Best Horror Movie Villain Fight Matchups

This is a list about which you think are the best horror movie movie matches, whether the movie has already been made about it, such as freddy vs jason, or not. It can also be a group battle or a group vs one character.
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1 Freddy vs Jason

Freddy is faster but weaker. Jason is slower but stronger. If he can grab Freddy or get him in the right position he can inflict serious damage on Freddy. Freddy is good and everything but he's still nothing compared to Jason. Winner: Jason.

2 Alien vs Predator

It depends on which Alien we're talking about. (If you're part of the Alien fandom you probably know what I mean by that.)

Winner: Predator

it would be fair it there was 2 or 3 aliens but one wouldn't stand a chance against predator.

3 Michael Myers vs Jason

Michael, he's smarter. It's like putting John Matrix (from Commando) up against John Rambo (obviously from the Rambo franchise). Jason is all about power moves and decapitations (or the occasional beat you to death in sleeping bag), whereas Michael is very stealth like, able to get into your home without you knowing and stalking you. Waiting for that perfect moment to strike.

How come there is no freddy vs jason vs Michael myers. There the best, most memorable and most successful

Friday the 31st would be a great title for a movie like this

Myers is killing him fanboys.

4 Chainsaw Maniacs vs Longhaired Ghost Ladies

Such as leatherface (the Texas chainsaw massacre) vs sadako (the grudge/ju-on).

Sadako would win

Winner: Chainsaw Maniacs

5 Leatherface vs Jason

There was a comic about this in which jason almost beat leatherface but the hitchiker helped leatherface so jason would win.

Winner: Leatherface

6 Fisherman (I Know What You Did Last Summer) vs Ghostface (Scream)

Michael Myers vs leatherface!

Winner: Ghostface

Ghostface wins

7 Leprechaun (Leprechaun) vs Djinn (Wishmaster)

Djinn al the way

Winner: Leprechaum

8 Jason Voorhees vs Victor Crowley

I think Jason would won

Winner: Victor Crowley

9 Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys

Not from the scifi channel movie, but on how it would be like if the real puppets and demonic toys from the full moon videos movies would fight eachother. My vote is on the puppets

Winner: Demonic Toys

10 Michael Myers vs Freddy Krueger

This fight makes more sense than Freddy VS Jason or Michael VS Leatherface because Freddy and Michael are serial killers. They don't stop at just one location. They just (quote) multiply and multiply until every child/relative is consumed (thanks for the quote, Agent Smith). Plus, Leatherface and Jason are way out of Freddy and Michael's League.

Winner: Freddy

The Contenders
11 Michael Myers vs Pinhead

Winner: Pinhead

12 Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street) vs Bagul (Sinister)
13 Final Destination vs Freddy Krueger

Winner: Freddy

14 Mutant Cannibals vs Zombies

Such as three finger and his family from the wrong turn series going up against a zombie apocalypse.

Winner: Zombies

15 Chucky vs Jigsaw

The ultimate showdown: Chucky VS Annebelle

Winner: Chucky

16 Christine vs The Car

Christine could beat The Car with her rock'n'roll alone

That would be so cool!

Mode those of you who don't know who or what Christine or the car is look up Christine (1983) and the car (1977)

Winner: Christine (Conigula)

17 Ash Williams vs. Freddy Krueger
18 Harry Warden (My Bloody Valentine) vs Matt Cordell (Maniac Cop)

Winner: Harry Warden

19 Leprechaun (Leprechaun) vs Chucky (Childs Play)

Winner: Leprechaun

20 Matt Cordell (Maniac Cop) vs Jason Voorhees

Winner: Matt Cordell

21 Rusty Nail vs Truck Driver

For those who don't know who these guys are look up Joy Ride (2001) for Rusty Nail and/or look up Duel (1971) for Truck Driver

Winner: Rusty Nail

22 Damballa (Child's Play) vs. Constantine
23 Puppet Master vs Chucky

Winner: Chucky

24 Jupiter Family vs Sawyer Family

Depends on which Jupiter family, because from the hills have eyes 1977 versions would most likely lose, but the 2006 versions would most likely win

Winner: The Sawyers

25 Michael Myers vs Chucky
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