the person who added her on the list got mixed up. - spodermanfan1000

Who the heck thought it would be a good idea to put Nicole on the List

No! No! NO! NO! NO!

179 Jen Gavin - Season 4
180 Tiffany Johnson, Season 10
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